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Aleksandr Kuzovkov
S0801 StrateGems SG90 04-06/2020
1. Preis
(10+12) C+
1. Lf7-c4+? Kd3xc4! Da8-g8+ Kc4xb5!
1. Te7-e3+? Kd3xe3! Da8-e8+ Ke3-f3!

1. Sg7-e6! droht 2. Se6-c5+ b6xc5 3. Sh5-f4+ Kd3xd4 4. Sf4-e2+ Kd4-d3 5. Se2xc1+ Ta1xc1#
1. ... Kd3-c4 2. Se6-c7+ Kc4-d3 3. Lf7-c4+ Kd3xc4 4. Da8-g8+ Kc4-d3 5. Dg8-b3+ Sc1xb3#
1. ... Kd3-e3 2. Se6-g5+ Ke3-d3 3. Te7-e3+ Kd3xe3 4. Da8-e8+ Ke3-d3 5. De8-e2+ Sc1xe2#
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Creation of white batteries. Annihilation captures of the white Rook and Bishop with the goal of line opening for the white Queen with Bristol motives. Logical problem with thematic tries (Author)

Judge Miodrag Mladenović 07/2022:
"Amazing problem with two beautiful tries. In the thematic tries black King escapes through the free flights b5 & f3. However, White has an amazing plan on how to control b5 and f3. After the wonderful key that gives two flights there are two defenses by black King where white Knight will take control over the b5 in one variation and over the f3 in the other variation. The foreplan will work now. One of the best selfmates I have seen recently. Two completely synchronized variations in excellent construction."
Keywords: Logical Problem (2-fach)
Genre: s#
Computer test: Popeye 4.83
FEN: Q7/rb2RBN1/1pp5/1P5N/1p1P3R/3k2p1/pPp3p1/r1n1K3
Reprints: StrateGems SG99 07-09/2022
Input: Marcin Banaszek, 2020-06-29
Last update: Gunter Jordan, 2022-11-04 more...
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