Die Schwalbe

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Aleksey Oganesyan
17639 Die Schwalbe 294-1, p. 667, 12/2018
2. ehrende Erwähnung
(9+8) C+
1. Lh1 bxc6 2. Da7 Kd4 3. Da1+ Kd5 4. Tb2 Kd4 5. Tb7+ Kd5 6. Da8 Kd4 7. Dh8+ Kd5 8. Tg7 Kd4 9. Tg2+ Kd5 10. e4+ fxe3ep#
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Henrik Juel: Yes, the solution appeared already in Heft 297, June 2019
1.Lh1 bxc6 2.Da7 Kd4 3.Da1+ Kd5 4.Tb2 Kd4 5.Tb7+ Kd5 6.Da8 Kd4 7.Dh8+ Kd5 8.Tg7 Kd4 9.Tg2+ Kd5 10.e4+ fxe3ep#
Elegant and simple, once you think of it... (2019-11-06)
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Genre: s#
Computer test: O. Jenkner: Gustav 4.0 f
FEN: 8/1p4Qp/1RP4p/2pk1K1p/2N2p1P/3P1r2/4P1B1/8
Input: Olaf Jenkner, 2019-01-18
Last update: Olaf Jenkner, 2020-02-16 more...
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