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Francis Charles Collins
New Zealand Mail 389, p. 4, 10/3/1883
(10+9) C+
1. Tfxb8? e1=B!

1. Txf7! e1=B 2. Txb8 Sxf7#
1. ... e1=D+ 2. De4+ Dxe4#
1. ... e1=T+ 2. De4+ Texe4#
1. ... e1=L 2. Dg3+ Lxg3#
1. ... e1=S 2. Df3+ Sxf3#
1. ... Sxa6 2. De4+ Txe4#
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In der 'New Zealand Mail' (21.04.1883) heißt es zu diesem Problem: "This position has been composed by Mr. Collins in accordance with the British Chess Association’s 13th Law : —“When a pawn has reached the eighth square, the player has the option of selecting a piece, whether such piece has been previously lost or not, whose name and powers it shall then assume, or of deciding that it shall remain a Pawn.” This rule of the “dummy pawn” has never met with much favour amongst chess-players, and there are very few clubs or societies which observe it.
We have received no correct solution to the problem (which is a most ingenious one), the result doubtless of the non-acquaintance by our friends of such a rule as the foregoing in any of the codes of chess laws."
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Keywords: Dummy Pawn, Allumwandlung (DTLSB), Golden Age, Capture key
Genre: s#
Computer test: Popeye 4.83
FEN: 1n3R1n/3p1p2/B1pP1Pp1/2B1K1P1/2r5/3k4/NR2p1Q1/8
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