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1 - P1390750
Thomas R. Dawson

(14+13) cooked
1. Txg7 Sf4+ 2. Kh7 ... 3. Thxg8#
1. ... 0-0-0 illegal
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Cook: Unlösbar wegen 1. Txg7 0-0-0! (legal!)

BP (Ing. O. Koštál):
1. f3 e6 2. Sa3 Df6 3. Sc4 Dc3 4. bxc3 f5 5. Se5 d6 6. Sg6 Sh6 7. La3 Le7 8. Lc5 Tf8 9. Le3 f4 10. Tb1 Tf5 11. Kf2 Tg5 12. Tb5 Tg4 13. Db1 Ld7 14. fxg4 f3 15. Kg3 Lc6 16. Kf4 Lh4 17. Db4 Le1 18. Tf5 f2 19. Sh3 Lf3 20. gxf3 Sf7 21. Tg1 Se5 22. Tg3 Sec6 23. Sg1 Sd8 24. Th3 Sf7 25. Sf8 Se5 26. Th6 Sec6 27. Lh3 Sd8 28. Tg6 h5 29. Th6 Sf7 30. Tff6 Se5 31. Th8 Sec6 32. Tfh6 Sd8 33. Tg8 Sf7 34. Thh8 Se5 35. Kg5 Sec6 36. Kg6 Sd8 37. Kh7 Sf7 38. Lh6 Sd7 39. g5 Sb6 40. Lf5 Sd5 41. Dg4 hxg4 42. Lg6 Sf4 43. Lh5 Sh3 44. Kg6 Sd8 45. Th7 Sc6 46. Thh8 Sb4 47. Th7 c6 48. Thh8 Sd5 49. Th7 Sf6 50. Tgh8 Sg8 51. Sd7 a6 52. Sc5 dxc5
In der 'Prager Presse' mit der Information nachgedruckt: "Die Schachrubrik des 'Cas' macht folgende Aufgaben [diese und P0001348] zum Gegenstande eines Lösungsturniers"; Forderung "Matt in 3 Zügen. (Rückläufige Analyse)."

Korrektur s. P1390813
Henrik Juel: C+ Popeye 4.61 and analysis (except for mate dual after 2... Kf8)
1.Txg7 Sf4+ 2.Kh7+ any 3.Thxg8# (2021-06-12)
Henrik Juel: White captured b2xc3, g2xf3, and fxg; Black captured dxc and hxg
If Ke8 remains on e8 there is no way to release the eastern cage, so Ke8 has moved, and Black may not castle (2021-06-12)
Mario Richter: Sorry, Henrik, but you fell into the same trap than Dawson: by uncapturing a wS on c5 White can provide a retro-shield on f8, and then everyting easily resolves (making it possible for the wK to temporarily visit h7) ... (2021-06-12)
VL: Mario, the (parity changing) tempomove a7-a6 looks unavoidable for such a castling preserving genesis; accordingly, the shift of bPa6 to a7 would repair the problem. (2021-06-14)
Mario Richter: Valery, I think your correction would work too, but Dawson found another way to repair the Problem. (2021-06-14)
A.Buchanan: Mario: did really Dawson not architect the retro-shield? It's so nice, I'm sure he must have! sS can only reach f7 via d8, so c7-c6 must be retracted too. This throws the parity, which was otherwise good, so Black must spend his other parity move a7-a6 to get back in the game. Then he should have no waiting retractions while Lg5-h6. I think that Dawson didn't spot until too late that Sf4-h3 is always available once wK is off g6. That's what breaks the problem. Certainly shifting sBa6-a7 will render the #3 sound by eliminating the castling defence, however it costs retro content, because the intention (I believe) is that it's parity that costs Black his essential waiting retraction. Note that in the official repair, P1390813, the Black qside pawn configuration is unchanged: but Sh3 is no longer to be seen. (2021-06-15)
Mario Richter: Yes, of course - the retro-shield on f8 is part of the intended solution. The problematic piece is black Sh3, which has tempo moves after R: Kh7-g6 ... (2021-06-15)
Keywords: Cant Castler (sg), Superseded by (P1390813), Retro Opposition
Genre: 3#, Retro
FEN: r3k1nR/1p4pR/p1p1p1KB/2p3PB/6p1/2P2P1n/P1PPPp1P/4b1N1
Reprints: 232 Cas 01/01/1922
159 Prager Presse 15/01/1922
Input: Mario Richter, 2021-06-12
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2021-06-16 more...
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