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Vaclav Kotesovec
S2 Website Vaclav Kotesovec 15/04/2021
(6+1) C+
1. Kb2 LPa3 2. Kc2 LPb1 3. Kb2 LPc1 4. Kc2 LPd3 5. Kd2 LPe3 6. Kc2 LPb1 7. Kd3 LPe4 8. Kd4 LPc5 9. Kd5 LPc6 10. Ke6 LPf5 11. Kf6 LPe7+ 12. Kg6 LPh7 13. Kf5 LPe4 14. Ke6 LPf8 15. Kd7 LPd6 16. Kc8 LPc5 17. Kb8 LPc7+ 18. Ka8 LPb6=
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Published in the article: "The helpmates and stalemates with n pieces of the same value"
Keywords: Aristocrat, Rex solus (s), just one species
Pieces: lu = Bishopper (LP)
Genre: Fairies
FEN: 2*2B*2B4/8/8/8/7*2B/3*2B4/7*2B/k1*2B5
Input: Vaclav Kotesovec, 2021-04-15
Last update: Vaclav Kotesovec, 2021-04-15 more...
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