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1 - P0002107
Rudolf Behal
Neues Illustrirtes Blatt 1897
(12+3) C+
1. exd6ep Kxg3 2. Dg1+ Kh4 3. Sf3#
1. ... Kxg4 2. De5 Kh4 3. Df4#
1. ... Kxg5 2. Dg7+ Kh4 3. Sf5#
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für eine ökonomisierte Version s. P1012712
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Keywords: En passant as key, Model mate (3x)
Genre: Retro, 3#
Computer test: Popeye 4.61
FEN: 8/8/2P1P3/2KpP1NP/6Bk/PP2P1N1/p7/Q7
Reprints: 62 Retrograde Analysis 1915
(X) Problem 37-40 09/1956
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: Mario Richter, 2018-01-26 more...
2 - P0006656
Thomas R. Dawson
Western Morning News & Mercury 1919
Ergänze die wD, dann #1
+wDf5: 1. Db1#

R: 1. ... Kb1-a1 2. Se4-d2+
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Keywords: Add pieces, Model mate, Rex solus (s)
Genre: Retro
FEN: 8/8/6K1/8/8/8/PP1N4/k7
Reprints: Arnhemsche Courant 24/12/1926
123 Caissa's Wild Roses 1935
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1996-07-16
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3 - P0541530
Robert Ketzscher
(2) feenschach 108, p. 86, 10/1993
(3+5) C+
1) 1. Tb6 Ta4 2. Te6 Sf7#
2) 1. Le6 0-0-0 2. Te4 Sg6#
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Keywords: Castling, Model mate
Genre: h#, Retro
Computer test: Popeye C-Version 3.52 (2048 KB)
FEN: 7N/8/5p2/3bkp2/1r6/8/8/R3K3
Input: Michal Dragoun, 1998-04-09
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2018-01-11 more...
4 - P1138328
Mrs. W. J. Baird
Brighton and Hove Society 1903
Christmas Competition
(4+2) C+
-1w,-1s, dann h#2, wobei in der Mattstellung zwei schwarze Steine vollständig gefesselt sind
R: 1. Td2xSe2 Sd4xDe2, dann 1. Sf5-d6 Ld7-f5 2. Kc5-d5 De2-b5#
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(gefesselt sind Sd4 und Sd6, die Schlußposition 3R4/8/3n4/1Q1k1B2/3n4/8/3R4/3K4 bildet ein Kreuz: d-Linie + 5.Reihe)
Motto: "A simple cross"
(Good chessists all unite to guess,
Without a moment's loss,
Herewith to form, in genuine chess,
A simple Christian Cross.)
Originalforderung: 1.White played last, retract his move 2.Black retracts his last move 3.Black plays 4.White plays 5.Black plays so as to enable -- White to mate, -- in the final position, Black to have two of his pieces completely pinned
Keywords: Miniature Collection (0014728), Help retractor, Symbol problem, Constrained problem, Model mate
Genre: Retro
FEN: 3R4/3B4/8/2k2n2/8/8/4R3/3K4
Reprints: 14 Twentieth Century Retractor 1907
4 150 Schachkuriositäten 1910
Input: Felber, Volker, 2010-09-11
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5 - P1291482
Mirko Degenkolbe
Steven B. Dowd
Rolf Wiehagen

215 PAS-Läufer 2013 12/2013
1. ehrende Erwähnung
2. TT Gaudium
PR H. Grubert
(6+10) C+
1. ... Kxg4 2. Ke4 Kxg3 3. Kf5 Kh2 4. Kg4 g3! 5. Kh5 Kh3 6. Lh6 g4#
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"Die retroanalytische Begründung für g7-g6 als letzten Zug (und damit der Beweis für einen PAS-Läufer!) ist höchst originell und kreativ. Die Lösung zeigt ein Mustermatt nach Selbstblock durch den PAS-Läufer."
PR: "6 weiße B-Schläge und 10 schwarze Steine, also hat der wBh2 schlagfrei gezogen. Ein Schlagen des wBh2 würde 11 schwarze Schläge erfordern, was bei noch 6 weißen Steinen unmöglich ist. Also musste der sBh7 seine Linie geräumt haben, damit der wBh2 auf h8 umwandeln kann. Das ist eine gelungene und sehr freche Überraschung, die nicht ?speziell? abgestempelt werden soll!"
Keywords: Block (Selbst-), Model mate, Loss of tempo
Genre: h#, Retro
Computer test: Popeye Windows-32Bit v4.55 (1024 MB)
FEN: 5b2/4pp2/p5p1/P2p2pK/P5p1/P3k1p1/P5P1/8
Input: Gunter Jordan, 2014-11-26
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2017-09-16 more...
6 - P1292746
Andrew Buchanan
France-Echecs 04/01/2002
(3+9) C+
Add a unit: h#2
(+wDc7) 1. La5+ Dc6+ 2. b5 cxb6ep#
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Ladislav Packa: I see just tricky + wSb3:
1.Ba5 c6 2.b5 Sc5# (2014-12-20)
A.Buchanan: Wow that would be tricky, to add a unit on top of an existing one! No: that would be cheating. There is another more orthodox answer. (2014-12-20)
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Keywords: Add pieces, Model mate, En passant
Genre: h#, Retro
Computer test: (Henrik Juel) After addition C+ by 4.69
FEN: 2b5/pp6/rb1K4/2PP4/kp6/qn6/8/8
Input: A.Buchanan, 2014-12-20
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2017-09-23 more...
7 - P1292750
Andrew Buchanan
France-Echecs 2001
after Karl Hermann Schwarz
(2+1) C+
Add a unit: h#1.5
+sSc6 1. ... Sc8 2. Sa7 Sb6#
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Duplicate Diagram: P1212081

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Keywords: Add pieces, Rex solus (S), Illegal position, Model mate, Ideal mate, Aristocrat, Miniature
Genre: h#, Retro
Computer test: (Henrik Juel) After the addition C+ by Popeye 4.69
FEN: k7/N1K5/8/8/8/8/8/8
Input: A.Buchanan, 2014-12-20
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2019-12-09 more...
8 - P1294592
Andrew Buchanan
France-Echecs 2001
(6+1) C+
1. ... f4 2. Kd2 f5 3. Kc3 f6 4. Kb4 f7 5. Ka3 f8=D/L#
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Der weiße Anzug ist retroanalytisch begründet.

A dual under-promotion mating move can be tolerated in a helpmate. This is specifically covered by Codex Article 13(2).
Keywords: No legal last move for White, Excelsior, Rex solus (S), Model mate, Kindergarten Problem, Tolerated dual promotion (D/L), tempo play, Miniature
Genre: h#, Retro
Computer test: Popeye 4.67 after retro logic
FEN: 8/8/8/8/8/1P6/P1k1PPP1/K7
Input: A.Buchanan, 2015-01-08
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2019-12-09 more...
9 - P1338694
Andrew Buchanan
R512 The Problemist 26-3, p. 107, 05/2017
to Yoav Ben-Zvi
Last move?
Monochrome chess
R: 1. Kb7xTa8
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The current position is dead drawn, so the last move must have offered an alternative. KxL has no possible prior move. K into the corner without capture, or KxS offer no living alternative. KxD had no other square the K could retreat to to escape the check. So it must have been KxT. If it was wKxsT, then there is no mate ever available. but with R: 0. Kb7xTa8 and instead 0. Kb7-c6 there is a model mating pattern with wTg8 bKh5 and then g2-g4#. wT on the 8th rank must have been promoted, so this is Ceriani-Frolkin.
Removing wPg2 leaves a smallest possible illegal cluster.
Keywords: Last Move?, Monochrome, Dead Position, Type A, Prentos Theme (T), Ceriani-Frolkin Theme (T), Kindergarten Problem, Rex solus (s), Model mate, Miniature
Genre: Retro, Fairies
FEN: k7/8/8/8/8/8/6P1/K7
Reprints: www.thbrand.de 01/06/2017
Input: A.Buchanan, 2017-09-04
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2019-12-09 more...
10 - P1345821
Andrew Buchanan
3 Problemas 20, p. 553, 10/2017
(7+1) C+
WTM so
1. ... b3 2. Ke2 De5+ 3. Kxd3 De3#
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Henrik Juel: Kd2 entered the second row via d3, so Pd3 is [Pd2], and no legal white last move exists
Hence it is White to move, and the stipulation is really h#2.5
1... b3 2.Ke2 De5+ 3.Kxd3 De3#
not 1.Kd1?? b3 2.Ke2 De5+ 3.Kxd3 De3# (with many 'cooks')
A very nice problem (2018-01-26)
Ladislav Packa: I like this type of composition, but a little more complicated and closer to "normal" problems.

Ladislav Pack, 3936 Pravda 11.4.2013
W: Ka4, Rc2, Pb2, c5, e2, g2, h3 (7)
B: Kc4, Qd4, Rc3, Bc1, d1, Sd6, Pa5, a6, a7, c6, d5, d2, e3, h4 (14) H#2
1.K:c5? K:a5 2.Rc4 b4# - but white to play!
1...c:d6 2.c5 b3# Chameleon echo, model mates.

Another example is P1088622. (2018-01-26)
Keywords: No legal last move for White, Rex solus (S), Model mate, tempo play
Genre: h#, Retro
Computer test: Trivial retro logic + Popeye 4.67
FEN: 8/8/8/8/8/3P4/PP1k1PP1/QK6
Input: A.Buchanan, 2018-01-20
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2019-01-13 more...
11 - P1346201
Ladislav Packa
3936 Pravda 11/04/2013
(7+14) C+
1. ... cxd6! 2. c5 b3#,
not 1. Kxc5+? Kxa5 2. Tc4 b4# because Black moved last
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Ladislav Packa: My mistake, wP h2, not g2! (2018-01-27)
Henrik Juel: With Pg2 moved to h2:
Black pawns captured all nine missing white men by b7xa6, c7xb6xa5, d7xc7, exd, fxexd, and gxfxe
White captured g2xh3 and once more
Last move was not Ka3-a4 or Ka3xSa4 (impossible check from Tc3), nor b4xc5 (too many captures by White), nor g2xh3 ([Lf1] was captured by a pawn))
So it is White to move, and the stipulation is really h#1.5 with solution
1... cxd6 2.c5 b3#,
not 1.Kxc5+?? Kxa5 2.Tc4 b4#
C+ by Popeye 4.61 (2018-01-27)
Keywords: No legal last move for White, Model mate (2), Chameleonecho, Echo
Genre: h#, Retro
Computer test: Trivial retro analysis + C+ by Popeye 4.61
FEN: 8/p7/p1pn4/p1Pp4/K1kq3p/2r1p2P/1PRpP2P/2bb4
Input: A.Buchanan, 2018-01-27
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2018-01-28 more...
12 - P1348358
Ladislav Packa
www.stere.ro 04/01/2017
(2. Preis aberkannt)
Sergiu-Than-MT & Sah-Mat-80-JT
(10+15) C+
b) sLa1 nach g1
a) 1. gxf3ep Kxc4 2. Tf4 Sxg3#
b) 1. cxd3ep hxg3 2. Tf5 Sd2#
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PR Z. Gavrilovski: "A highly unified play by both sides in each half-move (B1 – a self-blocking e.p. capture, W1 – guard of a square adjacent to the bKing, B2 – a self-block by bRook, W2 – a model mate by wS) with exchanged functions of wPd4 & wPf4, plus a thematic exchange of en passant moves as actual or virtual moves."

Im endgültigen Preisbericht wurde diese Aufgabe wegen vermeintlicher Antizipation durch P1348377 desselben Autors ausgeschlossen.

Final award (09. Februar 2017):
Henrik Juel: Last move was d2-d4 or f2-f4
In part a Black has captured axbxa-a2-a1=L, dxc, gxhxa, and hxg, i.e., all missing white men, including [Lc1], so last move was not d2-d4
In part b Lg1 could come from g2-g1=L, as this would require too many pawn captures by Black, so last move was not f2-f4 (2018-03-22)
Ladislav Packa: The problem was excluded from the competition due to the (self) predecessor. I disagreed with this decision; indeed, the same scheme was used, but with another theme. But the judges decision must be respected ... (2018-03-22)
Olaf Jenkner: Excluded but second prize? (2018-03-22)
Mario Richter: My source was the preliminary award "Published on www.stere.ro – 4 January 2017." with the words "becomes final after 30 days from the day of its publication". I did not find any other (i.e. final) version, but Ladislav's remark indicates that such a thing might well exist. Perhaps one of our problem friends from Romania can clarify things here?! (2018-03-22)
Alfred Pfeiffer: Ja, im finalen Preisbericht (s.o.) wird kein 2. Preis vergeben! (2018-03-23)
A.Buchanan: (1) Wish I’d known about this tournament. Is there a comprehensive list of tournaments somewhere? If you know of a retro tourney please tell me.
(2) “Than theme” would apply to hundreds of retros retrospectively. No reason the name shouldn’t stick. An after the fact keyword like “reach” in Magic the Gathering.
(3) Best when doubled, so each twin’s solution is a retro try in the other
(4) No reason why as a theme this doesn’t apply to fairy problems, although they were excluded from this tourney.
(5) Congrats to all prize winners! (2018-03-23)
Ladislav Packa: All information about the tournament are here:
http://www.stere.ro/despre-noi/memorial-sergiu-than-80-ani-de-la-aparitia-sah-mat/ (2018-03-23)
Mario Richter: With respect to the antication debate one might also compare P1348362 with P1348377 ...

@Andrew: (1) In that good old days there was the goja website; and even more important, it was a good traditon to announce Retro tourneys in the RML ... (2018-03-23)
Mario Richter: The first part of my last comment should read:
With respect to the anticipation debate one might also compare P1348362 with P0003701 ... (2018-03-23)
Keywords: Than theme (2), En passant as key (2), Model mate (2), Obtrusive material
Genre: h#, Retro
Computer test: rawbats
FEN: 6b1/npp1pp2/2P2r2/P1K1P1P1/qnpPkPp1/4r1p1/1P5P/b4N2
Input: Mario Richter, 2018-03-22
Last update: Mario Richter, 2018-03-23 more...
13 - P1348377
Ladislav Packa
Vychodoslovenske noviny 1983
(6+9) C+
2 Lösungen
1. axb3ep fxe3 2. Td5 Sb2# (falls zuletzt b2-b4)
1. exd3ep Kxa4 2. Td4 Sxe3# (falls zuletzt d2-d4)
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sollte die Aufgabe das KW "RV" bekommen?
Henrik Juel: C+ by Popeye 4.61 (after analysis)
Last move was b2-b4 or d2-d4, but we cannot tell which
RV would not hurt, I guess
Some people consider these as one solution, with variations depending on the past (2018-03-23)
A.Buchanan: I am mostly a fan of clarity in the conventions, even at the cost of breaking a problem or two, because problems can fail if people have differing or vague understandings. Werner Keym's modification to the Codex in 2009 was a big step forward. His magisterial paper explaining how the conventions all work after 2009 is a must-read at the Retro Corner site. However, the wording of his added convention is like a speech by Theresa May, and a mess was made of the retro glossary which to this day has not been cleared up. The biggest hole in the Codex is that it doesn't say how to treat a problem which is impacted by a change in the Codex. My guiding principle is that we should always treat such a problem kindly so that it makes the most sense. Anyway, here is what the Codex would imply:
(1) Under RS, which was the default convention in 1983, there is no solution even if the stipulations says that there are two solutions, because you can never prove that a particular double hop was the last move.
(2) Under PRA, which is now the default, there is one solution which has two parts. Everything works perfectly: just remove the "two solutions" from the stip.
(3) Sometimes RV is used as just a synonym for PRA, but it had another meaning. Keym retired the term altogether and, where the distinct meaning is intended, replaced it with SPRA: this operates just like PRA, but en passants are reversed. The default is that they *can* be played, just like castling. But here, if SPRA was specified, it would work just like PRA does: one solution with two parts.
I would rewrite Werner's convention as: "PRA is the default; if that doesn't give a solution, use RS. SPRA or AP would need to be stated explicitly. RV is deprecated."
So here I believe the original problem should have had PRA (or RV) as the stipulation, but now it needs nothing. I think no damage is done by updating to the 2009 version: this makes the problem as accessible as possible in the distant future. I really like this problem: and I think that PRA is a lighter and more natural setting for these 2 model mates than the later Than version.
There is so much confusion over these things that I thought it's worth going into some detail here: I hope it was of interest.
I would be grateful to hear the author's intention and wishes here. (2018-03-23)
Ladislav Packa: Andrew: At the time of publication it was easy for me. Our (Slovak) terminology referred to similar cases as "alternative solutions". I do not know why this option did not appeal to the column editor. He himself added to the problem stipulation 2 solutions. And if I have to express my opinion sincerely, I do not really care about the correct designation. Importantly, the author and especially the readers like it. (2018-03-23)
Mario Richter: @Ladislav+Andrew: Just to make that clear: I didn't want to change the stipulation, for historical correctness it should be as it is. My question was about adding a keyword that describes some problematical content realized in the problem, so that future users of the PDB interested in exactly that topic have a chance to find it by keyword search ... (2018-03-23)
A.Buchanan: @Ladislav: you're the boss! Your historical stipulation will remain to baffle & entertain the robot & alien solvers thousands of years from now when humanity is long gone and new races battle over a tired Earth. Would you object if this problem acquires the PDB keyword "PRA"? (2018-03-23)
Ladislav Packa: In the interest of rescuing the tired Earth I will probably be forced to agree :-)) (2018-03-23)
Henrik Juel: I was pleased to see a happy ending to this debate
But I do not like the fact that Codex revisions make lots of older problems 'incorrect', although they have been enjoyed by solvers, who care little about the Codex
Also, I do not like that 'A posteriori' must be stated explicitly; this gives away the show, as the solver then knows that the key is an ep capture, and a castling must follow to legitimize it (2018-03-23)
A.Buchanan: @Henrik: great to understand your point of view. In 1983 this problem would have been 'incorrect', because RS was the default. W.Keym's revision made it nearer to being correct: the only nit is whether this is 2 solutions or 1 solution with 2 parts. Not sure how I feel about that nit myself.
I honestly don't know any problem which W.Keym made incorrect. It would have to be an RS problem which also has a PRA interpretation. The genius of his terribly-worded revision is that it doesn't affect casual solvers, but it makes things more rigorous for serious solvers. Do you know any such problems? (2018-03-24)
Keywords: En passant as key (2), Model mate (2), Partial Retro Analysis (PRA)
Genre: h#, Retro
Computer test: Popeye 4.61 (after analysis)
FEN: 3r4/1pp5/8/KP6/pPkPp3/n1r1p3/5P2/3N4
Input: Mario Richter, 2018-03-23
Last update: Olaf Jenkner, 2018-03-23 more...
14 - P1358513
Horst Böttger
Mirko Degenkolbe

U806 König & Turm 29 11/2010
Informalturnier 2010
PR Bernd Gräfrath
(5+12) C+
1. Lc4? d3 2. Sc7 0-0?? 3. Lxd3 Txd1 4. Lf1 Td8#
1. Th7! d4 2. Txh2 d5 3. Th7 d6 4. Tb7 Th8#
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Keywords: Unpinning (in Verf.), Indian (fliegender in Verf.), Line opening, Model mate, Castling (in Verf.), Switchback, Rücknahme Schlüsselzug, selfpinning (in Verf.), Cant Castler
Genre: h#, Retro
FEN: 1k6/br6/8/1n3pp1/5p2/5p2/2pP1P1P/2rnKb1R
Reprints: König & Turm 36 05/2016
Input: Gunter Jordan, 2018-12-08
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2018-12-08 more...
15 - P1364587
Andrzej Babiarz
1779 PZSzach 28/05/2019
(5+2) C+
1. ... Kd8xc7 Da1xa7+ Kc7-d8 2. Se7-c6# mm
1. ... Kd8xe7 Da1-g7+ Ke7-d8 2. Sc7-e6# mm
1. ... Kd8xd7 Da1-e5 Kd7-d8 2. De5-d6# mm
1. ... a7-a6,a7-a5 Kd5-d6 droht 2. Se7-c6#, 2. Sc7-e6#, 2. Da1-h8#
play all play one stop play next play all
Schwarz am Zug
Siehe Version: P1364695
Keywords: Model mate (3), No legal last move for Black, anticipated (P1142901)
Genre: 2#, Retro
Computer test: Popeye 4.67
FEN: 3k4/p1NPN3/8/3K4/8/8/8/Q7
Input: Marcin Banaszek, 2019-05-28
Last update: Rainer Staudte, 2019-06-05 more...
16 - P1364695
Andrzej Babiarz
1779v PZSzach 28/05/2019
nach R.Collinson & V.Kuzmichev
(5+1) C+
1. ... Kd8xc7 Dg1-a7+ Kc7-d8 2. Se7-c6# mm
1. ... Kd8xe7 Dg1-g7+ Ke7-d8 2. Sc7-e6# mm
1. ... Kd8xd7 Dg1-c5 Kd7-d8 2. Dc5-d6# mm

1. Kd5-c6? Kd8xe7!
1. Kd5-e6? Kd8xc7!
1. Kd5-d6? patt!
1. Dg1-c5? Kd8xd7 2. Dc5-d6#? Schwarz muss ziehen!
play all play one stop play next play all
Ökonomische Version zu P1364587
V.Kuzmichev -> P1134025
Keywords: Model mate (3), No legal last move for Black, Rex solus (s), anticipated (P1142901)
Genre: 2#, Retro
Computer test: Popeye 4.67
FEN: 3k4/2NPN3/8/3K4/8/8/8/6Q1
Input: Marcin Banaszek, 2019-06-05
Last update: Rainer Staudte, 2019-06-05 more...
17 - P1365666
Andrew Buchanan
8v Problemas 26, p. 750, 07/2019
Corrects 8 Problemas 20 p.554 10/2017
(7+7) C+
1. ... b4 2. Tb1 b5 3. Tb3 axb3 4. fxg1=S Kxg1=
because of:
4. ... b4 5. Sxf3 exf3 6. e2 Kg1 then e.g. 7. e1=D#
4. fxg1=D/T=? dead, as 4. ... Kxg1= mandatory
4. fxg1=L=? dead, as 4. ... b4 5. Lf2,Lxh2= mandatory
play all play one stop play next play all
White has no last move so by convention goes first in h=3.5. This retro logic switches on the Dead Position rule
A.Buchanan: supersedes P1345825 (2019-07-17)
Keywords: Dead Position, No legal last move for White, Schnoebelen Theme (s), Ceriani-Frolkin Theme (s), Prentos Theme (s), Model mate, Model stalemate
Genre: Fairies, Retro
Computer test: Trivial retro logic + Popeye 4.79 + manual elimination of dead lines
FEN: 8/8/1p6/8/5p1p/4pP1k/PP2Pp1P/5rBK
Input: A.Buchanan, 2019-07-17
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2019-07-18 more...
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