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Frank Richter
S2831 The Problemist 27-12, p. 482, 11/2020
3.-5. Lob
Sektion s#5-n
(5+2) C+
2 Lösungen
1) 1. Tc1-d1 Ka8-b8 2. Df3-f8 Kb8-c7 3. d7-d8=D Kc7-c6 4. Df8-f6 Kc6-c5 5. Df6-d4 Kc5-c6 6. Dd4-e4 Kc6-c5 7. Ld2-b4 Tb7xb4 8. De4-c2 Tb4-c4 9. Dd8-e7 Kc5-c6 10. Dc2-a4 Tc4xa4#
2) 1. Tc1-e1 Ka8-b8 2. d7-d8=T Kb8-c7 3. Ld2-a5 Tb7-b6 4. Ka6-a7 Kc7xd8 5. Df3-f5 Kd8-c7 6. Te1-d1 Kc7-c6 7. Df5-d5 Kc6-c7 8. Ka7-a8 Kc7-c8 9. Dd5-c4 Tb6-c6 10. Dc4-a6 Tc6xa6#
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Judge Ivan Soroka 07/2023:
"A miniature with two solutions, two promotions of the white pawn – to Q and R, and two echoed mates. Both solutions begin with spectacular and mysterious keys: 1.Rd1, 1.Re1."
Keywords: Miniature, Promotion, under-promotion (T), Minimal
Genre: s#
Computer test: Gustav 4.0c
FEN: k7/1r1P4/K7/8/8/5Q2/3B4/2R5
Input: Felber, Volker, 2021-06-15
Last update: Marcin Banaszek, 2023-07-05 more...
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