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Marcin Banaszek
The Royal Moroccan Chess Federation (FRME) 11/2020
4. Preis
6. Turnier FRME
Sektion s#4-n
Main plan 1. Kg8? Kg1 2. Df2+ Kh1 3. Sf3 h2 4. Txb3 Lxb3#?? 5. Tf7!
1. g7-g8=L! Kh1-g1 2. Lh8-g7 Kg1-h1 3. h7-h8=L Kh1-g1 4. Lg8-h7 Kg1-h1 5. Tf8-g8 Kh1-g1 6. Lg7-f8+ Kg1-h1 7. Lh8-g7 Kh1-g1 8. Tg8-h8 Kg1-h1 and now main plan:
9. Kf7-g8 Kh1-g1 10. Df6-f2+ Kg1-h1 11. Sh2-f3 h3-h2 12. Tb2xb3 La4xb3#
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Chain of 8 white Umnov-moves, 2 x Platzwechsel.
Logical problem. The main plan 1. Kg8? doesn't work yet because of 5. Rf7.
White must perform a maneuver after his four pieces change places. The maneuver
represents a chain of 8 white Umnov-moves on 5 squares, plus 2 changes of place:
wRf8-wBh8 and wPg7-wPh7, after the pawns have been promoted into bishops.
Chain of white Umnov-moves: g7-g8 h8-g7 h7-h8 g8-h7 f8-g8 g7-f8 h8-g7 g8-h8

Judge Valery Kopyl
Keywords: Logical Problem, Umnov (-Züge), Interchange
Genre: s#
FEN: 5R1B/5KPP/2p2Q2/1pP5/bp6/1p5p/1R5N/7k
Input: Marcin Banaszek, 2020-11-28
Last update: Marcin Banaszek, 2022-09-01 more...
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