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1 - P1359646
Andrew Buchanan
PDB Website 15/1/2019
After Anonymous
(6+1) C+
#3 without queening a pawn (-:
(Illegal position)
a) 1. e8=K! Kc7 2. a8=T Kd6 3. 0-0-0 b) #
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Author's note: I felt an obligation to the honour of my home town to fix P1359502. I also wanted to make the problem a bit easier. Any moves beyond three seemed non-thematic, as well as rendering the problem harder to solve. Removing wK gives a hint of the funny business afoot. Also Popeye does not handle Rex Multiplex currently. Use of "a)" & "b)" in solution does not indicate twins but fakes PDB into showing the full solution.
Henrik Juel: Good attempt, Andrew
But there is no mate after 1... Kd7
Maybe adding wSf8 would help
Popeye does not do Rex Multiplex, and I believe it ignores
k and p in "cond prom k r b s p" (2019-01-15)
Henrik Juel: Sorry, I used 1.a8=K
Very good, Andrew (2019-01-15)
A.Buchanan: Thanks Henrik. Popeye does accept both k and p in cond prom. For p, it just shifts the pawn to the 8th rank without promotion. (2019-01-15)
Keywords: Joke (Joke castling), Rex solus (s), under-promotion (K T), Castling, Promotion in the key, Joke promotion (K), Constrained problem, Illegal position, Miniature
Genre: 3#
Computer test: Popeye 4.79 with "cond prom k r b s p" (i) in the initial diagram (ii) after 1.0 moves (iii) after 2.0 moves.
FEN: 2k5/P3P3/P4P2/3P4/3B4/8/8/8
Reprints: chess.stackexchange.com 19/9/2019
Input: A.Buchanan, 2019-01-15
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2020-10-21 more...
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