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Sergey Smotrov
S2833 The Problemist 27-12, p. 482, 11/2020
3. ehrende Erwähnung
Sektion s#5-n
1. Dc7+! Kf5 2. De5+ Kg6 3. Dh5+ Kf6 4. Tf7+ Ke6 5. Df5+ Kd6 6. Df4+ Ke6 7. Tf6+ Ke7 8. Dd6+ Ke8 9. Df8+ Kd7 10. Tf7+ Ke6 11. Te7+ Kd6 12. Th7+ Ke6 13. Df7+ Kd6 14. Dc7+ Ke6 15. Lc8+ Kf6 16. Df4+ Kg6 17. Lf5+ Kf6 18. Lxg4+ Kg6 19. Df7+ Kg5 20. Dg7+ Kf4 21. Df6+ Kxg4 22. Txh4 Txh4 23. Df5+ Kxf5#
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Judge Ivan Soroka 07/2023:
"Ind the absence of the black pawn on g4 (and wBb7), White would implement his main plan: 1.Qf6+ Kg4 2.Rxh4+ Rxh4 3.Qf5+ Kxf5#. After a long but unfortunately totally forcible manoeuvre the white bishop leaves b7 and is sacrificed on g4, eliminating the main obstacle."

Genre: s#
FEN: 8/1B4QR/8/8/n2K1kpp/2n3r1/8/7r
Input: Felber, Volker, 2021-06-21
Last update: Marcin Banaszek, 2023-07-05 more...
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