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Thomas R. Dawson
The Chess Amateur 12/1913
1. Kh8 Kd2 2. g8=B! Te1 3. g7 Te6 4. dxe6 Tb1 5. e7 b2 6. e8=B! Dxg8+ 7. hxg8=B! ... 8. h7 ... Patt
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At the solution to this problem in "Caissa's Fairy Tales" there is a comment "C.A., Dec., 1913".
Maybe this is the true first publication, but I don't know what means "C-A.".
Henrik Juel: I think the source should be The Chess Amateur, 12/1913 (2020-02-02)
Alfred Pfeiffer: Yes, T.R. Dawson was a major contributor to "The Chess Amateur" (http://www.chess-library.com/282970372) (2020-02-03)
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Keywords: Joke (Not!), Dummy Pawn (x3!), konsekutive Umwandlungen 3 (BBB), Golden Age
Genre: Studies
FEN: 6K1/6PP/3p2PP/3P1ppp/8/ppp5/qrp5/1rk5
Reprints: 45 Caissa's Fairy Tales , p. 16, 1947
EBUR 1996
1 British Endgame Study News Special-4, p. 8, 12/1996
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