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Vaclav Kotesovec
HP2 Website Vaclav Kotesovec 15/06/2023
(1+8) C+
1. ... HEc2xc7-c8[+sGc2] 2. Gf8-h8 HEc8xb8-a8[+sGc8] 3. Gd8-f8 HEa8xc8-d8[+sGa8] 4. Ge8-c8 HEd8xc8-b8[+sGd8] 5. Ga7-a5 HEb8xd8-e8[+sGb8] 6. Gf8-d8 HEe8xd8-c8[+sGe8] 7. Ga6-a4 HEc8xe8-f8[+sGc8] 8. Gg8-e8 HEf8xe8-d8[+sGf8] 9. Ga4-d1 HEd8xf8-g8[+sGd8] 10. Gd1-b3 HEg8xb3-a2[+sGg8] 11. Gc8-c1 HEa2xc2-d2[+sGa2] 12. Gc1-e3 HEd2xe3-f4[+sGd2] 13. Gb8-g3 HEf4xg3-h2[+sGf4] 14. Ga8-e8 HEh2xf4-e5[+sGh2] 15. Gh8-d4 HEe5xd4-c3[+sGe5] 16. Gd8-d1 HEc3xd2-e1[+sGc3] 17. Ga5-f5 HEe1xe5-e6[+sGe1] 18. Ge8-e5 HEe6xe5-e4[+sGe6] 19. Ge1-b4 HEe4xe6-e7[+sGe4] 20. Ge4-a4 HEe7xb4-a3[+sGe7]=
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Published in the article: "Stalemate problems of record length with Locust and PlatzWechselCirce"
Keywords: Aristocrat, Interchange Circe, just one species
Pieces: du = Grasshopper (G), dl = Locust (HE)
Genre: Fairies
FEN: 1*2q1*2q*2q*2q*2q1/*2q1*2q5/*2q7/8/8/8/2*3Q5/8
Input: Vaclav Kotesovec, 2023-06-15
Last update: Vaclav Kotesovec, 2023-06-16 more...
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