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Yoav Ben-Zvi
BZ3 feenschach 01/2014
After Karl Fabel
A Last:
1 move by - Pawn, Queen, white Rook
2 moves by - bK, wK, bBf8
B Minimal number of moves in Proof Game KBP (less than 92.0)
C In SPG: First 3 moves of WBc1, Last 3 moves of WQ
1. h3 a5 2. h4 Ta6 3. Th3 Tf6 4. Te3 Tf3 5. a3 Th3 6. Sf3 Th1 7. Sd4 Sf6 8. Sc3 Sd5 9. Sb1 Sb6 10. Sc3 Sa8 11. Sb1 Tg8 12. Sc3 Sc6 13. Sb1 Se5 14. Sc3 Sg6 15. Sb1 Sh8 16. Sc3 h6 17. Sb1 b6 18. Sc3 Lb7 19. Sb1 Le4 20. Sc3 Lh7 21. Sb1 g6 22. Sc3 Lg7 23. Sb1 Le5 24. Sc3 Lh2 25. Sb1 Lg1 26. Sc3 Kf8 27. Sb1 Kg7 28. Sc3 Kf6 29. Sb1 Df8 30. Sc3 Dg7 31. Sb1 a4 32. Sc3 Tb8 33. Sb1 Tb7 34. Sc3 Ta7 35. Sb1 Ta5 36. Sc3 Tf5 37. Scb5 Tf3 38. Sb3 Tfh3 39. Sc5 T3h2 40. Th3 Kf5 41. g3 Kg4 42. Lg2 Df6 43. Ld5 Dg5 44. La2 Df5 45. b3 Df4 46. Lb2 Df5 47. Lg7 Df4 48. Dc1 Df5 49. Db2 Df4 50. Df6 Dg5 51. Kd1 Tg2 52. Kc1 Lh2+ 53. Kb2 Tb1+ 54. Kc3 Tb2 55. Th1 Tg1 56. Kd3 Te1 57. Tf1 Lg1 58. Th1 Lh2 59. Ke4 Kh3 60. Dc6 Kg2 61. Lc3 Lg1 62. Th3 Lh2 63. Th1 Tg1 64. Lb4 Kf1 65. Kf3 Ke1 66. Sd3+ Kd1 67. Se1 Tg2 68. Tf1 Lg1 69. Th1 Th2 70. Lb1 Th3 71. Kg2 Lh2 72. Tfg1 Kc1 73. Kf1 Ta2 74. Sc3 Kb2 75. Sd3+ Ka1 76. Ke1 Dd5 77. Kd1 Dg2 78. Kc1 Df1+ 79. Sd1 De1 80. Tf1 Lg8 81. Thg1 Tb2 82. Dh1 Ta2 83. Tg2 Tb2 84. Tfg1 Df1 85. Se1 Ta2 86. Se3 Tb2 87. Sd5 Ta2 88. Sf4 Tb2 89. Se6 Ta2 90. Kd1 Kb2 91. Sf8 Ta1 92. Lc3+ *
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Version zu K. Fabels P1355497
Henrik Juel: Here is a stab at the part A questions
b2-b3, sDe1-f1, wTf1-g1; sKb2-a1-b2, wKd1-c1-d1, sLh2-g1-h2
Finding the length of the shortest proof games is too difficult for me (2020-04-10)
Mario Richter: But making a guess based on the wording of the stipulation "less than 92.0" is easy: probably 91.5 moves ... (2020-04-13)
Henrik Juel: Very good, Mario
What does the asterisk mean? Many other possibilities?
Yoav's favorite theme: Lc1-b2-g7-c3 making way for Db2-f6-c6-h1 (2020-04-13)
Mario Richter: I'm using Chessbase light as my virtual chess board, the "*" (which I forgot to delete) simply is its way to indicate: "end of the game string". (2020-04-13)
Yoav Ben-Zvi: A minor modification of Fabel's P1355497 (positions of wQ, bR, wR on h1, h3, g2 are switched cyclically) leads to a claim of a new record for minimal length of a capture-free game and, for any SPG, unique move-sequences by wQ and wB showing Bristol clearance.
An additional Classical RA element: What move must have been played (in any proof game) that is longer than 1.5 squares. (2020-05-04)
A.Buchanan: Very impressive. Isn't any knight move e.g. Sb6-a8 longer than 1.5 squares at sqrt(5) ~ 2.23? (2020-05-04)
Yoav Ben-Zvi: Noting Andrew's comment above I suggest changing to "What move by White must have been played (in any proof game) that is longer than 1.5 squares". This can be extended (for the ambitious solver) to all mandatory moves that are longer than 1 square, which requires a deep analysis without move counting. (2020-05-06)
Keywords: Last Move?, Non-Unique Proof Game, Move Length Record, Capture-free, Bristol (QB)
Genre: Retro
FEN: n4Nbn/2pppp2/1p4pp/8/p6P/PPB3Pr/1kPPPPRb/rB1KNqRQ
Reprints: H17 FIDE Album 2013-2015
Input: Yoav Ben-Zvi, 2020-04-04
Last update: Yoav Ben-Zvi, 2020-05-06 more...
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