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1 - P1000957
Thierry Le Gleuher
10c Messigny 2000
BP in 20,5
1. h4 e6 2. Th3 Ld6 3. Te3 Lg3 4. Te5 d6 5. e4 Ld7 6. Lc4 Lb5 7. Ld5 Lf1 8. d3 h6 9. Lg5 hxg5 10. c4 Th6 11. Sc3 Tf6 12. Db1 Tf3 13. Kd1 Te3 14. f4 Te2 15. f5 Tc2 16. Sce2 Tc3 17. f6 Tb3 18. axb3 c5 19. Ta6 Da5 20. b4 Kd8 21. bxa5
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Lange Wanderung des sTh8 nach b3. Der wBa muss überkreuz geschlagen haben, damit Weiß den wTa1 schnell genug nach a6 spielen kann.
Michel Caillaud: cooked testing the last moves with Jacobi 0.7.5 and constraints for wBa cross-capture
(constraints Pa2-a3xb4xa5 or Pa2xb3-b4xa5 or Pa2xb3xa4-a5) :
9…c5 10.Cc3 Dd7 11.Cce2 Cf6 12.Db1 Re7 13.Rd1 Tc8 14.c4 Tc6 15.f4 Tb6 16.f5 Tb3 17.axb3 hxg5 18.Ta6 Da4 19.bxa4 Rd8 20.a5 Cg8 21.f6 (2020-10-17)
Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Promenade
Genre: Retro
FEN: rn1k2n1/pp3pp1/R2ppP2/P1pBR1p1/2P1P2P/3P2b1/1P2N1P1/1Q1K1bN1
Input: Gerd Wilts, 2000-10-15
Last update: Gerd Wilts, 2005-12-30 more...
2 - P1186866
Thierry Le Gleuher
T10 Phénix 173/174, p. 7566, 05-06/2008
nach Gerd Wilts
Wer ist am Zug?
R: 1. ... f4xLg3 2. Lh4-g3 f5-f4 3. Lf6-h4 h3-h2 4. Lb2-f6 h4-h3 5. Lc1-b2 h5-h4 6. b2xLa3 Lc5-a3 7. e3-e4 Ld4-c5 8. c5-c6 Lf6-d4 9. c4-c5 Le7-f6 10. c3-c4 Lf8-e7 11. c2-c3 e7xTd6 12. Td4-d6 Kd8-c8 13. d6xTc7
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Henrik Juel: White has the move
-1... f4xLg3 -2.Lh4 f5 -3.Lf6 h3 -4.Lb2 h4 -5.Lc1 h5 -6.b2xLa3 Lc5 -7.e3 Ld4 -8.c5 Lf6 -9.c4 Le7 -10.c3 Lf8 -11.c2 e7xTd6 -12.Td4 Kd8 -13.d6xTc7, retract Td4 to h1, Ka8 via g6 to e1, Pd6 to h2, g3-g2, g2xLf3 etc. (2013-08-28)
James Malcom: Is the given retraction unique? (2020-11-08)
Henrik Juel: Unique up to 11.c2-c3, I think (2020-11-08)
Henrik Juel: One of my favorite retros with just kings and pawns
even though the retroplay is not completely unique (so my previous comment is imprecise)
R: 2... h3-h2 3.Lf6-h4 h4-h3 or 3... f5-f4 also work
but not R: 1.e3-e4? or 1.c5-c6?, and White runs out of pawn retractions
nor 2. e3-e4? or 2. c5-c6? f5-f4 3. Le5-g3, and same difficulty (2020-11-09)
Henrik Juel: In the forward play we have several temporal implications, e.g.,
e2-e3 before b7xLa6 before g2xLf3 before g3-g2 before h2xg3
d6xc7 before e7xd6 before b2xLa3 before f4xLg3
Thierry was inspired by P0008574 (2020-11-09)
James Malcom: I see the similarities as well. If Thierry's last 21 moves, stopping at 11. c2-c3 of course, are indeed unique, it seems to be the record for a kindergarten position? (2020-11-09)
A.Buchanan: I think the last 2 single moves are determined. Prior to that it could be f5-f4 or h3-h2, no? (2020-11-10)
Henrik Juel: You are right, Andrew
So, no record, James (2020-11-10)
James Malcom: Ah well then-the linked problem with 16 moves by Gerd oughtta be it then, from what I've searched so far. (2020-11-10)
A.Buchanan: Isn’t the retro record one of the Breyer versions by Thierry Le Gleuher? (2020-11-10)
James Malcom: As far as I know, the TOTAL retro record is, all from P1339006, by Theierry indeed: Type A, 100 moves, Type B, 101 with bP6-h6 & White to move, and, finally Type C, 102 with bP6-h6 and wSc7-a8. (2020-11-10)
James Malcom: For Type B, I meant "bPh5-h6." (2020-11-10)
Keywords: Whose move?, Kindergarten Problem
Genre: Retro
FEN: K1k5/p1Pp2p1/p1Pp4/8/P3P3/P4Pp1/3P1Ppp/8
Input: Gerd Wilts, 2011-02-06
Last update: James Malcom, 2020-11-08 more...
3 - P1305230
Thierry Le Gleuher
1 RIFACE 2015
Ajouter des pièces.
+wSb2d2 +wLc4
R: 1. Dd1-c2+ Kc2-c3 etc
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A.Buchanan: How about wLa1 instead? (2020-10-06)
Henrik Juel: Yes, that would improve the economy slightly (2020-10-06)
Ladislav Packa: wBa1 is illegal... (2020-10-07)
A.Buchanan: Hi Ladislav why is wLa1 illegal, please? That was essentially my question before (2020-10-07)
Mario Richter: wLa1 instead of wDa1 is of course legal too: one of the dark-squared wBishops unpromotes on h8, one wQueen on g8. Black pawns g7+h7 let the wPawns g2+h2 pass by cross-capturing the 2 original wRooks. (2020-10-07)
more ...
Keywords: Add pieces, Illegal position
Genre: Retro
FEN: 8/P7/P7/P1Q5/P3K3/P1k5/P1Q5/Q3B3
Input: A.Buchanan, 2015-07-08
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2020-10-07 more...
4 - P1380666
Thierry Le Gleuher
Pascal Wassong
Jacques Dupin

2nd honourable mention
Partie Justificative en 8,0 coups
Cylindre vertical
Henrik Juel: C+ Jacobi 0.7.5
1.Sf3 b5 2.Sh4 Bf3 3.gxf3 b4 4.Bc6 dxc6 5.h3 Qd6 6.Rh2 Qxh2 7.Sg2 Qd6 8.O-O-O-O Qd8
Looks like kingside castling, but is loong castling with [Ra1] (2020-10-05)
Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Cylinder (vertical), RIFACE Retro Composition Tourney (2016)
Genre: Retro, Fairies
FEN: rn1qkbnr/p1p1pppp/2p5/8/1p6/5P1P/PPPPPPN1/1NBQ1RK1
Input: A.Buchanan, 2020-10-05
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2020-10-05 more...
5 - P1380667
Thierry Le Gleuher
3rd honourable mention
Partie Justificative en 9,0 coups
Cylindre vertical
Henrik Juel: C+ Jacobi 0.7.5
Cylinder-specific mate with triple-check (2020-10-05)
Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Cylinder (vertical), RIFACE Retro Composition Tourney (2016)
Genre: Retro, Fairies
FEN: rnbqkb2/pppp1p2/7N/7p/8/K3r3/PPPPP1PP/R1BQ1BNR
Input: A.Buchanan, 2020-10-05
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2020-10-05 more...
6 - P1382408
Thierry Le Gleuher
Gunter Jordan
Raúl Jordan
Roberto Osorio

15 feenschach 237, p. 224, 09-10/2019
(12+11) C+
BP in 9.5
1. d4 a5 2. d5 a4 3. d6 a3 4. dxc7 axb2 5. cxb8=D bxc1=D 6. Dxc8 Dg5 7. Dc4 Dxg2 8. Dxf7+ Kxf7 9. Lxg2 Ke8 10. Lf1
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Silvio-Baier-40-JT: Thema: Gesucht waren eindeutige orthodoxe Beweispartien mit weißer und schwarzer Homebasestellung, wobei auf jeder Seite ein Bauer umwandeln und von einer Figur (keinem Bauern) geschlagen werden sollte und zudem genau ein Stein eine zweizügige Rückkehr vollführt.
A.Buchanan: Can anyone send me the full results of this JT please? I have an unpublished one which is similar in theme, and I want to confirm that I’m not anticipated. I will load all problems into PDB if they’re not already here (2020-11-26)
Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Homebase (2), Prentos Theme (Dd), Switchback (Lk), Ceriani-Frolkin Theme (Dd)
Genre: Retro
FEN: r2qkbnr/1p1pp1pp/8/8/8/8/P1P1PP1P/RN1QKBNR
Input: Gunter Jordan, 2020-11-25
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2020-11-25 more...
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