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James Malcom
(30) MatPlus.net Forum 26/8/2020
(13+13) C+
BP in 11.0
1. f4 b5 2. f5 b4 3. f6 b3 4. fxe7 bxc2 5. exf8=B cxb1=L 6. Da4 Ke7 7. Dh4+ Ke6 8. g4 Se7 9. Lg2 Txf8 10. Lb7 Sc6 11. Lxc8 Tb8
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Henrik Juel: What is the joke, James?
Natch 3.1 found no solution (2020-08-26)
James Malcom: The solution has now been added in, Henrik.

This PG has two purposes.
1) It is another exploration of what themes be realized with the dummy pawn involves.
2) It is also to push the boundaries of how long a dummy pawn PG can be made. (2020-08-27)
Henrik Juel: Thanks, James
Apparently you also extended the proof game; the one I tested was in 10.5
The solution shows the Schnoebelen theme, by the way (2020-08-27)
Henrik Juel: You forgot to remove wPf2 from the diagram position (2020-08-27)
James Malcom: Removed, and yes I did manage to find a way to extend it by a ply, in theme for its purpose. The version is also C+. (2020-08-27)
A.Buchanan: I think sLb1 is kind of anti-Belfort Any way to replace it with a Phoenix/Prenix knight? (2020-08-27)
Henrik Juel: Strictly speaking, this is not Belfort, which requires two units to stand away
As Andrew suggests, if sLb1 were a black knight, we would have Belfort (2020-08-27)
Keywords: Belfort (L), Dummy Pawn, Schnoebelen Theme, Golden Age, Joke (Not!), Ceriani-Frolkin Theme (B), Prentos Theme (B), Unique Proof Game
Genre: Retro
Computer test: Jacobi v.0.7.5
FEN: 1rBq1r2/p1ppnppp/2n1k3/8/6PQ/8/PP1PP2P/RbB1K1NR
Input: James Malcom, 2020-08-26
Last update: James Malcom, 2020-09-02 more...
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