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Mark Kirtley
F182 SuperProblem (Website) 18/10/2019
after James Malcom
2. Spezialpreis
(11+9) C+
1. cxb8=S+! Sxb8 2. Lc8+ Lxc8 3. Td8+ Dxd8 4. Se5+ Ke8 5. Th8+ Sg8 6. Df8+ Lxf8#
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The Black Home Task - during the solution, 6 black pieces return to their initial positions of chess game (director)
See P1374922
Ein Jahr später gelang dem Autor gelang die maximal mögliche Zahl von Rückführungen: P1380091
James Malcom: Some history: The name "The Black Home Task" is a pun I created to give a name to this record task. Tim Krabbe called Kirtley's s#8(P1081510) "The Back Home Task" in #289 of his chess diary(https://timkr.home.xs4all.nl/chess2/diary15txt.htm). Having been inspired by Kirtley I thought up the pun name (Back/Black) to honor him. (2020-04-22)
Keywords: under-promotion key (S), Checking key, homecoming matrix
Genre: s#
Computer test: Gustav 4.0i
FEN: 1r5R/rBPkqNP1/b1n2n2/2Q2P2/8/b6R/1Pp4B/K7
Input: Marcin Banaszek, 2020-01-04
Last update: Olaf Jenkner, 2021-03-14 more...
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