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Klaus Wenda
F0395 StrateGems 22 04/2003
1. ehrende Erwähnung
(11+2) cooked
1. Sf1! Kb3 2. Tb2+ Ka4 3. Sc1 Ka3 4. Sd3+ Ka4 5. Se1 Kb5 6. Th1 Ka4 7. Dd1+ Kb5 8. Tb1+ Txc4[+sTa8]#
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Cook: 1. Se4 Kb3 2. Sc1+ Ka3 3. Dd3+ Ka4 4. Dd6 Ka3 5. Lxc6[+wLf1] Ka4 6. Ta8 Ka3 7. Le1+ Ka4 8. Ta7 Ka5#
This is a correction, published in StrateGems 32/2005, p.229 (same version is in FIDE Album).
Cook found by Alybadix (tested as Anticirce Cheylan and also as Anticirce Calvet, both cooked).
Vaclav Kotesovec: The new correction by Klaus Wenda is +wPe4, C+ (Alybadix, 36 hours, tested as Anticirce Calvet) (2021-05-10)
Keywords: Circe (Anti-), Minimal
Genre: Fairies
FEN: 4B2R/1P1Q4/KPr5/8/kBP5/8/N2N3R/8
Reprints: G67 FIDE Album 2001-2003 , p. 462,
F54 feenschach 189, p. 228, 2011
Input: Vaclav Kotesovec, 2020-12-21
Last update: Vaclav Kotesovec, 2021-05-10 more...
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