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Zalmen Kornin
Kibitzer's Cafe 28/07/2004
(6+1) cooked
1. Sa4! Kc2 2. Sbc3 Kd3 3. 0-0-0#
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Cook: Trial: 2. Ke2,Lc4 Kc1 3. Sa3#

"Tim Krabbé's page "Open Chess Diary" shows newly a discussion about an idea in Composition, i dont went there today yet, but its very interesting - about a "Belén-Theme"... by the way on the subject of Problems, here one quite tricky, attention , . and all of You that like to solve: Mate in 3 - Original; Author: Z. Kornin White: Ke1 - Ra1 - Be6 - Nb1 - Nc5 - Pf2 Black: Kc1 (6+1) #3, or in Forsyth: 16-4B3-2N5-16-5P2-RNk1K3 #3. Please try to solve whithout using a Computer..."

Krabbe's Reprint: "Finally, a 3-move miniature Belén without checking key, was published on the Kibitzer's Café by "vonKrolock's Chess Friend Z. Kornin": White: Ke1, Ra1, Be6, Nb1, Nc5, Pf2; Black: Kc1; 1.Na4 Kc2 2.Nbc3 Kd3 3.O-O-O mate. However, the flight-taking key is bad and worse, it has some serious duals on the second move; 2.Ke2 or 2.Bc4 also lead to (3.Na3) mate which make it in fact incorrect. Joshua Green, who drew my attention to this, notes a wPa3 undoes these duals, but then it's not a miniature anymore. McDowell's, with its checking give-and-take key, is still the best miniature Belén-threemover."
Keywords: Belen Theme, Rex solus (s), Flight taking, Castling as mating move
Genre: 3#
FEN: 8/8/4B3/2N5/8/8/5P2/RNk1K3
Reprints: 253 Tim Krabbé's Website 28/7/2004
Input: James Malcom, 2020-09-20
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