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Zalmen Kornin
Kibitzer's Cafe 29/7/2004
1. g8=D! Kc2 2. Sxc3 Kd3,Kb2 3. 0-0-0#,Da2#
1. ... axb1=D 2. Da2,Db3 Dxa1 3. Le3#
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"On the subject of a mate in 3 that i showed yesterday here [ P1380114], the duals pointed out kindly by were detected too by T. Krabbé and Joshua Green, and there in "Open Chess Diary" J. Green suggests adding a White Pawn in 'a3', so the Problem is correct, but no longer a miniature and not diverse enough from an earlier MacDowell & Green setting; so the Author (my Chess friend) presents a new "Belén-Theme"- Mate in 3 - Author: Z. Kornin "The Kibitzer's Café" 2004 , Original: White: Ke1 - Ra1 - Bd4 - Nb1 - Pg7, Black: Kc1 - Pa2 - Pc3 #3 (5+3); or in Forsyth: 8-6P1-16-3B4-2p5-p7-RNk1K3 #3"
See the later P1380122
Henrik Juel: A small hint, James:
.. 2. Sxc3 Kd3 3. 0-0-0#
2. ... Kb2 3. Da2#
will force the weird animation to show what you intend it to show (2020-09-21)
James Malcom: I know how to do that Henrik-it is but my intention to animate the thematic line only. (2020-09-21)
Keywords: Belen Theme, Promotion in the key, Castling as mating move
Genre: 3#
FEN: 8/6P1/8/8/3B4/2p5/p7/RNk1K3
Input: James Malcom, 2020-09-21
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2020-09-22 more...
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