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1 - P1399981
Jan Rusinek
3019v EG 07/1977
1. Preis
Joseph Peckover JT 1976-1977
Version 2000
1. Lxd6? Txd6! 2. Sf2+ Kg1 3. Sh3+ Kf1 4. b8=D Le5+ 5. Sf4 Tg6+ 6. Kh3 Th6+ 7. Kg3 Lxb8 -+ (kein patt)

1. Sf2+! Kg1 2. Sh3+ Kf1 3. d4! Lxd4 4. Lxd6 Txd6 5. b8=D Le5+ 6. Sf4! Tg6+ 7. Kh3 Th6+ 8. Kg3 Lxb8 patt
6. ... Td3+ 7. Kh4 Lxb8 8. Sxd3=
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Version zu P1394260
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Henrik Juel: stipulation should be Remis, I guess
interesting way to move details out of the PDB (2022-03-24)
Keywords: Stalemate defense
Genre: Studies
FEN: 3r4/1P6/3p4/8/8/B5K1/3P3n/b2N3k
Input: Marcin Banaszek, 2022-03-24
Last update: Rainer Staudte, 2022-03-24 more...
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