Die Schwalbe

Frequently Asked Questions

Searching Problems

Q: How can you search for problems?

A: There are a lot of different search criteria that can be used to find problems. Please have a look at the examples.

Q: How can I perform a search with special characters like ä or é?

A: The easiest solution is to use a wild card for the special character: instead of looking for "Tempoverlustmanöver" look for "Tempoverlustman%ver" which will yield the same result.

PDB Account

Q: Why do you have to log in for adding comments?

A: We need your e-mail address if there are questions related to your comments, and to avoid that inappropriate ('spam') comments are added. However, we will not use your e-mail address for any other purpose than contacting you in case of questions related to your comments.

Q: Do you need to enable cookies for the PDB acccount?

A: Yes, cookies are required for the PDB login. Please configure your web browser to support cookies.