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Adrien F. Turel
Bilanz eines erfolglosen Lebens 1956
1. Da8+ Kxa8 2. Txa7+ Kb8 3. Tb7+ Kc8 4. Tc7+ Kd8 5. Txd7+ Ke8 6. Te7+ Kf8 7. Tf7+ Kg8 8. Txg7+ Kh8 9. Th7+ Kxh7 patt
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Keywords: Stalemate defense, Perpetual check, corner to corner, pin-stalemate (d-T)
Genre: Studies
FEN: 1k6/p2r2r1/1n1n4/R7/2b5/2q5/pR4Q1/K7
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