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1 - P0000793
Nikita M. Plaksin
Andrey Lobusov

1558 Die Schwalbe 33 06/1975
4. Preis
(13+5) C+
#3 (AP)
1. cxd6ep+! Kxg3 2. 0-0! (proving ep ok)
2. ... Kg4 3. g8=D,T#
2. ... a1=D,L 3. Dg5#

R: 1. d7-d5 Tc6xh6 (unless R: Kg1-g2 Th~*h1)
play all play one stop play next play all
VL: A posteriori (AP)!
2.g8Q(R)+/Rg1+? Kf4 3.Qg5#??
Retro: d7-d5, Rc6xh6+ (unless Kg1-g2, Rh~-h1+).
One of the best AP-type problems. (2015-08-20)
James Malcom: The first Valladao AP? (2020-10-03)
A.Buchanan: Hi James, there are 6 earlier ones in PDB, not counting those which are not marked as Valladao (could quite a few, as basic AP is 2/3 of Valladao). Type k='a p' and not g='fairies' and k='valladao', and set sort order by date. The ur-problem is P0003417. (2020-10-03)
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Keywords: Castling (wk), a posteriori (AP), En passant as key, Promotion (ws), Valladao Task (w w w/s)
Genre: Retro, 3#
Computer test: Popeye v4.85 + minor retro/AP thought
FEN: B7/p5PP/p6R/Q1Pp4/8/PP1P2P1/p3P1k1/4K2R
Reprints: (B) Die Schwalbe 48 12/1976
feenschach 40 11-12/1977
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2020-10-03 more...
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