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Markus Wettstein
(2856) Neue Zürcher Zeitung 16/6/1968
(10+2) C+
1. Sa4! f3 2. La2+ Kc2 3. Sdc3 Kxd3 4. 0-0-0#
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Krabbe's Reprint: "The search is over - as was to be expected, Hanspeter Suwe found a real anticipation in his archives.


Suwe adds he does not know the exact date of publication (judging from the photo above, it's a pity that it couldn't be Belén's birthday) and nothing about the author. "It is the same matrix which has also been found by Pérez Carballo and McDowell. The problem by the last one is the best: very good construction with a fantastic key move: 1.Nd1!, a so called AZE (means Anti-Ziel-Element), a term for such a strategic move, created by the Austrian composer Helmut Zajic."
Suwe thinks there might be even older examples and will continue to look for them.

With this information, McDowell found Wettstein's (a Swiss) problem in a book Kunstschach in der Schweiz / Les Echecs artistiques en Suisse" by Hans Henneberger (1980), who comments: "A chess riddle in which one really wouldn't expect castling!"
James Malcom: The first known correct Belen theme directmate. (2020-09-20)
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Keywords: Belen Theme, Castling as mating move
Genre: n#
Computer test: Popeye 4.61
FEN: 8/8/8/1P6/3P1p2/P2P4/1N3P2/RBkNK3
Reprints: 253 Tim Krabbé's Website 28/7/2004
Input: James Malcom, 2020-09-20
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