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1 - P1390836
Gennady Koziura
S2830 The Problemist 27-12, p. 482, 11/2020
2. Preis
Sektion s#5-n
(9+10) C+
1. Kb5! a5 2. Ta7+ Kg8 3. Ka4 Kh8 4. Ta8 Kg8 5. Dc4 Kh8 6. Dxb3 Kg8 7. Txe5 Kh8 8. Lf5 gxf5 9. Te8+ Lxe8#
1. ... a6+ 2. Kxb4 a5+ 3. Ka3 a4 4. Ta6 Ke8 5. Sxh7 g5 6. Sf6+ Kf8 7. Dc5+ Le7 8. Ta8+ Le8 9. Dd6 Lxd6#
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Judge Ivan Soroka 07/2023:
"Once again, a wonderful problem in the author’s
peculiar style. Two impressive echoed chameleon mates with change of functions in black bishops’ play and active play by the white king in both variations. In the diagram position, there are no pieces at all on any of the 8 squares adjacent to the white king! It is a pity that 1…a6+ is not followed by white Rg7+Bh6 battery play."
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Genre: s#
FEN: 2Qb1k2/p5Rp/2K1R1pB/4p1Nb/1p2B1p1/1p4P1/1P6/8
Input: Felber, Volker, 2021-06-15
Last update: Marcin Banaszek, 2023-07-03 more...
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