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1 - P0008793
Andrej N. Kornilow
Shakhmaty v SSSR 1978
1. Ta1-d1+? (Completing the castling!)
a) 1. ... Td4 2. Txd4#
0) 1. xc5ep+? (Completing en passant!)
b) 1. ... Tb5 2. Txb5#
0) 1. xe8=S+? (Completing the promotion!)
c) 1. ... e6 2. Sf6#

0) 1. Sxe7+! Lxe7 2. f8=B# (Omitting the promotion!)
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Henrik Juel: Completing the key isn't legal, 1.'Rd1'/'-bPc5'/'e8S'+, but omitting the promotion in the mating move is, 1.Sxe7+ Bxe7 2.'f8'#. Excellent joke. (2003-09-19)
James Malcom: A very witty joke Valladao! (2020-09-24)
A.Buchanan: Really like this joke (2020-09-25)
Henrik Juel: To see the illegality of completing 1.fxe8=S+?, note the captures:
Black captured fxDe, so [Pg7,h7] were captured on their files, while the other six missing black men were captured by white pawns
The illegality of completing 1.0-0-0,bxc6ep? is rather obvious (2020-09-26)
James Malcom: And for those you don't find it obvious: If the White king hasn't moved, then where did wRa5, and wBb8 if bPb5 has just done a double-step, come from? Neither can be promoted pieces, as White still has all eight pawns. Trying to finish castling and en passant therefore both produce illegal positions and thus cannot be the solution. (2020-09-26)
Henrik Juel: Continuing beating the dead horse...
How does the white player actually perform an entire move?
1.0-0-0+: Ke1-c1 and Ta1-d1
1.bxc6ep+: Pb5-c6 and remove sPc5
1.fxe8=S+: remove sYe8 and Pf7-e8 and replace wPe8 with wSe8 (three fractional actions)
2.f8=Y#: Pf7-f8 and replace wPf8 with wYf8
So a marginally better stipulation might be: 'White to move mates in less than 2 moves' (2020-09-26)
A.Buchanan: I've tried to set up some intermediate diagrams to allow us to show the animation, but the pieces seem to move even for words which are not moves (and marked italic/red). It's quite baffling. It's almost as if someone with privilege has gone in the background and assigned moves to those dead words. If so, that's extremely unhelpful. Gerd was quite active on this site for a month in German lockdown, for which I'm grateful, but one key task is still waiting: to empower the editors by documenting exactly how the animation decides what to do based on the diagram(s) and stipulation. (2020-09-27)
A.Buchanan: The PDB stipulation field should be non-text form to drive the animation. Where the stipulation is non-standard, there should be a Unicode representation of the original, and translations into German, English and French. But cannot overwrite any original non-standard stipulation, in my opinion, as it is part of the composer's work. (2020-09-27)
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Keywords: En passant, Halber Zug, Castling, Promotion, Valladao Task (half!), Joke, Dummy Pawn
Genre: Retro, n#
FEN: 1B1N1bB1/p2ppP2/2P5/R1pk1N2/1r2p3/1P2P1P1/4PP1P/R1K5
Reprints: (III) Quartz 4 1997
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1997-06-21
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2020-09-27 more...
2 - P1182118
Frank J. Marshall
Marshall's Chess "Swindles" , p. 129, 1914
(6+3) C+
#2 mit dem Sg6
1. f7 Kxg6 2. f8=S#
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Der gerade geschlagene wSg6 kommt durch die UW wieder aufs Brett und setzt matt; deshalb auch der wSb1.
Originalforderung: White mates in two - with the Knight at KKt6.
Motto: "A La Napier"
A.Buchanan: It's easy to make a miniature ideal mate version of this cheeky problem, e.g. 8/6pk/3N1PN1/6P1/7K/8/8/8 but the charm of Marshall's original is the apparently pointless wSb1 (2020-10-21)
Keywords: Joke, Constrained problem, Joke promotion (recycle wS)
Genre: 2#
Computer test: Popeye v4.85. The only #2 happens to satisfy the constraint
FEN: 8/6pk/4KPN1/6Pp/7P/8/8/1N6
Input: Mario Richter, 2010-12-11
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2020-10-21 more...
3 - P1241210

589 Hartford Weekly Times 13/02/1879
Problem No. 589 By Editor Of Ayr Argus and Express


[story continued from P1381572]

The Eye begs to submit to Derbyshire the following problem in reply. We confess to being fairly out-generaled by the wonderful maneuvers disclosed in the three mover. We have no doubt that its talented author will find little effort much more easy. We respectfully dedicate it to him. The art of problem composition will now, no doubt, undergo considerable change. For instance, you might slip the Black king into your pocket, or knock your adversary down-all admirable methods of mating in one. Our problem has been composed in anticipation of a new era.
Olaf Jenkner: Die Aufgabe ist unlösbar.
Stimmt die Stellung? (2012-06-10)
James Malcom: The position is correct-see https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=Z8CpXElfgm4C&dat=18790213&printsec=frontpage&hl=en

However, the reprint in itself is perhaps a huge error. The paper seems to give the solution to each problem the next week, but I found that they skipped the number 589 in their next issue. (2020-11-06)
A.Buchanan: What about later issues? (2020-11-06)
James Malcom: I checked the whole of February and March already, and nothing is there, but it may be that I missed it, I admit. (2020-11-06)
James Malcom: Wait, I did miss something! In the Feb. 27th issue: https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=Z8CpXElfgm4C&dat=18790227&printsec=frontpage&hl=en

Under "Waterbury Owns Up" in which there is an address to 588, the correction of an earlier publication, this is said "I hope that 9-move hoax (No. 589) will plague the inventor. Yours truly, C.H. Waterbury"

And "Ayrshire Argus and Express" is actually not the original source, as the 2/13 issue says "Problem No. 589 By Editor Of Ayrshire Argus and Express." I've corrected this, and tagged this as a joke for now. (2020-11-06)
A.Buchanan: Ha! I echo Mr Waterbury’s sentiments! But was it originally published in April or Christmas issues? The letter does seem to imply some other dialogue which acknowledges the composition is a hoax. Mr Waterbury does seem to know it’s a spoof. And is there any meaning to the position? Very easy to make a diagram which doesn’t have a #9 (e.g. game array) (2020-11-06)
James Malcom: The #9 seems to have been made for the issue give in, as an after spoof of the far, far more interesting Christmas Joke above it, which I shall add soon! (2020-11-06)
James Malcom: Now see: P1381572 (2020-11-06)
Keywords: Joke
Genre: n#
FEN: 8/PPPPPPPP/3b4/4r3/2K1n1kN/1r4n1/b7/7q
Reprints: Ayrshire Argus and Express
Input: Frank Müller, 2012-06-10
Last update: James Malcom, 2020-11-06 more...
4 - P1260207
Charles Henry Wheeler
892 Dubuque Chess Journal 05/1874
s# in wieviel Zügen?
1) R: 1. ... 0-0-0, dann 1. Txg6#
2) R: 1. ... 0-0-0, dann 1. Df7#
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Weiß kann Selbstmatt ohne einen eigenen Zug erzwingen.
Schwarz rochierte im letzten Zug, obwohl er im Schachstand und ignorierte dabei auch das Schach auf d8. Beides ist illegal. Er muss diesen Zug zurücknehmen und statt dessen Df7# oder Txg6# spielen.
A.Buchanan: No retro analysis to show that last move was in fact castling. Position is not illegal. (2019-10-21)
James Malcom: Perhaps that's why it labeled as a joke then. Andrew. (2020-10-20)
A.Buchanan: Yes it’s a joke but there is an existing species of problem where the position Is illegal. This is kind of like Conan Doyle vs Agatha Christie: here we are only told the key clue after the fact. I am sadly interested in classifying the main families of jokes, identifying which ones are fairies as well etc. This one is not fairy I think. In constraint promotion into foreign units can be joke depending on stipulation, but is definitely fairy (2020-10-21)
Keywords: Joke, Retract illegal move (castling)
Genre: s#, Retro
FEN: 2kr1b2/p3p3/4K1Br/B3R3/8/5q2/8/8
Input: Frank Müller, 2013-01-19
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2019-10-22 more...
5 - P1374643
James Malcom
PDB Website 14/4/2020
“Egg Five”
1. hxg8=sB! g7#
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Henrik Juel: Here the extra joke is that the (dummy) pawn can move (2020-04-14)
James Malcom: The newly born black pawn is not a dummy pawn, in my opinion. Unlike the dummy, it still has the right to move foward in principal. Since it is new and has never moved, it sill has the right to make a double-step if allowed, as in Horde Chess (https://lichess.org/variant/horde). (2020-04-14)
Henrik Juel: I see your point, James (2020-04-15)
James Malcom: Seems that Gerd might have missed including pawns promoting to opposite color pawns the new update. I'll email him tomorrow morning. With accordance to the rules, they have 4 first moves as a 7th rank pawn does. (2020-05-03)
Gerd Wilts: Promotions to pawns are now also supported. (2020-05-03)
James Malcom: Many thanks Gerd! (2020-05-03)
A.Buchanan: I had missed these 6 miniatures: they are terrific! Can I ask to replace Sg8 in this one with L so that it's not giving check in the starting position. I guess it's kind of crass though economical to replace with pawn! (2020-10-13)
A.Buchanan: Dummy pawns can in principle move imho: it's just that they're usually blocked by the edge of the board. If one was teleported somewhere else on the board by some mechanism, then they would just start moving. So completely different kind of animal from a dummy, which genuinely cannot move :D (2020-10-13)
Keywords: Joke, Joke promotion, under-promotion (b)
Genre: s#
FEN: 6nk/7P/6PK/6PP/8/8/8/8
Input: James Malcom, 2020-04-14
Last update: James Malcom, 2020-06-02 more...
6 - P1375286
Andrew Buchanan
James Malcom

PDB Website 30/4/2020
1. dxc7ep! b4 2. c8=D,T#

R: 1. ... c8-c6?! and earlier c8=sB
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Superseded by P1380851

Related: http://www.matplus.net/start.php?px=1577108437&app=forum&act=posts&fid=xshow2&tid=2395

The 2018 FIDE laws state: "3.7.2 on its first move the pawn may move as in 3.7.1 or alternatively it may advance two squares along the same file, provided that both squares are unoccupied."

Hence Black's newborn 8th rank pawn, which has never been moved before, reserves the right to commence a double-step on its first move, and likewise White receives the right to capture it en passant as they do with a 7th rank pawn.
Henrik Juel: This un-dummy-pawn is like a pawn created on c8 by the Einstein condition
The retroplay looks wrong, what about 1... d8-d6!? 2.d7-d8=sB!? c6xYb5 (2020-04-30)
James Malcom: That makes much more sense Henrik. I have edited it accordingly. (2020-04-30)
A.Buchanan: You don't like Adrian's (: haha? What about :) then? In heraldic terms, it would be described as "regardant". See 270 on https://www.heraldica.org/cgi-bin/atlas.pl?12. I don't know the word for "non-regardant", which is the default direction for the head, e.g. most of the others on that page.
We could replace wBa6a7 with wSa6, but alas having the 3rd knight is non-thematic & distracting. The other thing I would've liked to do is empty b2 so the promotion is forced to be to D. Such a tiny problem should have precision promotion. Needs more thinking. (2020-05-01)
James Malcom: UPDATE: The position has been edited to have one less piece and a precise queen promotion. (2020-10-12)
A.Buchanan: There is dialogue here which is now orphaned by a change of diagram with new matrix. Suggest we revert to the older diagram and mark it superseded by a new PDB entry here (2020-10-12)
James Malcom: I agree-it is now done. (2020-10-12)
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Keywords: En passant, En passant as key, Joke, Joke promotion (b), Tolerated dual promotion (D/T), Promotion (D, T), Superseded by (P1380851)
Genre: 2#, Retro
FEN: k7/PN1N4/PKpP4/1p6/8/8/8/8
Input: James Malcom, 2020-04-30
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2020-10-12 more...
7 - P1375777
James Malcom
PDB Website 10/4/2020
nach Josef Cumpe
Last two moves?
R: 1. 0-0-0# a7-a8=sT
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See P1234039
Henrik Juel: Missing Joke keyword, I guess (2020-05-11)
A.Buchanan: Curious that retro a7-a8=sT discomforts the animation still - maybe you should report to Gerd? (I trouble him with enough stuff already - don't want to be the only one emailing him! :-) (2020-05-11)
A.Buchanan: Maybe +sBe7f7 to refute R. ... e8=sK/fxe8=sK :-) Note this "cook" is actually prevented in the original. (2020-05-11)
A.Buchanan: Oops and a more major cook R: 1. Se8/g8-f6+ (2020-05-11)
James Malcom: This problem was only half-finished before I fell asleep. It’s fixed now. (2020-05-11)
A.Buchanan: Great! You could save another piece I think -sLg6, -sBf7, + sDf7. This also removes the obtrusive promotion (2020-05-11)
James Malcom: Yes, that is true. Position edited. (2020-05-11)
James Malcom: I see nothing wrong with fiddling if it improves economy. (2020-05-11)
A.Buchanan: If promotion to Bl unit is allowed, can’t Bl just have played e8xd7+ or g8xh7+? Can replace bPd7 with bR but eliminating bPh7 is more complicated. Need +wPh7 +bPg6h6. And also bRb7 to prevent discovered check by bPc8 prior to e7-e8=bK. I think that’s watertight now! :-) (2020-10-13)
A.Buchanan: The issue is that there are two or three levels of Bl promotion joke: this problem relies on the "basic" joke where black officers can be created. But where's the line to stop us promoting to Bl pawn or king? If we go that far, then a position like this 2kr3K/1r1r1qrR/7p/8/8/8/8/8 is required. Oh dear: sorry to have brought it up :( (2020-10-13)
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Keywords: Castling in the retro play, Promotion in the retro play (t), Rex solus (w), Joke, Joke promotion, Type C
Genre: Retro
FEN: 2kr3K/1p1ppqrp/8/8/8/8/8/8
Input: James Malcom, 2020-05-11
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2020-10-14 more...
8 - P1377133
Robert Norman
Jens Kristiansen

Far off Chess 13/12/2008
RN, Version JK
(3+6) C+
1. Kf7! droht 2. Txh5#
1. ... Sd6+,Sd8+ 2. g7+ Kh7 3. g8=D+ Kh6 4. Dg7#
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A beautiful version of P1377131


"Ok, you may say that this is all old stuff, very entertaining but with no relevance for nowadays chess. So? Well, look at this endgame study which circulated among the chess insiders in the 80s:

White to move and win - my version (from memory)

I believe I have read somewhere that the composer is from Dar-Es-Salaam, but I can not find sources for that.

The solution is: 1. Kf7, Nd6+ 2. g7+!, Kh7 3. g8D+ and mate next move.

Then you may object that white is in check, in fact a double check, when he unaffectedly moves his little pawn at the second move. Yes, he is in check BEFORE the move, but is he after? You see, at that time the rules stated that the king is in check "...when the square it occupies is threatened by one or TWO of the opponents pieces." So the check is elegantly parried by making the kings square threatened by THREE pieces!

Relax, nowadays the rules state that the square in question must be threatened by "... if one or more of the opponents pieces."
James Malcom: What is the Winchloe solution then, even with duals? Of course, as an endgame study, it is still correct. (2020-11-13)
A.Buchanan: As a #4, WinChloe gives: 1.Rf7! [2.T×h5‡]
1…Cd8+ 2.g7+ Rh7 3.g8=D+ Rh6 4.Dg7‡
1…Cd6+ 2.g7+ Rh7 3.g8=D+ Rh6 4.Dg7‡
Switchback blanc
Switchback de Pion
Echecs croisés
Echec double
Batterie noire
Auto-clouage indirect
Déclouage indirect
Clé désampliative (2020-11-26)
more ...
Keywords: Golden Age, Joke, Bosma, Promotion (D)
Genre: n#
Computer test: C+ WinChloe v3.51
FEN: 7k/rn6/5KP1/p1p4b/8/8/8/7R
Input: James Malcom, 2020-06-20
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2020-11-26 more...
9 - P1377604
John Derek Beasley
14 Variant Chess 20, p. 215, 1996
White to play and win
Grashopper Chess
b) wBa7->b7
a) 1. a8=G#
b) 1. b8=sG! Gh8 2. Kf1 Gf8 3. Ge8 Gd8 4. Gc8 Gb8 5. Ga8#
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A.Buchanan: Why not sBh3 on h2, removing sTh2? (2020-10-21)
Arnold Beine: Then there is a solution in b) without joke: 1.Kf1 Ga8 2.bxa8=L#. (2020-10-21)
A.Buchanan: Thanks Arnold - I had a blind spot there, but knew there had to be a reason. In a), 1. a8=sG! also wins but not so quickly. More interestingly, I think b) 1. Kf1 Ga8 2. b8=Q! Gc8 3. Qxc8! wins the pawn or 2. ... Rg7 3. Gxa8+! R~ 4. Qb7++! Maybe someone can check this indeed win for White. (2020-10-22)
Arnold Beine: There is no need for checking 2.b8=Q!??, because Q-promotions are not allowed in Grashopper Chess. (2020-10-23)
A.Buchanan: Thanks so now we’ve found an explanation of why it is defined to be grasshopper chess! A lot of time and effort can be saved in chess composition if the default format is “no-cook chess” - a fairy format in which all unintended solutions and defences are by definition illegal! :) (2020-10-24)
more ...
Keywords: Grasshopper Chess, Joke, Joke promotion (sG)
Pieces: du = Grasshopper (G)
Genre: Fairies, Studies
FEN: 6*2Q1/P7/8/8/8/7p/6*2qr/4K2k
Reprints: 6.2 51 Flights Of Chess Fancy 2009
Input: James Malcom, 2020-07-06
Last update: James Malcom, 2020-10-22 more...
10 - P1380245
Fritz Porten
Wiener Morgenzeitung 08/06/1924
(10+5) C+
1. exf8=D,T? Patt!
1. exf8=L? Sxf6! 2. Sxf6 Patt
1. exf8=S? Sxf6! 2. Sxf6 Kxg7 3. Le5 Patt

1. exf8=B! Sxf6+ 2. Sxf6 Kxg7 3. Le5 Kg6 4. Dg3#
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Das tapfere Bäuerlein
In Reih und Glied stand das Bäuerlein und wartete ungeduldig auf den Beginn der Schlacht. Endlich gings los. Kampfesmutig schoß es vor, e2-e4; es war ja ein stolzer Königsbauer. Bald war es im Zentrum des Gefechts und hielt den schwersten Angriffen stand. Rechts und links fielen seine Brüder, sogar Offiziere fanden den Heldentod, aber unerschütterlich drang das Bäuerlein vorwärts, e4-e5 hurrah!
Diesem kühnen Vorstoß war es hauptsächlich zu verdanken, daß die feindliche Armee geschlagen wurde. Der schwarze König hatte sich mit dem Rest seiner Getreuen in die äußerste Ecke des Schlachtfeldes zurückgezogen, seine Lage war trostlos [Diagramm].
In ihrer Verzweiflung warf sich die edle schwarze Dame den heranstürmenden weißen Truppen entgegen, um vielleicht noch durch ein Pattmanöver die ihrigen zu retten.
Das tapfere Bäuerlein war inzwischen bis auf die 7. Reihe vorgedrungen. Nun stand es vor der größten Aufgabe seines Lebens. Es sollte die feindliche Dame, die mächtige schwarze Königin gefangen nehmen. Dies wäre aber auch sein letzter Triumph gewesen, denn auf der 8. Reihe würde ihm sein Feldherr sicher den Abschied geben und für einen Offizier eintauschen. Die weißen Offiziere atmeten auf, der gemeine Bauer, der sich durch seine mutigen Taten der besonderen Gunst des Feldherrn erfreute, war ihnen schon lange ein Dorn im Auge.
Der Feldherr, der große Schachmeister, überlegte diesmal sehr lange.
Spielte er 1. exf=D so patt
oder 1. exf=T so patt
oder 1. exf=L so Sxf6+ 2. Sxf6 patt
oder 1. exf=S so Sxf6+ 2. Sxf6 Kxg7 3. L-e5 patt
Also kein Offizier konnte ihm jetzt zweckmäßig dienen, so entschloß er sich denn, den braven Bauer noch auf der 8. Reihe beizubehalten und, siehe da, er erreichte dadurch auf schnellste Weise den Sieg:
1. exf=B!! Sxf6
2. Sxf6 Kxg7
3. L-e5 K-g6
4. D-g3 matt
So war das tapfere Bäuerlein das einzige in der Geschichte des Schachspiels, das noch auf der letzten Reihe mit vollem Recht seine Wesensart beibehielt. Ehre seinem Angedenken!
James Malcom: Thank you for this marvelous find, Mario! This is another ingenious directmate in this field!. The stalemating ideas are very unique and pleasing. (2020-09-26)
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Keywords: Joke (Not!), Dummy Pawn, Golden Age
Genre: n#
Computer test: Popeye 4.85
FEN: 5qnk/4PpRN/5P2/8/p3K3/Q7/P5PB/7R
Input: Mario Richter, 2020-09-25
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2020-09-26 more...
11 - P1380523
Nels H. Nelson
760 Los Angeles Times , p. 30, 28/3/1937
"April Fool Joke"
1. gxh6ep+! Kxf7 2. 0-0xg1! Sf6 3. e8=sS#!
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We have heretofore published many of Nelson's fine problems and should like to show any readers the more humorous side of his talent. This winter our distinguished friend is spending his vacation in Los Angles. It is with his kind permission that we are publishing this story and problem.

Nels Nelson, born in Denmark in 1871, emigrated to the United States when 12 years of age. He learned the moves of chess in Denmark and began solving and composing problems in 1894. He was chess editor of the Minneapolis State Chess Asccostion, 1911-1912, president of the Minnesota State Chess Asccostion, 19229-1930, and lives at Hopkins, Minn., a suburb of Minneapolis.


A certain celebrated chess master, who we will designate as Mr. "X," while on in the provinces happended into a tavern which was the mecca of the village chess players. Mr. "X," very fond of practical jokes, concieved a plan of sprining on one of the unsuspecting natives. Professing ignorance of the game, the champion of the club offered to teach Mr. "X" its intricacies. After showing Mr. "X' all of the moves with the exception of pawn promotion, pawn takes pawn, etc., and castling, the champion said the following: ""I have purposely ommited three of the manuvers in chess, which to the beginner are somewhat difficult to grasp. They are pawn promotion-when a pawn reaches the eigth rank it ceases to be a pawn but may but it may be converted to any piece on the board and assumes its function at once. It it thus theortically possible to have as many as nine queens on the board at once, and so on down the line." The champion then went to explain the castling on the king and queen side and emphasised the importance of moving the king first. The act of pawn takes pawn "en passant" was then throughly explained and the actual game started with the champio givng odds of queen to Mr. "X," who proved to be a very apt pupil! Mr. "X" lost the first game in short order-walking boldy into a mating net. In the second game he gave the champion quite the battle and won the approbation of that was worthy. In the third game, the champion managed to trap Mr. "X's" queen but had to give up two pieces for it and saw that he had a lost game but continued on in the hope that his expierenced opponent would make some mistake. When the game has reached the postion in the diagram the champion was dumbfounded to hear Mr. "X" announce mate in three moves. "Impossible!" exclaimed the champion. "You should win, of course, but mate in three cannt be done." "Well, if you have interpreted the move and rules correctly, I am certain I see a mate in three," said Mr. "X." "Of course I have interpreted the rules correctly, exclaimed the now irate champion: and I will lay you a wager of dinner for the members of the club that you fail to mate in three moves." "Done!" cried Mr. "X." By this time nearly ever member in the clubwas watching the game with interest. Now, who won this wager? It will be shown in the solution April 11."


"SOLUTION TO PROBLEM 760 by N. Nelson: "April Fool Joke."

White: K. on K1 R. on Q7, and KR1: Kt. on KB7 and KB8: B, on QB5: P. on K7, KKt5, and KKt2, Black: K. on KKt2: R. on KKt1: Kt. on K1: B. on KKt8: P. on KR4. (Wh. 9: BL. 5.)

Many members of the club were very fine players and felt their champion would win. Curiously, most of them were pulling for mr. "X," as the champion was somewhat of a braggard and if he won they felt they wouls be hearing about it for a long time. They were, therfore, keenly alert when Mr. "X" started to proceed the game. "My first move is pawn takes en passant," said the smiling Mr. "x." "Of course, I anticipated that move," replied the champion, "and I shall meet it with king takes knight." Oh well then I shall make for my second move, castle: taking the bishop," continued Mr. "X." "This move is according to your definition of castling, perfectly legitimate, as the king moves first, and the bishop being on the knight squar, certainly is subject to capture." "Well," replied the champion, "I must say your interpretation is far fetched, but I will grant you even this point as I fail to see how you mate on the next move: you evidently overlook the fact that when you promote the pawn the king will be able to capture it. Of course, I am forced to interpose my knight and it is pinned, but the king will still be able to take care of that promoted pawn. " Well," smiled Mr. "X," "I shall, however, mate you by pawn to king eight, discovering check, as I shall claim a black knight for the promoted pawn, which, according to your interpretation of pawn promotion, is perfectly legitimate. You stated I might choose any piece on the board and, of course, as the black knight is the only piece that will mate, I naturally selected it."
Exit champion.

We are publishing the best solution sent in my Ladderite L. A. Post, incidentally only two others solved this April Fool Problem.

Problem 760 to complete the tale that Mr. Nelson started to what I believe to be the logical solution according to the rules given by the local champion.
1. White: Pawn takes pawn "en passant" check.
The local champion then captured the white knight reposing on his "bishop two."
1. Black: king takes knight.
"Now," continued Mr. "X" "I understand to quote you, the king moves firstl in castling."
"That is correct," agreed the champion.
Thereupon Mr. "X" executed the move in the prescribed manner by first moving his king to his king knight square and removing the champion's bishop and then setting his rook down on his king bishop square calling check.
The champion was nonplussed, for in stating the rules for "castling" he had failed to forsee a circumstance of this kind. He was forced to admit that, according to his own statement, such a move was possible But seeing in spite of this that it was still impossible to checkmate on the next move, he conceded the point and interposed his knight.
2. Black: Knight to king bishop three.
"Did you not say," resumed Mr. "X," "that in 'pawn promotion' you could reclaim to any piece on the board?"
"That is correct," conceded the champion, "but since you insist on taking me literally I might add that there is no "queen' on the board you may claim in one."
"In that case," stated Mr. "X," "I will be equally generous and present you with a 'knight.'"Whereupon Mr. "X" removed the pawn at king seven and placed a black 'knight' at king eight discovring checkmate to the champion's "king."
"Such a thing is impossbile !" cried the outraged champion.
"Not at all," replied Mr. "X," "for according to your statement that "upon reaching the eight rank a pawn be converted to any piece on the board and assumes its function at once.'"
To this the other members agreed. So the champion held a dinner in honor of Mr. "X," the most apt pupil he had ever taught.

Resepctfully yours,

L.A. Post
Seaman, First Class, U.S. Navy,
U.S..S Texas, San Pedro, Cal."
Henrik Juel: Some help is needed here, James
At least for me (2020-10-01)
A.Buchanan: Hi Henrik I am guessing it’s a cheatyface Valladao:
1. gxh6ep+ Kxf7 2. 0-0+ Sf6 3. f8=sS#
No proof for the ep, castling with capture and promotion to black officer (2020-10-02)
James Malcom: Bingo Andrew! (2020-10-02)
Henrik Juel: Even though I ought to stand by my fellow danish author:
This is a most crude 'joke' problem, especially the 'castling' with capture (2020-10-02)
A.Buchanan: It's kind of a running gag: three silly jokettes which do combine relatively harmoniously (2020-10-02)
A.Buchanan: 1. ... Kf6 allows a short mate, robbing White of the Valladao. 4nNbn/3RP1kN/8/6Pp/8/8/8/4K1bR is the best I can find, fixing the problem, and with less material (2020-10-02)
A.Buchanan: I was hoping that someone would spot that I have shifted a unit to h7 - i.e. the e.p. is even more Foolish :-) I claim it "improves" the problem because currently the e.p. *might* be legal :-) If this is too crude for some, then 4nNr1/3RP1k1/6N1/4P1Pp/8/8/8/4K1bR works. Note you need sTg8 to prevent 2. Sh8#, but wSg6 is blocking g-file, so wBg2 is still free to find other duties on e5. (2020-10-03)
James Malcom: Excellent improvements, Andrew! (2020-10-06)
A.Buchanan: Thanks James: do you think the one with Sh7 is excessively silly? (2020-10-06)
James Malcom: Yes, 'd say a bit too silly. (2020-10-16)
more ...
Keywords: Joke, Valladao Task, Joke promotion (s), En passant as key, Castling, Checking key, under-promotion (s)
Genre: 3#
FEN: 4nNr1/3RPNk1/8/2B3Pp/8/8/6P1/4K1bR
Reprints: Los Angeles Times , p. 13, 11/4/1937
Input: James Malcom, 2020-10-01
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2020-10-16 more...
12 - P1380551
James Malcom
Mat Plus 192.2020
"The KIng's Dilemma"
1. 0-0-0xd1+! g1=D 2. Txg1+ Kxg1 3. a6 f2 4. Ld4 Lb8 5. b5
play all play one stop play next play all
James Malcom: P1380523 is the only predecessor I know with the idea of castling with capture. (2020-10-02)
Keywords: Joke, Castling as key
Genre: Studies
FEN: 8/7B/8/P7/1Pp5/3p1p1n/1B1P2pb/R2nK2k
Input: James Malcom, 2020-10-02
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2020-10-04 more...
13 - P1380746
C. P. Carpenter
The Pittsburgh Gazette 25/12/1910
White to play and win
1. g8=D! Gewinn!-See the attached story.
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Reprint: 1911: https://www.newspapers.com/clip/25254295/the-royal-game-of-chess/ "Christmas Problems"

1910: http://www.chessarch.com/excavations/item.php?=a=1&source=Pittsburgh_Gazette_Times&date=1910.12.25

"The First Christmas Problem"

By C.P. Carpenter

The majority of chess players, familiar as they are with that form of chess joke called "Christmas Problems," may not know until they have read the following beautiful legend just how and when the custom originated nor, for that matter, may they be certain of it then, so cursed is this romantic age with belief.
In the Palace of the World, under the pagan line for December 25, was held the great feast of Brumalia. Upon an occasion of this festival, in the reign of the great King Eshamat, that monarch, his guests and vezers were assembled in the readiness for the festival and whilling away the interval at chess when a regged fakir approached the palace gates and craved admission from Elkanoj Bey, the sentry. That official surveyed him grimly.
"Have you got a card?" he asked with elaborate politness.
"I am a poor man, your excellency," replied the fak. "and the only card I ever had was the two-spot out of my pinochle deck,, but I am fearfully keen for my lunch and no harm, but only good. shall come to you see if you allow me to enter. I swear it as Allah sees it."
"Better beat it while Allah still see you." replied the sentry wearily. "He won't be able to see you if you stick around here long."
"I have traveled far, Effendi," replied the fakir, "and am weary. If the king phrase. I may be able to show him a wonderful play at chess. If he cannot solve it perhaps he may reward his slave with a seat at the banquet."
"In that case." said the sentry,"enter, and be your own usher. If you can get away with it, peace o you: and if noy peace to you."
Now the king fancied himself as a solver. and the fakir was well recieved when he had made known his mission.
"Know. Oh. King," said the fakir. as he set up the pieces, "that this position occured in a game between the great King Mahmud and my friend. Ali Bi, who had the white pieces, and it ran into this puzzling position with white to play, andd though it appears impossbile, netherless my friend Ali Bi did may and win this with one move. Now if his gracious majesty csn tell me how. I forfeit my lucnh: if not, I kick in at the festal board. Is it a bet?"
"You are somewhat shy on collateral,"" replied the kin: "netherless we will at least call it a bargain."


White to play and win

Long time did King Eshamat pore over the position without avail, while his company shifted about uneasily and the head cook cursed softly, but fluently in his mother tongue. Finally the king arose with a grunt of disgust.
"I pass," he said. 'What's the answer?"
'It was not in the bargain, your majesty," replied the fakir, "thay I should tell. only that your majesty should fail to find."
"Netherless?" said the king, "since we cannot solve, the problem it is our privlege to look in the appendix for answer. Selim, bring an ax."
"Pardon your majesty," cried the faki. "I will explain the mystery."
"I should be charmed," said the king drily. "What was the movr?"
"My friend Ali BI," replied the fakir, "pushed the pawm."
"But what did he call for?"
"He called for a drink but it didn't come," said the fakir, with a smile which didn't fit his face. "I hope it doesn't happen again."
"Quick fool." cried the kinh. "What piece did you call fo>"
"A queen, your majesty"
"But that woulld give stalemate."
"Even so, your majesty, "but it is also won. My frien, Ali Bi, is a weaker player and King Mahmad graciously offered odds of a draw."
King Eshamat sank into a chair and gezed at the faker. He shook himself, unable to rouse. He shook himslef again, but failed to fill. The fakir moistened his lips and glanced at the feast.
'You bargain, your majesty," he suggested timidly.
"True." said he king. "Salim, find this fakir a place at the feast."
"Very good, yout majesty," said the servant, "but the places are full. Where would it please your majesty I should put him/"
'Ah," said the king grimly, "just crack his skull and put him with the rest of the nuts."
James Malcom: In my view, since this has a story about a majesty, and give the board state, that 1. g8=K! would be a far better solution as I thought before I stumbled upon the source today. Sygyzy declares this a draw, even if -bPh2. =Q/R is stale, and =B/S+ is too weak and Black can fortress. =P does nothing of course, so king promotion is just right here it was for Goldilocks. (2020-10-17)
A.Buchanan: Thanks for typing this in, James, although I don’t really understand the joke. And if 1. g8=K how does Wh dislodge bK from g6/h6? (2020-10-18)
Henrik Juel: The joke seems to be that Black has agreed to accept stalemate as a win for White
If we disregard this, I agree that White cannot win with an extra king; it is easy to dislodge black king from g6/h6, but later White cannot dislodge him from g8/h8 (2020-10-18)
A.Buchanan: If the convention is dynasty, then promotion to a king turns both wKs into erlkings until one is captured. I think these can mate bK, no? (2020-10-19)
Keywords: Joke, Kindergarten Problem, Miniature, Promotion in the key (K), Joke promotion
Genre: Studies
FEN: 8/6Pp/7k/7p/7P/8/7p/7K
Reprints: Hartford Courant , p. 15, 6/2/1911
Input: James Malcom, 2020-10-07
Last update: James Malcom, 2020-10-17 more...
14 - P1380852
James Malcom
Andrew Buchanan

MatPlus.net Forum 12/10/2020
nach Josef Cumpe
Last two moves?
See P1234039 and P1375777
The joke here is that pawns may promote to enemy officers (but not to pawns or kings)
Henrik Juel: R: 1... 0-0-0+ 2.a7-a8=sT! (2020-10-12)
A.Buchanan: Maybe this is a moderate joke where we allow promotion to Bl officers, while son-of-P1375777 can be the extreme joke where promotion to any Bl unit is allowed (i.e. pawn & king too), including in the history of the game. What would Josef Cumpe think? :-) He and I are both dressed as clerics in out chesscomposers' blogspot pics: http://chesscomposers.blogspot.com/2012/08/august-16th.html. Perhaps he was a real one though? (2020-10-13)
Keywords: Last Moves?, Joke promotion (t), Rex solus, Type C, Castling in the retro play, Joke, Promotion in the retro play (t)
Genre: Retro
FEN: 2kr2K1/1p1p1npr/8/8/8/8/8/8
Input: A.Buchanan, 2020-10-12
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2020-10-14 more...
15 - P1380882
James Malcom
Andrew Buchanan

PDB Website 14/10/2020
nach Josef Cumpe
Last two moves?
See P1234039, P1375777 and P1380852.
The joke here is that pawns may promote to *any* unit (friend or enemy; officer, king or pawns).
Henrik Juel: R: 1... 0-0-0+ 2.a7-a8=sT
not 2.e7-e8=sK, because then sTa8 would have moved, and castling not allowed (2020-10-14)
A.Buchanan: Exactly, Henrik. Also: sB on 7th rank could retract to 8th rank, so we need sT instead (2020-10-14)
more ...
Keywords: Last Moves? (2), Type C, Castling in the retro play, Non-standard material (tt), Joke, Joke promotion (t), Promotion in the retro play (t)
Genre: Retro
FEN: 2kr3K/1r1r1qrR/7p/8/8/8/8/8
Input: A.Buchanan, 2020-10-14
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2020-10-14 more...
16 - P1380892
Courtnay Lemon
343 American Chess Magazine Volume 2, p. 284, 12/1898
1. bxc6ep+! Kc7 2. 0-0-0 Dxb4 3. a8=S#
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Solution text from the 2/1899 issue: "A clever rendering of this "triple idea." It will be seen that Black cannot play simply 2.R-Q sq on account of 3. Q x Q ch."
zum Autor heißt es im 'ACM': Courtenay Lemon, New York
James Malcom: I found this most excellent early Valladao while ago, but only today did I finally find it again. This is the second one that I've found, i.e. P1380523

Is this the second oldest known Valladao after the 1867 P1360420 found by Keym?

The mainline should be C+, with the "legitimate" ep key, but with many dualed sidelines. (2020-10-14)
Henrik Juel: Something seems missing, James
There is no mate 3... Kc8,Kxc6 (2020-10-14)
Henrik Juel: Adding wSe7 would help (2020-10-14)
James Malcom: Henrik, Mario-many thanks!-has now fixed the position. I had missed the wSe7 when entering! (2020-10-14)
Keywords: Joke (e.p.), En passant as key, Castling, under-promotion in mating move (S), Valladao Task
Genre: 3#
FEN: 1b6/Pk2N3/1q6/1Pp5/1Q6/4p1p1/2P5/R3K3
Input: James Malcom, 2020-10-14
Last update: Mario Richter, 2020-10-14 more...
17 - P1380896
Andrew Buchanan
MatPlus.net Forum 12/10/2020
(13+13) C+
PG in 6.5
1. b4 g5 2. b5 g4 3. b6 g3 4. bxa7 gxh2 5. axb8=sS! hxg1=wT! 6. Txh7 Txh7 7. Th1
play all play one stop play next play all
The joke here is that pawns may promote to foreign units.
Henrik Juel: The testers probably do not work here, but this seems unique
1.b4 g5 .. 4.bxa7 gxh2 5.axb8=sS hxg1=wT 6.Txh7 Txh7 7.Th1 (2020-10-14)
A.Buchanan: According to Joost De Heer, WinChloe has a category “promotions adverses”, and under this, the problem is C+. Looking now for a full Homebase without utilising promotion to enemy pawn, which makes it too easy (2020-10-15)
Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Joke, Joke promotion (sT), Homebase (w)
Genre: Retro
Computer test: C+ WinChloe
FEN: rnbqkbn1/1ppppp1r/8/8/8/8/P1PPPPP1/RNBQKB1R
Input: A.Buchanan, 2020-10-14
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2020-10-15 more...
18 - P1380941
Doug Brown
Chess Life and Review 8/1976
1. Tc7! Ke7 2. d8=sS#!
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Here's an illegitimate 2-mover for all you illegitimate problem lovers. Submitted by Doug Brown, Moorestown, NJ. Solution below.


(Incidentally, Doug, your mate position on 3 ranks does not need the King. Try again.)
more ...
Keywords: Joke, Joke promotion, Miniature, Rex solus (s)
Genre: 2#
FEN: 3k4/3P3N/N7/4K3/B7/8/8/2R5
Input: James Malcom, 2020-10-15
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2020-10-15 more...
19 - P1380947
Pittsburgh Gazette Times 19/3/1911
White to play and what?
1. g8=sS##?!
play all play one stop play next play all


A few weeks ago we publishd a problem by the late Russian master, Tchigorin, in which, owing to the wording of the rule at the time covering promotion, white played 1-P-Kt8 (black knight) and mate. Now one of the leading composers of this country (his name is withheld for his own good) sends us the following position. Try the same key move on this and note carefully the result. The effect cannot but bring a smile. Who was mated first?
Henrik Juel: 1.g8=sS is an illegal self-check (2020-10-15)
A.Buchanan: There’s a implicit notion of atomicity - a move somehow is indivisible. Otherwise one might argue that Bl is checked before the promotion part of the move etc. It’s interesting to peer over the edge once and see the impact of evaluating the game state before the move is finished. This is different from looking at a diagram and seeing that it’s illegal, and realising that a resolution is to think that one is mid-move (2020-10-16)
Mario Richter: Inspired by a discussion at chessgames.com (www.chessgames.com/player/sam_loyd.html?kpage=16) one could create a twin by adding a white rook on (e.g.) g1 ... (2020-10-16)
James Malcom: Thank you Mario for posting that Link! I was going to link it eventually, as that's where I found this wonderful twist on the, by then, already ancient and classic mate in one. (2020-10-16)
Keywords: Joke, Joke promotion
FEN: 2q4r/2p1KRPk/7p/7P/8/8/8/8
Input: James Malcom, 2020-10-15
Last update: James Malcom, 2020-10-15 more...
20 - P1381267
James Malcom
(1) Mat Plus 21/10/2020
1. a8=sS! Sb6 2. cxb6 cxb6 3. c7 b5 4. c8=S b4 5. Sd6 exd6 6. e7 d5 7. e8=S d4 8. Sf6 gxf6 9. g7 f5 10. g8=S f4 11. Sh6 Sg5 12. Sg4#
play all play one stop play next play all
more ...
Keywords: Joke, Joke promotion (s), konsekutive Umwandlungen 4 (sSSS), under-promotion in the key (s)
Genre: n#
FEN: 7R/P1p1p1p1/2P1P1P1/2P5/8/1B1P1ppn/4prqk/4Kbnr
Input: James Malcom, 2020-10-24
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2020-10-24 more...
21 - P1381271
I. I. Lyon
No. 9 American Chess Review Vol. 1, p. 27, 8/1886
1. exf6ep! droht 2. Sc6,Se6#
1. ... Sd6,gxf4 2. Se6#
1. ... Sc7,Sxf6,Sg7 2. Sc6#
play all play one stop play next play all
Henrik Juel: The ep key is unjustified (2020-10-24)
more ...
Keywords: En passant, En passant as key, Joke
Genre: 2#
FEN: 3kn3/8/1N6/4PppB/3N1B2/8/3K4/8
Input: James Malcom, 2020-10-24
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2020-10-25 more...
22 - P1381345
James Malcom
(36) MatPlus.net Forum 14/10/2020
(13+11) C+
BP in 9.5
1. f4 h5 2. f5 h4 3. f6 h3 4. fxe7 hxg2 5. exf8=B gxh1=T 6. Lg2 Ke7 7. Lxb7 Ke6 8. Lxa8 Se7 9. Lb7 Txf8 10. Lxc8
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James Malcom: The point of this PG was to make a true Belfort, after the lone bishop in P1379376 was pointed out to not be a true Belfort. (2020-10-28)
A.Buchanan: I think the notion of a Belfort piece is the foundation idea. Then the question of whether a composition is a Belfort is derived from that, and should include other criteria as well. The original tourney succeeded in launching this idea, but we are surely allowed to clean up the position definition. I will check in the Encyclopedia (2020-10-30)
A.Buchanan: Belfort is not in the Encyclopedia! (2020-10-30)
more ...
Keywords: Joke (Not!), Schnoebelen Theme (B), Dummy Pawn, Golden Age, Belfort (Lt), Prenix (t), Prentos Theme (B), Ceriani-Frolkin Theme (B)
Genre: Retro
Computer test: Jacobi v.0.7.5
FEN: 1nBq1r2/p1ppnpp1/4k3/8/8/8/PPPPP2P/RNBQK1Nr
Input: James Malcom, 2020-10-28
Last update: James Malcom, 2020-10-30 more...
23 - P1381497
James Malcom
chess.stackexchange.com 15/6/2020
(3+4) C+
1. 0-0#!
play all play one stop play next play all
A.Buchanan: Hi James, couple of nits about old Bosma:
(1) From the 1985 Laws: "Article 5. THE MOVES OF THE PIECES The King (a) Except when cast[l]ing, the king moves to any adjoining square that is not attacked by an opponent's piece." This is separate from Article 9. CHECK 9.1 "The king is In check when the square it occupies is attacked by one or two of the opponent's pieces; in this case the latter is or are said to be "checking the king.' 9.2 Check must be parried by the [move] immediately following." This point may have been an assumption in earlier compositions, as e.g. it prevents kings from being adjacent.
(2) And again from Article 5. "(f) Castling is prevented for the time being - (i) if the king's original square or the square which the king must cross over or that which it is to occupy is attacked by an opponent's piece," Does this prevent your 1.0-0?
What do you think? (2020-11-08)
James Malcom: Ah, why did I but never bother to look at the castling rules!

Well I see nothing against adjacent kings, and seeing about how the "loophole" was about was not explicitly stated couldn't be done, I see it as allowed, and thus what to watch out for in cooks.

The rule on castling says "piece," not pieces. So, quite simply, castling in, out (P1381498), and through (P1381499) check is allowed in my view. (2020-11-09)
James Malcom: Furthermore, if a king is "attacked," they are in check, plain and simple. So, since a triple check/ attack is not defined as a danger to the king, the king may go to any such square, including the acts of catling and adjacent kings.

Also, going by the law itself, and not the Bosma conditions, the king may be captured, but it does nothing and that side can never be checkmated, while Bosma Chess itself allows no king capture. But since the effect is the same, allowing for my jokes to be C+ by Winchloe if the program agrees. Maybe try out my castlings in it? (2020-11-09)
James Malcom: And indeed Andrew has tested my castling problems now-all are C+? (2020-11-14)
James Malcom: Typo-!, not ?. (2020-11-14)
more ...
Keywords: Joke, Bosma, Miniature, Castling as mating move
Genre: n#, Fairies
Computer test: C+ WinChloe 3.51
FEN: 8/8/8/8/8/7n/5Rrp/2k1K2R
Input: James Malcom, 2020-11-03
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2020-11-13 more...
24 - P1381499
James Malcom
chess.stackexchange.com 12/8/2020
(6+5) C+
1. 0-0+!
1. ... Shxf1 2. Dg4#
1. ... Sgxf1 2. Df2#
1. ... Lxf1 2. Tf2#
play all play one stop play next play all
A.Buchanan: Nice way to combine an orthodox theme with Bosma castling (2020-11-13)
James Malcom: Thanks, Andrew. Castling with check is the easiest way to achieve it of course, not to mention the flight taking. I'll try out a version without check, here soon. (2020-11-13)
Keywords: Joke, Bosma, Castling as key, Checking key, x pieces capture on one square, Flight taking
Genre: 2#
Computer test: C+ WinChloe 3.51
FEN: 8/8/8/5B2/5p1Q/5kn1/2NRb2n/4K2R
Input: James Malcom, 2020-11-03
Last update: James Malcom, 2020-11-13 more...
25 - P1381500
James Malcom
English Chess Forum (Website) 13/6/2020
(3+4) C+
1. Kc2#!
play all play one stop play next play all

Reprint: https://chess.stackexchange.com/a/29992/15543
James Malcom: The wSe1 prevents the orthodox cook of 1. ... Kxc2. (2020-11-14)
Keywords: Joke, Bosma, Miniature
Genre: n#
Computer test: C+ WinChloe 3.51
FEN: 8/8/8/8/8/3p4/3rp3/RK1kN3
Reprints: chess.stackexchange.com 13/6/2020
Input: James Malcom, 2020-11-03
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2020-11-13 more...
26 - P1381502
James Malcom
chess.stackexchange.com 13/6/2020
(6+1) C+
1. Se5#!
play all play one stop play next play all
A.Buchanan: Trivial verification, perhaps, but at least it confirms that WinChloe's understanding of the condition resembles James'. (2020-11-13)
Keywords: Joke, Bosma, Miniature, Flight taking, Rex solus (s)
Genre: n#
Computer test: C+ WinChloe 3.51
FEN: 8/7B/3B2NK/8/5k2/6P1/5Q2/8
Input: James Malcom, 2020-11-03
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2020-11-13 more...
27 - P1381700
A. H. Bobbins
154 American Chess Magazine Vol. 1, p. 443, 12/1897
=2 durch Schwarz

Black forces a draw in two moves
1. ... c1=wL!
2. Sb1 axb1=wL! Patt
2. Db1+ axb1=B! Patt
play all play one stop play next play all
James Malcom: I've added in the solution now. (2020-11-11)
Keywords: Joke, Joke promotion, under-promotion in the key, konsekutive Umwandlungen 2 (LL, Lb), Dummy Pawn
Genre: Fairies
FEN: 8/P7/8/5B2/8/K1NQ4/pPp5/k7
Input: James Malcom, 2020-11-10
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2020-11-12 more...
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