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Anatoly Stepochkin
S2832 The Problemist 27-12, p. 482, 11/2020
2. ehrende Erwähnung
Sektion s#5-n
1. Db4+? Kd4 2. Te4#??

1. Le4! Lf2 2. Lg2 Le1 3. Db4+ Kd4 4. Te4+ Kd5 5. Te8+ Kd4 6. Dc5+ Kc3 7. Le7 Lf2 8. Ld6 Le1 9. Db4+ Kd4 10. Te4+ Kd5 11. Td4+ Kxd4 12. Dc5+ Kc3 13. Dxe3+ Sxe3#
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Judge Ivan Soroka 07/2023:
"If it were not for Re5, White could play 1.Qxe3+ Sxe3#. White’s objective is to get rid of his Re5 without tempo loss. First the bishop is transferred to g2: 1.Be4! (>2.Qxe3+ Sxe3#) Bf2 2.Bg2 (>3.Rxe3+ Bxe3 4.Qxe3+ Sxe3#) Be1. Now 3.Qb4+ Kd4 4.Re4+ Kd5 5.Rd4+!? Kxd4 6.Qc5+ Kc3 7.Qxe3+ Sxe3# suggests itself, but 5… Ke5! Therefore the next foreplan is not to let the black king get to e5. 5.Re8+ Kd4 6.Qc5+ Kc3 7.Be7 Bf2 8.Bd6 Be1. Now the rook can at last be sacrificed. 9.Qb4+ Kd4 10.Re4+ Kd5 11.Rd4+ Kxd4 12.Qc5+ Kc3 13.Qxe3+ Sxe3#. An interesting problem of a logical character with two foreplans, featuring successive mutual interference of white rook and bishop on e4. The matrix is well-known from problems by the same author, the tourney judge and other composers since the 1990s."

Genre: s#
FEN: B4B2/7p/8/rpQ1RP1r/2n3p1/1pk1p1p1/qp1pP2P/1n1Kb3
Input: Felber, Volker, 2021-06-21
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