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E. Grosdemange
89 Gentleman's Journal 01/06/1870
Weiß hat den Ta1 vorgegeben.
Ergänze den sK für ein #2
+sKa2, dann 1. Ke1-c1 ("0-0-0") Ka1 2. Ta3#
play all play one stop play next play all
Originalforderung: "This position occurred in play between two amateurs (White giving his opponent the odds of QR). At this point of the game, the Black King got knocked off the board, and as neither party could replace it on the original square, white hereupon makes the following offer: that if Black will allow him to place the B K on any square he likes, he (White) will undertake to Checkmate him in two more moves. - Find out on which square White placed the B K in order to mate in two more moves."
Henrik Juel: No Joke, I think (apart from the story) (2019-01-12)
A.Buchanan: I think there are a couple of definitions of "joke". One is that there is some kind of lateral thinking beyond orthodoxy needed in the solution: that's certainly the main interpretation in PDB. There is also a more conservative usage, where a "joke" is anything curious or whimsical, even if still entirely orthodox. My own personal inclination is much closer to the former. I'll remove from this problem, as the story removes all possible lateral guesswork. (2019-01-12)
Mario Richter: I added the tag "Joke" exactly because of the story: it's some kind of chess swindle - Black fells into the trap that White provided for him.
But I can live with Henrik's and especially Andrew's point of view, so the removal of that tag is o.k. for me.

As a little weekend challenge for Henrik and all other problem friends who like to try to solve it, I present one of my favourite joke problems (in the hope that this time the label "joke problem" is justified) - see P1359502 (2019-01-12)
Keywords: Odds game, Add pieces (k), Castling (wg), Aristocrat, Joke
Genre: Retro
FEN: 8/8/8/8/8/7R/8/4K3
Input: Mario Richter, 2019-01-12
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