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Petko A. Petkov
S0805 StrateGems SG90 06/2020
3. Preis
(12+7) C+
1. Le4-b7? Tg1-h1 a 2. Dg7-f6+ Ke6-d7 3. Lb7-c8+ Kd7-c7 4. Sc3-b5+ Kc7-b8 5. Lc8-h3+ Kb8-b7 6. Lh3xg2+ Lf1xg2# A
1. ... c4xb3! b
1. Th8-h6? c4xb3 b 2. Dg7-f7+ Ke6xe5 3. g6-g7 b3-b2,Th1 4. Sh4-g6+ Ke5-d6 5. Sg6-f4+ Kd6-c5,Ke5 6. Sf4xd3+ Lf1xd3# B
1. ... Tg1-h1! a

1. Th8-h7!
1. ... Tg1-h1 a 2. Dg7-d7+ Ke6xe5 3. Dd7-d4+ Ke5-e6 4. Le4-d5+ Ke6-d6 5. Ld5xg2+ Kd6-e6 6. Lg2-h3+ Lf1xh3# C
1. ... c4xb3 b 2. Dg7-f7+ Ke6xe5 3. Df7-f4+ Ke5-e6 4. Le4-f5+ Ke6-f6 5. Lf5xd3+ Kf6-e6 6. Ld3-c4+ Lf1xc4# D
play all play one stop play next play all
Changing the mates after 1...Rh1 and 1...cxb3. The real play demonstrates a white Indian theme Queen/Bishop (realized for the first time in s# genre!), combined with double switchback of the bK. Annihilation of black Pg2 and Pd3 and white/black Bristol B/B. Four-fold play of black battery B/R. Composed also in ANI (2+2) style: two rather different variations after the tries and then follows a duo with Indian theme (Author)

Judge Miodrag Mladenović 07/2022:
"Two nice tries. Change of variations between tries and actual play. In the actual play two synchronized variations with very nice play by white. Two variations with white Q/B Indian theme."

Genre: s#
Computer test: Popeye 4.83
FEN: 7R/6Q1/4k1P1/4P3/2p1B2N/1PNpP3/3P1ppP/3K1br1
Reprints: StrateGems SG99 07-09/2022
Input: Marcin Banaszek, 2020-06-29
Last update: Marcin Banaszek, 2022-07-01 more...
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