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1 - P1395393
Marcin Banaszek
PZSzach Website 02/11/2021
1.-2. Preis
Leopold Szwedowski MT
Sektion s#2-3
(9+13) C+
1. c7-c8=L? Lc6-d7!,Lc6-e8!

1. c7-c8=D! droht 2. Sg4-f6+ Dh4xf6 3. Df5xf3+ B2 Df6xf3#
1. ... Dh4-e7 X1 (Df6) 2. Df5xe5+ X2 De7xe5 3. Lg6-e4+ De5xe4#
1. ... Tb7-e7 X1 2. Dc8-e6+ X2 Te7xe6 3. Tb1xb5+ A2 Lc6xb5#
1. ... Tb7-d7 X1 (Tf7) 2. Tb1xb5+ X2 A1 Lc6xb5+ 3. Dc8-c4+ Lb5xc4#
1. ... h5xg4 Y1 2. Df5xf3+ Y2 B1 C1 g4xf3 3. Lg6-e4+ D2 Dh4xe4#
1. ... Dh4xg4 Y1 2. Lg6-f7+ Y2 D1 Tb7xf7 3. Df5-e4+ C2 Dg4xe4#
1. ... Ta2xc2 2. Sg4-e3+ E d4xe3 3. Sa4xc3+ E Tc2xc3#
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Judge Eugeniusz Iwanow
Adabashev-System (X+Y):
X - white line-closing by Black; white decoy sacrifice to force opening a white line.
Y - capture of threating unit (Knight); white sacrifice to eliminate a double attack on e4.

- change of functions of white moves: A1-A2, B1-B2
- exchange of roles of white pieces: C1-C2, D1-D2
- sacrifices of white Knights: E
Keywords: Line closing (X1), Line opening, Sacrifice of white pieces (X2 Y2), Exchange of roles (white pieces AB), Exchange of roles (white moves CD)
Genre: s#
Computer test: Popeye 4.83
FEN: 5B2/1rP5/2b3B1/1p1kbQ1p/N2p2Nq/2pK1ppp/r1P5/1R6
Input: Marcin Banaszek, 2021-11-04
Last update: Marcin Banaszek, 2021-11-04 more...
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