Die Schwalbe

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Sergey Smotrov
S0747 StrateGems 84 10-12/2018
4. ehrende Erwähnung
Section S#4-n
b) -La1 und s#14
a) 1. Df3-h1+? Kh2-g3 2. Sd2-e4+ Kg3-g4!
1. Sd2-f1+! Kh2-g1 2. Sf1-e3+ Kg1-h2 3. Te1-e2+ Kh2-g1 4. Te2-g2+ Kg1-h1 5. Tg2-g5+ Kh1-h2 6. Se3-g4+ Kh2-g1 7. Sg4-e5+ Kg1-h2 8. Tg5-g2+ Kh2-h1 9. Tg2-d2+ Kh1-g1 10. Sd4-e2+ Kg1-h2 11. Se2-c3+ Kh2-g1 12. Td2-g2+ Kg1-h1 13. Tg2-e2+ Kh1-g1 14. Te2-e1+ Kg1-h2 15. Df3-h1+ Kh2-g3 16. Sc3-e4+ Kg3-f4 17. Dh1-h6+ Th8xh6#

b) 1. Te1-e2+! Kh2-g1 2. Df3-e3+ Kg1-h1 3. De3-e4+ Kh1-g1 4. Sd4-f3+ Kg1-h1 5. Sf3-h2+ Kh1-g1 6. Sd2-f3+ Kg1-h1 7. Sf3-e1+ Kh1-g1 8. Te2-g2+ Kg1-h1 9. Tg2-f2+ Kh1-g1 10. Tf2-f1+ Kg1xh2 11. Tf1-h1+ Kh2-g3 12. De4-g2+ Kg3-f4 13. Dg2-g5+ Kf4-e4 14. Dg5-e5+ Dc7xe5#
play all play one stop play next play all
Switchbacks, logical maneuver Sd2->e5, Aristocrat and Meredith (Author)
"In the author's typical style, the problem features multiple realignments of pieces, creation and play of white batteries, and switchbacks of white pieces. The solution to b) contrasts to that of a), but hardly adds anything new to the problem's content." (Ivan Soroka)

Genre: s#
FEN: 4b2r/2q3n1/5K2/8/3N4/n4Q2/3N3k/b3R3
Input: Marcin Banaszek, 2018-10-08
Last update: Marcin Banaszek, 2020-03-28 more...
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