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Andrew Buchanan
James Malcom
Hauke Reddmann
Michel Caillaud

MatPlus.net Forum 06/01/2021
in memory of Conrad Staugaard
PG in 10.0
Staugaard castling
b) 1. d4 f5 2. Kd2 f4 3. Kd3 f3 4. Ke4 fxe2 5. Kf5 e1=T 6. De2 g5 7. Dxe7+ Sxe7+ 8. Kf6 Lg7+ 9. Kxg7 Sd5 10. Kxh8 0-0-0-0-0-0#
play all play one stop play next play all
Objective: Staugaard (Pam-Krabbé) castling as mating move.
Henrik Juel: solution
1. Bd2-d4 Bf7-f5 2. Ke1-d2 Bf5-f4 3. Kd2-d3 Bf4-f3
4. Kd3-e4 Bf3xe2 5. Ke4-f5 Be2-e1=T 6. Dd1-e2 Bg7-g5
7. De2xe7 Sg8xe7 8. Kf5-f6 Lf8-g7 9. Kf6xg7 Se7-d5
10. Kg7xh8 0-0-0-0-0-0#
First 9.5 moves are C+ Euclide 1.01
On behalf of the danish inventor of the looong castling, I thank for the dedication (2021-01-21)
James Malcom: After the 12.5 Andrew and I made, this turns out the fastest possible. 9.0 if you go non-unique. (2021-01-21)
A.Buchanan: Welcome, Henrik. Any idea what his initial "C." stands for? I couldn't find it online. (2021-01-22)
Henrik Juel: Unfortunately not, Andrew
In those days the first name was almost always abbreviated to an initial
Christian was a very common first name, but this was usually abbreviated to Chr.
So a wild guess is Carl, but it really could be anything starting with C
In a Skakbladet issue he is referred to as Direktør Staugaard, but this just means that he was in charge of a company (2021-01-22)
A.Buchanan: I have posted an English definition of the keyword. Please check if it suits. (2021-01-22)
Henrik Juel: Searching for direktør staugaard, randers (a danish city) yields
Conrad Staugaard (1852-1922)
so this is my best bet
Conrad Staugaard headed a bank in Randers, founded by him in 1891, but the CV in
does not mention anything about playing chess or chess problems
Chess playing was very common in the middle class, so the biographer may not have found it worth mentioning (2021-01-22)
Henrik Juel: Your keyword definition seems fine,
except for the spelling of showcase... (2021-01-22)
A.Buchanan: Haha bingo: "Staugaard was a well-known and excellent chess-player, one of the many traits he had in common with Lewis Carroll". MMA SAM - Tidsskrift.dk. Googling for "Conrad Staugaard skak" brings up the pdf for Rama Sama. Please tell us what you make of it, Henrik :) In the mean time, I have updated the author info for him (2021-01-22)
Henrik Juel: Very good, Andrew
Ah, the joys of Google...
In the danish text there is not only your citation on chess, but also one on chess problems
There are also examples of Conrad's excentric behaviour, in line with him inventing the looong castling
That C. Staugaard might be Conrad's younger brother Carl (who surely also knew about chess) is ruled out by the fact that Carl emigrated to South America in 1901, because he experienced disappointments in his love live... (2021-01-22)
A.Buchanan: Yes it said he had lots of amazing concepts. The idea about the banner for his nursemaid to take his children for walks without getting her arms stretched is very funny. This is our man. He also seems to have been a good man, and an effective businessman. And loved enough by his friends for a 120 page book to have been commissioned in his memory. He is reminiscent of other children’s authors like Edward Lear, Dr Seuss, Heinrich Hoffmann... I’m so happy that this problem has brought him back to our awareness (2021-01-23)
Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Staugaard castling, Prenix (t), Promotion (t), Castling as mating move, Economy record
Genre: Retro, Fairies
Computer test: HC+ the last move can only have been 0^6 discovering mate & the first 9.5 moves are C+ Euclide 1.01.
FEN: rnbq3K/ppppr2p/4k3/3n2p1/3P4/8/PPP2PPP/RNB2BNR
Input: A.Buchanan, 2021-01-21
Last update: Rainer Staudte, 2021-05-10 more...
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