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Josef Kling
Bernhard Horwitz

19 The Chess Player 10, p. 76, 20/09/1851
1. bxa8=B! Kf4 2. Lxg2 Remis
1. ... gxh3,Kxh3 Patt

1. bxa8=D? gxh3! 2. ... h2#
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'The Chess Player' 27.09.1851, Heft 11 S. 84: "The solution of No. 19 is Pawn takes Rook, remaining a pawn. It may seem ridiculous to many chess-players, but we think candidly that, when first the rules were laid down, nobody thought of such a case, or else the rules would be a little more precise on that point."
This is the second oldest known example of the dummy pawn, and the first study For the oldest, see P1375382.

Original-Diagrammüberschrift: "Revolutionary Question XIX. How can White draw?" und als Forderung: "White having the move can draw"
Die 'Westminster Papers', 01.12.1873, S. 175 schreiben: "After mature consideration, we can see no utility in a controversy about the dummy pawn. So far as we know, it was first suggested in this country in 1851, in a two-penny publication called the Chess Player, and was illustrated by an absurd problem, aptly enough baptized by the composer “Revolutionary”. The problem, which in 1851 passed current for a tolerable joke, was in 1862 “adduced” as a serious argument, and appears to have convinced some worthy people that it embodied an excellent principle. To J.M.R., who enquires, “Could not a game be invented to show the usefulness of the regulation?” we answer, yes; and more, the players might be invented also. The wonder is, that the double event has not been “managed” long ago."
Mario Richter: Perhaps the oldest problem with a dummy pawn, but the chess literature knows of earlier examples at least in chess games (e.g. because of the rule that a pawn can promote only to pieces which have already been captured [what I would call a "dormant pawn"]). (2020-02-11)
James Malcom: Agreed. Although the difference is whether or not the dummy pawn is allowed to promote later of not. Refer to the “Single Box” ruleset. (2020-02-12)
Keywords: Dummy Pawn, Promotion key (B), Golden Age
Genre: Studies
FEN: r7/1Pp5/2P3p1/8/6pb/4p1kB/4P1p1/6K1
Reprints: The Chess Congress of 1862 [Löwenthal] , p. lxxii, 1864
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