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1 - P1376210
Andrey Frolkin
Joaquim Crusats

PDB Website 23/05/2020
Version Nikolai Beluchow
Add a piece on a3. First move of wPb2?
a) +wSa3
R: 1. ... Ke5-e4 2. Lf8-g7 a2-a1=L 3. Sc2-a3 a3-a2 4. Se3-c2 a4-a3 5. Sf5-e3 Ke4-e5 6. b3-b4 Ke5-e4 7. Sc2-e1 Ke4-e5 8. Sd1-b2 Ke5-e4 9. Se3-d1 Ke4-e5 10. Sg7-f5 Ke5-e4 11. Sf5-e3 Ke4-e5 12. Se3-c2 Ke5-e4 13. Se8-g7 Ke4-e5 14. Sg7-f5 Ke5-e4 15. Sf5-e3 Ke4-e5 16. Sc7-e8 Ke5-e4 17. Se8-g7 Ke4-e5 18. Lg7-f8 a5-a4 19. Lh8-g7 Ke5-e4 20. Sg7-e8 Ke4-e5 21. Se8-c7 Ke5-e4 22. Sf6-e8 Ke4-e5 23. Sh7-f6 Ke5-e4 24. Sf8-h7 Ke4-e5 25. f7-f8=S Ke5-e4 26. f6-f7 Ke4-e5 27. Se3-f5 Ke5-e4 28. f5-f6 Ke4-e5 29. Sc2-e3 f7xDe6 30. Df6-e6 (Beispielauflösung mri)
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Nikolai Beluchow fand als erster eine NL in Frolkin und Crusats' P1312968.
Mit der hier vorliegenden Version wird die NL zur alleinigen Lösung.
Henrik Juel: Thanks for posting Nikolai's fine version, Mario
The stipulation question is answered by b2-b3, of course
For some reason the animation stops two single moves before the end (2020-05-23)
Mario Richter: Gerd has been informed about this, and he reacted immediately, so the complete animation should work now correctly. Thanks, Gerd!

Btw., while Henrik and Nikolai in their solution tried to avoid the retraction of b3-b4 as long as possible, I did exactly the opposite: trying to retract b3-b4 as soon as possible. My reasoning was somehow "correctness assumption driven": if the problem is sound and I can retract b3-b4 legally, then I have found the answer to the question of wPb2's first move ... (2020-05-23)
Keywords: Add pieces, Promotion in the retro play (lS)
Genre: Retro
FEN: 8/1P1Pp1B1/bRBrp1PP/1ppr2KR/1P1pk1pp/8/1N1PP3/b3N3
Input: Mario Richter, 2020-05-23
Last update: Mario Richter, 2020-05-24 more...
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