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James Malcom
William S. Pavitt

PDB Website 24/4/2020
WP, Version JM
(8+5) C+
1. Sg4! g1=B 2. Lf3 d1=B 3. Ld5 cxd5 4. Se5 d4 5. Sc4#,Sc6#
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See P1372932
Henrik Juel: C+ by Popeye 4.79, except for the mate dual
Without 'bed uwn d t l s du' the mate is faster: 1.Sxg4 g1=DTLS 2.Se5 thr. 3.Sc4,Sxc6#
Nice correction of the flawed 1865 problem, James (2020-04-25)
A.Buchanan: Works a lot better than the original: well done. What's the purpose of bPg4 as your problem seems to be sound without it? It would be cool if the lifeline given to Black at W3 to allow for Black to prevent either 5.Sc4# or 5.Sc6# but not both, but I couldn't find a way to do it. (2020-04-25)
James Malcom: Buchana, you’re right. Removing it shouldn’t affect the C+. And many thanks to you both. This isn’t the only problem I’ve corrected-P1372391. Also, the only other directmates I know of with a Black pawn promotion are P1373012 and P1373526. (2020-04-25)
Henrik Juel: sPg4 prevented the cook 1.Sf3 in the orthodox #3 (2020-04-25)
Keywords: Dummy Pawn, Golden Age (Dummy Pawn), konsekutive Umwandlungen 2 (bb)
Genre: n#
Computer test: Popeye 4.79
FEN: 8/K1N5/2p5/k1P5/p7/P2PP3/3p2pN/3B4
Reprints: chess.stackexchange.com 6/5/2020
Input: James Malcom, 2020-04-25
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2023-08-04 more...
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