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Valery Kirillov
Mykhailo Marandyuk
Grigory Popov

S2818 The Problemist 09/2020
3. Preis
Sektion s#5-n
(11+4) C+
1. De1-f1! Kc2-d2 2. Ta1-d1+ Kd2-c2 3. Sb5-d4+ Kc2-c3 4. Lg8-a2 b6-b5 5. Sd4xb5+ Kc3-c2 6. Td1-a1 Kc2-d2 7. Df1-e1+ Kd2-c2 8. De1-b4 a5xb4#
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Judge Ivan Soroka 07/2023:
"A problem of a logical character, in view of the try 1.Qb4? axb4+ 2.Ka2! It is clear that White must occupy the a2-square with his bishop; but after 1.Ba2? Black is stalemated. 1.Qf1! Kd2 2.Rd1+ Kc2 3.Sd4+ Kc3. Now Black has the move 4... b5 at his disposal, which enables White to block a2. 4.Ba2! b5 5.Sxb5+ Kc2 6.Ra1 (rook switchback) Kd2 7.Qe1+ (queen switchback) Kc2 8.Qb4 axb4#. An elegant problem with double Bristol and switchback of three white pieces presented in a technically skilful way."

Genre: s#
Computer test: Gustav 4.1c
FEN: 2R3B1/8/1pn5/pN3P2/P4P2/K7/2k1PP2/R3Q3
Input: Marcin Banaszek, 2021-03-20
Last update: Marcin Banaszek, 2023-07-03 more...
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