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Peter Wong
www.chess.com 08/11/2017
1. exf8=D,T Patt?
1. exf8=L? Se7+! 2. Sxe7 Patt
1. exf8=S? Sxf6+! 2. gxf6 Patt
1. e8=D? Dxf7+! 2. Dxf7 Se7+ 3. Sxe7 Patt

1. exf8=B! Se7+ 2. Sxe7 Kg7
1. ... Sxf6+ 2. gxf6 Kh7
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Keywords: Dummy Pawn, Golden Age, Promotion in the key (B)
Genre: Studies
FEN: 5qnk/3pPB2/1p1p1N2/1pbK1NP1/1p1pP3/1P1P4/8/8
Reprints: (1) MatPlus.net Forum Promenade 12/11/2017
Input: James Malcom, 2020-02-05
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2022-02-08 more...
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