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1 - P1338394
Göran Wicklund
J.Lois-70 JT 2016-2017
2nd Honorable Mention
(12+14) cooked
PG in 33.0
1. Sf3 a5 2. Sd4 a4 3. Sb3 axb3 4. a4 Ta5 5. Ta2 bxa2 6. h4 a1=S 7. h5 Sb3 8. h6 Sd4 9. hxg7 Sf5 10. gxh8=L Sh4 11. Le5 f5 12. Lh2 e5 13. g3 La3 14. Lg2 Se7 15. Lc6 dxc6 16. 0-0 Sd7 17. Kh1 Sf8 18. Lg1 Dd5+ 19. Kh2 Kd7 20. Kh3 Dh1+ 21. Lh2 e4 22. Tg1 Te5 23. Df1 c5 24. Dg2 Kc6 25. Df3 Kb6 26. Tg2 Dd1 27. Tg1 Ka5 28. Te1 b6 29. Lg1 La6 30. Kh2 Ld3 31. Kh1 c4 32. Lh2 c5 33. Kg1 Dxe1#
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Judge J. Lois: This problem presents the theme Lois between the wK1-WBh2(2) with a switchback of both pieces.
In addition, change of place between WKe1-wRh1 in move 31.
Henrik Juel: In the award this proof game is not labelled C+ (2017-08-30)
Michel Caillaud: reported as cooked in Winchloé :
1.a4 b5 2.Ta3 b4 3.h4 bxa3 4.h5 a2 5.h6 a1=S 6.hxg7 Sb3 7.gxh8=L Sd4 8.Le5 Sf5 9.Lh2 e5 10.g3 La3 11.Lg2 La6 12.Lc6 dxc6 13.Kf1 c5 14.Kg2 Kd7 15.Sh3 Kc6 16.Sf4 Kb6 17.Sd5+ Ka5 18.Sb6 axb6 19.Kh3 Dd5 20.Tg1 Dh1 21.Df1 e4 22.Dg2 Sd7 23.Df3 Te8 24.Tg2 Dd1 25.Tg1 Te5 26.Te1 Sf8 27.Lg1 Sge7 28.Lh2 Sh4 29.Lg1 f5… (2020-10-14)
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Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Non-standard material, Lois Theme
Genre: Retro
FEN: 5n2/4n2p/1p6/k1p1rp2/P1p1p2n/b2b1QP1/1PPPPP1B/1NB1q1K1
Input: A.Buchanan, 2017-08-30
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2020-10-15 more...
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