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Vaclav Kotesovec
F3577 The Problemist 03/2020
4. Preis
(3+2) C+
4 Lösungen
1) 1. Kc5 Gh4 2. Le2+ Kf5 3. Kb6 Kg6 4. Gf2 Ge1 5. Ld3+ Kf7 6. Ga7 Ke8 7. Kb7 Kd7 8. Ka8 Kc8 9. Lb1 Ga1+ 10. La2 Ga3#
2) 1. Ke5 Gd6 2. Kf6 Gd2 3. Kg7 Gd4 4. Le2+ Kf5 5. Kh8 Kg6 6. Gh7 Kf7 7. Lc4+ Ke8 8. Le6 Kf8 9. Lg4 Gh4+ 10. Lh5 Gh6#
3) 1. Ke3 Gd2 2. Ke2 Gb2 3. Lb5 Gb6 4. Le8 Kf5 5. Kf1 Ke4 6. Kg2 Kd3 7. Gh2 Ke2 8. Kh1 Kf1 9. Lg6 Gh6+ 10. Lh5 Gh4#
4) 1. Lf5+ Kf3 2. Kc3 Gf6 3. Le4+ Ke2 4. Kb3 Kd1 5. Kb2 Ga1 6. Ga2 Ge1 7. Ka1 Ge5 8. Ld3 Kc1 9. Lb5 Ga5+ 10. La4 Ga3#
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Judges Klaus Wenda & Hans Gruber (The Problemist March 2022, p. 348): "Mate in the four corners, presumably a Letztform for the material bishop plus Grasshopper versus Grasshopper. The four solutions run as precisely as clockwork, marking out the composer as an expert just as much in computer programming as in chess problems. It is a masterpiece of technique to show that in an optimally economical five-unit setting the black king can despite the maximummer condition be made to move “minimally”, that is orthogonally rather than diagonally (8…Kc1/Kf8 in the lines with mate on a1/h8). A little later (18156, Die Schwalbe IV 2020, cf. PDB P1378057) the author published a similar work (a hs#9 with two Eagles versus one) which met with much approval. The present classic setting is even more convincing despite taking a move more."

Solvers (The Problemist 09/2020, p. 445): "Fine construction to arrange selfmates in all 4 corners of the board" (C.Frankiss). "Excellent wK Star combined with echo-mates in four corners – two of them are exact echoes and two less so!" (N.Shankar Ram). "Pleasing mates of wK in 4 corners. Excellent economy." (S.K.Balasubramanian).
Keywords: Four corners, Maximummer, Aristocrat, Minimal (g), Checking key (in 4)
Pieces: du = Grasshopper (G)
Genre: Fairies
FEN: 8/8/8/8/3K1*2qk1/3B4/2*2Q5/8
Input: Vaclav Kotesovec, 2020-07-20
Last update: Vaclav Kotesovec, 2022-08-13 more...
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