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1 - P1273184
Wilhelm Hagemann
Horizont 1947
1. b7xa8=S! d5-d4 2. Sa8-b6 d4-d3 3. a7-a8=D,L#
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t/entfernte Springerumwandlung
t/alle Umwandlungen auf demselben Feld;
Henrik Juel: C+ Popeye 4.61 (except for promotion mate dual) (2020-10-24)
Keywords: Promotion (konsekutiv SD/L), Promotion in the key, under-promotion, Promotion in the mating move, Tolerated dual promotion
Genre: 3#
FEN: bB6/PP6/8/3p4/8/8/5K1P/7k
Input: Erich Bartel, 2013-06-26
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2020-10-24 more...
2 - P1375440
Andrew Buchanan
17465v Die Schwalbe 291, p. 492, 06/2018
Rewan Demontay gewidmet
(3+4) C+
White Dummy f2
1. c1=DU Lxe7 2. d3 Kf1 3. d2 Ke2 4. d1=L Kd2 5. Lb3 Kxc1 6. La2 Lf6#
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Added 1 Dummy to P1359493, and changed the dedicatee. My luck with this little series continues to hold: the dedicatee's surname begins with a D!
James Malcom: Andrew, I just found this today-I thank you very much, but perhaps it holds no more, for my true name is known now! (2020-10-28)
Keywords: Miniature, Promotion in the key (du), Schnoebelen Theme (du), Prentos Theme (du), Ceriani-Frolkin Theme (du), Promotion (du,l), Bartel-Thema (du)
Pieces: i = Dummy (DU)
Genre: h#, Fairies
Computer test: Popeye 4.81
FEN: 8/4p3/5B2/8/3p4/8/2p2I2/k5K1
Input: A.Buchanan, 2020-05-03
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2020-10-29 more...
3 - P1380109
Theodor Steudel
1264 Rochade Europa 01/1996
1. c1=N Nc3 2. Nxg3 Kxg3 3. g1=N Kf4 4. Ne5 Kxe5 5. f1=N Kd6 6. Nc7 Kxc7=
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Anton Baumann: Korrektur: wSU=Nachtreiter (2020-11-18)
Keywords: Promotion in the key (fairy)
Pieces: su = Nightrider (N)
Genre: Fairies
FEN: k7/8/8/8/8/6P1/2p2ppK/6*2N1
Input: Marcin Banaszek, 2020-09-20
Last update: Marcin Banaszek, 2020-11-18 more...
4 - P1380121
Zalmen Kornin
Kibitzer's Cafe 29/7/2004
1. g8=D! Kc2 2. Sxc3 Kd3,Kb2 3. 0-0-0#,Da2#
1. ... axb1=D 2. Da2,Db3 Dxa1 3. Le3#
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"On the subject of a mate in 3 that i showed yesterday here [ P1380114], the duals pointed out kindly by were detected too by T. Krabbé and Joshua Green, and there in "Open Chess Diary" J. Green suggests adding a White Pawn in 'a3', so the Problem is correct, but no longer a miniature and not diverse enough from an earlier MacDowell & Green setting; so the Author (my Chess friend) presents a new "Belén-Theme"- Mate in 3 - Author: Z. Kornin "The Kibitzer's Café" 2004 , Original: White: Ke1 - Ra1 - Bd4 - Nb1 - Pg7, Black: Kc1 - Pa2 - Pc3 #3 (5+3); or in Forsyth: 8-6P1-16-3B4-2p5-p7-RNk1K3 #3"
See the later P1380122
Henrik Juel: A small hint, James:
.. 2. Sxc3 Kd3 3. 0-0-0#
2. ... Kb2 3. Da2#
will force the weird animation to show what you intend it to show (2020-09-21)
James Malcom: I know how to do that Henrik-it is but my intention to animate the thematic line only. (2020-09-21)
Keywords: Belen Theme, Promotion in the key, Castling as mating move
Genre: 3#
FEN: 8/6P1/8/8/3B4/2p5/p7/RNk1K3
Input: James Malcom, 2020-09-21
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2020-09-22 more...
5 - P1380122
Zalmen Kornin
Kibitzer's Cafe 5/8/2004
(9+5) C+
1. g8=D! d5 2. exd6ep Kc2 3. Sxc3 Kd3,Kb2 4. 0-0-0#,Dxa2#
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Final development of the earlier P1380121


"For those interested in Chess Problems: In Tim Krabbé's "Open Chess Diary" the investigation on an idea in Composition, the so called "Belén-Theme" goes on with more novelties; - i'm arriving from that chess-cyber-café... i found that Problemist, he asked me "do You know the Valladão-Theme?" - Yes, i knew that jargon: "The Problem is pronto" What? "Ready" He showed me and asked me to publish here (is related to the previous ones) Author: Z. Kornin; "The Kibitzer's Café" 2004, Original - White: Ke1, Ra1, Bd4, Nb1, Pb6, Pc5, Pe5, Pg4, Pg7 (9); Black: Kc1, Pa2, Pc3, Pc6, Pd7 (5) - Mate in 4 , or in Forsyth: 8-3p2P1-1Pp5-2P1P3-3B2P1-2p5-p7-RNk1K3 (9+5) #4 < the key introduces a threat against 'a2', 'b3' and 'c4' , there are two related thematical variations, following a scheme aAbB - bBaA in the second and third moves; the sideline defenses 2...axb1 or 2...Kb2 in the 1...d5 variation are not total stops from the initial threats; in the en-passant moment there's a choice too: 3.cxd6 ep? c5! and Black will not fall in zugzwang; so 3.exd6!! - this effects springs from a natural setting - the Pawn 'c6' is necessary to stop an eventual Qxd5... Pawns 'b6' and 'g4' prevents duals in thematical play, other features are similar to the Author's scheme from "The Kibitzer's Café" July, 29 - see above Page 566.> The last chapter from a Chess-Composition workshop on-line!!"

Konig and Turm: ""Noch im Jahr der Thema(*)-Entdeckung (*the Belén) gelang dem Brasilianer Kornin eine Darstellung mit dem Valladão-Task" Hanspeter Suwe (2007);" (quote taken from here-https://www.chessgames.com/perl/chessuser?uname=vonKrolock)

Tim Krabbe's minuscule mention in #253 in a small edit to the 7/28 P.S: "(NB: see pages 566 [P1380121 ] and 587 of that forum for the on-line development of a Valladao-Belén.)"

http://www.berlinthema.de/Auswahl_PH.pdf-"Das Belén-Thema verlangt den schwarzen Königsmarsch von c1 nach d3 gefolgt von der weißen langen Rochade – wie P.H. richtig anmerkt, sollte man besser von einem „Motiv“ sprechen. Kornins Stück verbindet dieses Motiv vermutlich erstmalig mit einem Valladao.
Auf mich wirkt ein Valladao mit Damenumwandlung allerdings immer „halb“, denn der „eigentliche“ Sonderzug ist doch eine Unterverwandlung? Eine solche würde auch einen selbstverständlichen Schlüssel verhindern."
James Malcom: This is the first Valladao-Belen: the Belen theme plus promotion and en passant. (2020-09-21)
Henrik Juel: Only the cases with Black defending by d7-d5 and Kc1-c2 in his first two moves lead to dual-free full-length variations (2020-09-21)
Keywords: Belen Theme, Valladao Task, En passant, Promotion in the key, Castling as mating move
Genre: n#
FEN: 8/3p2P1/1Pp5/2P1P3/3B2P1/2p5/p7/RNk1K3
Reprints: H48a Der Reiz des Ungewöhnlichen
König & Turm 22, p. 14, 5/2007
(15) MatPlus.net Forum 8/9/2019
Input: James Malcom, 2020-09-21
Last update: James Malcom, 2020-10-27 more...
6 - P1380746
C. P. Carpenter
The Pittsburgh Gazette 25/12/1910
White to play and win
1. g8=D! Gewinn!-See the attached story.
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Reprint: 1911: https://www.newspapers.com/clip/25254295/the-royal-game-of-chess/ "Christmas Problems"

1910: http://www.chessarch.com/excavations/item.php?=a=1&source=Pittsburgh_Gazette_Times&date=1910.12.25

"The First Christmas Problem"

By C.P. Carpenter

The majority of chess players, familiar as they are with that form of chess joke called "Christmas Problems," may not know until they have read the following beautiful legend just how and when the custom originated nor, for that matter, may they be certain of it then, so cursed is this romantic age with belief.
In the Palace of the World, under the pagan line for December 25, was held the great feast of Brumalia. Upon an occasion of this festival, in the reign of the great King Eshamat, that monarch, his guests and vezers were assembled in the readiness for the festival and whilling away the interval at chess when a regged fakir approached the palace gates and craved admission from Elkanoj Bey, the sentry. That official surveyed him grimly.
"Have you got a card?" he asked with elaborate politness.
"I am a poor man, your excellency," replied the fak. "and the only card I ever had was the two-spot out of my pinochle deck,, but I am fearfully keen for my lunch and no harm, but only good. shall come to you see if you allow me to enter. I swear it as Allah sees it."
"Better beat it while Allah still see you." replied the sentry wearily. "He won't be able to see you if you stick around here long."
"I have traveled far, Effendi," replied the fakir, "and am weary. If the king phrase. I may be able to show him a wonderful play at chess. If he cannot solve it perhaps he may reward his slave with a seat at the banquet."
"In that case." said the sentry,"enter, and be your own usher. If you can get away with it, peace o you: and if noy peace to you."
Now the king fancied himself as a solver. and the fakir was well recieved when he had made known his mission.
"Know. Oh. King," said the fakir. as he set up the pieces, "that this position occured in a game between the great King Mahmud and my friend. Ali Bi, who had the white pieces, and it ran into this puzzling position with white to play, andd though it appears impossbile, netherless my friend Ali Bi did may and win this with one move. Now if his gracious majesty csn tell me how. I forfeit my lucnh: if not, I kick in at the festal board. Is it a bet?"
"You are somewhat shy on collateral,"" replied the kin: "netherless we will at least call it a bargain."


White to play and win

Long time did King Eshamat pore over the position without avail, while his company shifted about uneasily and the head cook cursed softly, but fluently in his mother tongue. Finally the king arose with a grunt of disgust.
"I pass," he said. 'What's the answer?"
'It was not in the bargain, your majesty," replied the fakir, "thay I should tell. only that your majesty should fail to find."
"Netherless?" said the king, "since we cannot solve, the problem it is our privlege to look in the appendix for answer. Selim, bring an ax."
"Pardon your majesty," cried the faki. "I will explain the mystery."
"I should be charmed," said the king drily. "What was the movr?"
"My friend Ali BI," replied the fakir, "pushed the pawm."
"But what did he call for?"
"He called for a drink but it didn't come," said the fakir, with a smile which didn't fit his face. "I hope it doesn't happen again."
"Quick fool." cried the kinh. "What piece did you call fo>"
"A queen, your majesty"
"But that woulld give stalemate."
"Even so, your majesty, "but it is also won. My frien, Ali Bi, is a weaker player and King Mahmad graciously offered odds of a draw."
King Eshamat sank into a chair and gezed at the faker. He shook himself, unable to rouse. He shook himslef again, but failed to fill. The fakir moistened his lips and glanced at the feast.
'You bargain, your majesty," he suggested timidly.
"True." said he king. "Salim, find this fakir a place at the feast."
"Very good, yout majesty," said the servant, "but the places are full. Where would it please your majesty I should put him/"
'Ah," said the king grimly, "just crack his skull and put him with the rest of the nuts."
James Malcom: In my view, since this has a story about a majesty, and give the board state, that 1. g8=K! would be a far better solution as I thought before I stumbled upon the source today. Sygyzy declares this a draw, even if -bPh2. =Q/R is stale, and =B/S+ is too weak and Black can fortress. =P does nothing of course, so king promotion is just right here it was for Goldilocks. (2020-10-17)
A.Buchanan: Thanks for typing this in, James, although I don’t really understand the joke. And if 1. g8=K how does Wh dislodge bK from g6/h6? (2020-10-18)
Henrik Juel: The joke seems to be that Black has agreed to accept stalemate as a win for White
If we disregard this, I agree that White cannot win with an extra king; it is easy to dislodge black king from g6/h6, but later White cannot dislodge him from g8/h8 (2020-10-18)
A.Buchanan: If the convention is dynasty, then promotion to a king turns both wKs into erlkings until one is captured. I think these can mate bK, no? (2020-10-19)
Keywords: Joke, Kindergarten Problem, Miniature, Promotion in the key (K), Joke promotion
Genre: Studies
FEN: 8/6Pp/7k/7p/7P/8/7p/7K
Reprints: Hartford Courant , p. 15, 6/2/1911
Input: James Malcom, 2020-10-07
Last update: James Malcom, 2020-10-17 more...
7 - P1381532
Mirko Degenkolbe
1660 Springaren 151, p. 143, 09/2019
(3+3) C+
1. d8=D! Zugzwang
1. ... b6 2. Dd5#
1. ... La7 2. Sc7#
1. ... Lc7 2. Kxc7#
1. ... Ld6,..,Lh2 2. Da5#
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[MD 1443]
Jeder der sich auf dem Brett befindlichen weißen Steine setzt mindestens einmal Matt.

SCHRECKE: vergleiche: P1319028 (2020-11-04)
Keywords: Promotion in the key (D), anticipated (P1319028)
Genre: 2#
Computer test: Popeye WINDOWS98-32Bit-Version 3.77 (8192KB)
FEN: kbK5/1p1P4/8/1N6/8/8/8/8
Input: Felber, Volker, 2020-11-04
Last update: Felber, Volker, 2020-11-17 more...
8 - P1381543
Ivan Soroka
7651 Phénix 268 12/2016
(5+2) C+
1. g7-g8=D+! Kf7-f6 2. Dg8-g4 Kf6-f7 3. Kh7-h8 Kf7-f6 4. Df4-g5+ Kf6-f7 5. Dg5-h5+ Kf7-f6 6. d7-d8=S Sf5-e3,S~ 7. Dg4-f4+ Se3-f5 8. Df4-d6+ Sf5xd6 9. Dh5-e5+ Kf6-g6 10. Te8-g8+ Kg6-h6 11. Sd8-f7+ Sd6xf7#
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Anton Baumann: C+ Gustav 4.1d (2020-11-11)
Keywords: Promotion in the key, Checking key, under-promotion (S), konsekutive Umwandlungen 2 (DS)
Genre: s#
FEN: 4R3/3P1kPK/8/5n2/5Q2/8/8/8
Input: Marcin Banaszek, 2020-11-04
Last update: Marcin Banaszek, 2020-11-12 more...
9 - P1381568
Udo Degener
Mirko Degenkolbe

2355 The Macedonian Problemist 62, p. 20, 05-08/2020
(2+12) C+
1) 1. ... e7-e8=D 2. Td4 Dg8 3. Le4 Kf7-e8#
2) 1. ... Kf7-e8 2. Ke6 Kd8 3. Kf7 e7-e8=D#
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Reziprokwechsel-Meeraner, Themafiguren: wB/wD & wK
[MD 1471]
Meerane-Thema, Fünfte Form (Sauberer Reziprokwechsel-Meeraner): In einem Hilfsmatt mit zwei Lösungen führt Weiß den Schlüssel aus. Der Mattzug von Lösung I. wird zum Schlüsselzug von Lösung II. Der Schlüssel aus Lösung I. wird zum Mattzug in Lösung II.
Themafiguren: weißer König und weißer Bauer.
Hier findet die Thematik auf einem einzigen Themafeld statt (e8).
Zweimal Mustermatt.
Dieses Mal gibt es die Besonderheit, dass Weiß mit einer Bauernumwandlung arbeitet.
SCHRECKE: kein Mustermatt in 2) (2020-11-05)
Keywords: Minimal (B), Meerane-Thema, Promotion (D), Promotion in the key (in a), Promotion in the mating move (in b), Meerane-Thema, Battery creation (in a), Batteriematt diagonal (in a), Königsbatterie (in a), discovered checkmate (in a)
Genre: h#
Computer test: Popeye WINDOWS98-32Bit-Version 3.77 (8192KB)
FEN: 8/r2pPKpb/2pb1p2/2pkp2n/7r/8/8/8
Input: Felber, Volker, 2020-11-05
Last update: Felber, Volker, 2020-11-06 more...
10 - P1381570
Grigory Popov

1. a8=D! Da5 2. Dxa5 Txa5 3. b8=D Ta1 4. Da8+ Txa8 5. e8=D Ta1 6. Da8+ Txa8 7. La3 Txa3 8. g8=D Ta1 9. Da8+ Txa8 10. c8=D Ta1 11. Dc6+ e4 12. Da4 Txa4 13. h8=D Tb4 14. Sc3 Tb2 15. d8=D Te2 16. Sxe2 dxe2+ 17. Kxe2 Kg2 18. Da1 Sf4+ 19. Kd2 f1=S+ 20. Kc3 Se2+ 21. Kxc4 Le3 22. f8=D Seg3 23. Dfa3 Sd2+ 24. Kb5 Lf4 25. Dd1 Sdf1 26. Da2,Db2+ Sd2 27. Daxd2,D8xd2+ Lxd2 28. D8xd2,D2xd2+ Kh3 29. Df2 e3 30. Dxe3 f4 31. Df2 Sf1 32. Ddf3+ Sg3 33. D2g2#
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Reprint: http://superproblem.ru/archive/probl/N/Popov-33-2018.gif
James Malcom: This may very well be impossible to C+ with Gustav, but there is an alternative for manual/partial testing by using chess.com's free analysis. When you enter in the position, it completely agrees with the first full 14 moves. It ponders on 15. between which pawn to queen. If you manually enter 15. d8=Q, then the following engine evaluation generally agrees with the solution, and eventually is will find the mate on some point. (2020-11-06)
A.Buchanan: It’s not a matter of style whether you have space after comma in the solution. It’s incorrect syntax for the editor (2020-11-06)
Keywords: Konsekutive Umwandlungen 9 (DDDDDDDsD), Promotion in the key, under-promotion (s)
Genre: n#
FEN: 5B2/PPPPPPPP/q7/3rppp1/2p4p/3p3n/5p2/3N1Kbk
Input: James Malcom, 2020-11-06
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2020-11-07 more...
11 - P1381788
James Malcom
Facebook 7/27/2020
(10+6) C+
1. g8=D! droht 2. Df7#
1. ... Tf5 2. Dd8#
1. ... Le8 2. Dxe8#
1. ... Sh8 2. Df8#
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more ...
Keywords: Promotion in the key (D), Flight taking
Genre: 2#
Computer test: Popeye 4.61
FEN: 1rR5/2P1k1PP/2b1P1nR/3r2P1/2B1N3/3pK3/8/8
Input: James Malcom, 2020-11-12
Last update: James Malcom, 2020-11-13 more...
12 - P1381790
James Malcom
Facebook 24/09/2020
(7+5) C+
1. h8=D+! e5 2. dxe6ep+ Kxd3 3. 0-0-0#
2. ... Kxb4 3. Db2#
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more ...
Keywords: Valladao Task, Promotion in the key (D), En passant, Castling as mating move, Checking key, Flight giving key
Genre: 3#
Computer test: popeye 4.85
FEN: 8/4p2P/3p4/2pP4/1R6/2kBp3/8/R3K1N1
Input: James Malcom, 2020-11-12
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2020-11-13 more...
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