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Valery Kopyl
F187 SuperProblem (Website) 14/11/2019
1.-2. Preis
(13+4) C+
1. Ld4? (A) gxf6! (a) 1. a8=L? gxf6! (a)
1. a8=D!
1. ... gxf6 (a) 2. Te5+ fxe5 3. Kd3 Kb5 4. Dxa6+ Kxa6 5. Ta7+ Kb5 6. Le3 Lxb3 7. Da6+ Kb4 8. Dc4+ Lxc4#
1. ... g6 (b) 2. Th5 gxh5 3. Ld4 (A) h4 4. Lb2 h3 5. Kc3 Kb5 6. Dxa4+ Kc5 7. Ld3 a5 8. Db4+ axb4#
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Rudolf Svoboda theme ("Zilahi" in a selfmate). The choice of the move. Active sacrifices of the white rooks with the change of their functions. Active sacrifices of the white queens with capturing in the variants of different thematic black pieces. Two model mates. (Author)
Keywords: Promotion in the key
Genre: s#
Computer test: Gustav 4.0i
FEN: 8/P5pR/p3RP2/k5P1/b1K1B3/QP6/2PP1B1P/8
Input: Marcin Banaszek, 2020-01-04
Last update: Marcin Banaszek, 2022-09-01 more...
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