Die Schwalbe

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1 - P0000775
Ferad Kakabadze
1422 Die Schwalbe 30 12/1974
(11+5) C+
Welches waren die letzten 2 Einzelzüge?
1. e8=D! f5 2. exf6ep e5 3. Dxe5#
R: 1. b2-b1=L 0-0
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Henrik Juel: The forward play is C+ Popeye 4.61
1.e8=D thr. 2.Dc8 thr. 3.Dc3#
1... f5 2.exf6ep e5 3.Dxe5#
(1... f6 does not prevent the threat, so 2.exf6 is not considered dualistic) (2020-09-26)
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Keywords: Last Moves?, Valladao Task, En passant, Promotion, Castling in the retro play, Obtrusive material
Genre: Retro, 3#
FEN: 8/3pPp2/3Pp3/4P3/1N3P2/B7/P1P2P2/kb3RK1
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: James Malcom, 2020-09-27 more...
2 - P0000793
Nikita M. Plaksin
Andrey Lobusov

1558 Die Schwalbe 33 06/1975
4. Preis
(13+5) C+
#3 (AP)
1. cxd6ep+! Kxg3 2. 0-0! (proving ep ok)
2. ... Kg4 3. g8=D,T#
2. ... a1=D,L 3. Dg5#

R: 1. d7-d5 Tc6xh6 (unless R: Kg1-g2 Th~*h1)
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VL: A posteriori (AP)!
2.g8Q(R)+/Rg1+? Kf4 3.Qg5#??
Retro: d7-d5, Rc6xh6+ (unless Kg1-g2, Rh~-h1+).
One of the best AP-type problems. (2015-08-20)
James Malcom: The first Valladao AP? (2020-10-03)
A.Buchanan: Hi James, there are 6 earlier ones in PDB, not counting those which are not marked as Valladao (could quite a few, as basic AP is 2/3 of Valladao). Type k='a p' and not g='fairies' and k='valladao', and set sort order by date. The ur-problem is P0003417. (2020-10-03)
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Keywords: Castling (wk), a posteriori (AP), En passant as key, Promotion (ws), Valladao Task (w w w/s)
Genre: Retro, 3#
Computer test: Popeye v4.85 + minor retro/AP thought
FEN: B7/p5PP/p6R/Q1Pp4/8/PP1P2P1/p3P1k1/4K2R
Reprints: (B) Die Schwalbe 48 12/1976
feenschach 40 11-12/1977
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2020-10-03 more...
3 - P0003417
John Frederick Keeble
2206 The Problemist FCS 16, p. 173, 02/1936
(4+5) C+
Weiß zieht an
1. ... exd6ep 2. 0-0-0 dxe7+ 3. Tf8 exf8=T,D#
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H.Juel: If Black may castle, last move was not made by Ke8 or Ta8, but by Pd5, so it was d7-d5, and hence White may capture en passant. 1... exd6ep 2.0-0-0 dxe7 3.Tf8 exf8=DT# where the castling (belatedly) justifies the e.p. capture.
Not 1... exd6ep 2.Kd8? dxe7 3.Kc8 e8=DT
C+ by Popeye 4.61, except for the promotion mate dual, which was considered acceptable in the old days.
Nachdruck in "Die Schwalbe" 33 mit Diagrammfehler (wBe6 fehlt).
VL: The first AP-problem! Thematic illegal try:
1. ... exd6ep 2.Kd8? dxe7+ 3.Kc8 e8=T(D)#?? (2007-02-11)
Mario Richter: 46 years between this Problem and P1366663 - perhaps this was not Keeble's first AP-Problem?! (2019-08-29)
Ladislav Packa: Of course I know the idea a posteriori. But let my heresy be forgiven - I do not consider it logical. In this particular example, I consider e.p. for proof that black can castling - not vice versa. (2019-08-29)
A.Buchanan: Hi Ladislav. If ep is ok, then Black just moved a pawn with double hop. That doesn't stop Black having e.g. moved bK right at the beginning of the game. So you can't prove that Black definitely can castle this way. What am I missing here? (2019-08-29)
Ladislav Packa: Your statement is perfectly fine. However, the AP condition is usually interpreted as castling is evidence of e.p. However, the second party does not have to do castling - the possibility has already been demonstrated by the existence of e.p. (2019-08-29)
A.Buchanan: Hi again Ladislav. Please try again, I am obviously being very stupid. I don't understand how 1. exd6ep is any more indicative that Black can castle than 1. K~. (2019-08-30)
Ladislav Packa: Hi, Andre!
e.p. is just a result of the d7-d5 move. Black can castle only if it was the last move of black (even without wPe5). Therefore, it does not have the logic of joining the e.p. with castling. For example, ask yourself if black is allowed to castle in the position without wPe5. (2019-08-30)
A.Buchanan: Hi Ladislav, I still don't understand you. Heresies must be explained extraordinarily carefully :-)
Following the conventions:
(1) Black retains castling rights because we cannot prove that bK or bR ever moved.
(2) If e.p. is now played, then we still require the same castling convention, as bK or bR might have moved earlier in the game.
(3) So the actual execution of the e.p. does not prove anything new about castling.
(4) Hence it is incorrect to say "e.p. [is] proof that black can [castle]".
Which step do you disagree with?
Yes by the convention, Black could castle in the position without wPe5. What does that prove? (2020-10-03)
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Keywords: a posteriori (AP), En passant as key, Castling (sg), Promotion (T), Valladao Task
Genre: h#, Retro
Computer test: Popeye 4.61
FEN: r3k3/2p1p3/2P1P3/2KpP3/8/8/8/8
Reprints: V. Die Schwalbe 33, p. 323, 06/1975
2001 CHM Themes 12/2000
3 Die Schwalbe 215, p. 240, 10/2005
A1 Problemkiste 169 02/2007
14 Die Schwalbe 241, p. 374, 02/2010
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
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4 - P0003423
Matti Arvo Myllyniemi
3975 Stella Polaris 01/1971
h#3 (AP)
1. ... g6 2. 0-0 gxf7 3. Kh8 Le5#
1. ... cxb6ep 2. 0-0-0 bxa7 3. Td7 a8=D#
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Henrik Juel: Analysis
If Black can castle both ways, last move must have been b7-b5
C+ Popeye 4.61 (2020-10-25)
Keywords: a posteriori (AP), En passant as key, Castling (sksg), Promotion (D), Valladao Task
Genre: h#, Retro
FEN: r3k2r/p4p1p/8/KpP2PP1/4PBpP/5pp1/6p1/8
Reprints: Nordisches Turnier 1970-1971
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: James Malcom, 2020-10-25 more...
5 - P0008793
Andrej N. Kornilow
Shakhmaty v SSSR 1978
1. Ta1-d1+? (Completing the castling!)
a) 1. ... Td4 2. Txd4#
0) 1. xc5ep+? (Completing en passant!)
b) 1. ... Tb5 2. Txb5#
0) 1. xe8=S+? (Completing the promotion!)
c) 1. ... e6 2. Sf6#

0) 1. Sxe7+! Lxe7 2. f8=B# (Omitting the promotion!)
play all play one stop play next play all
Henrik Juel: Completing the key isn't legal, 1.'Rd1'/'-bPc5'/'e8S'+, but omitting the promotion in the mating move is, 1.Sxe7+ Bxe7 2.'f8'#. Excellent joke. (2003-09-19)
James Malcom: A very witty joke Valladao! (2020-09-24)
A.Buchanan: Really like this joke (2020-09-25)
Henrik Juel: To see the illegality of completing 1.fxe8=S+?, note the captures:
Black captured fxDe, so [Pg7,h7] were captured on their files, while the other six missing black men were captured by white pawns
The illegality of completing 1.0-0-0,bxc6ep? is rather obvious (2020-09-26)
James Malcom: And for those you don't find it obvious: If the White king hasn't moved, then where did wRa5, and wBb8 if bPb5 has just done a double-step, come from? Neither can be promoted pieces, as White still has all eight pawns. Trying to finish castling and en passant therefore both produce illegal positions and thus cannot be the solution. (2020-09-26)
Henrik Juel: Continuing beating the dead horse...
How does the white player actually perform an entire move?
1.0-0-0+: Ke1-c1 and Ta1-d1
1.bxc6ep+: Pb5-c6 and remove sPc5
1.fxe8=S+: remove sYe8 and Pf7-e8 and replace wPe8 with wSe8 (three fractional actions)
2.f8=Y#: Pf7-f8 and replace wPf8 with wYf8
So a marginally better stipulation might be: 'White to move mates in less than 2 moves' (2020-09-26)
A.Buchanan: I've tried to set up some intermediate diagrams to allow us to show the animation, but the pieces seem to move even for words which are not moves (and marked italic/red). It's quite baffling. It's almost as if someone with privilege has gone in the background and assigned moves to those dead words. If so, that's extremely unhelpful. Gerd was quite active on this site for a month in German lockdown, for which I'm grateful, but one key task is still waiting: to empower the editors by documenting exactly how the animation decides what to do based on the diagram(s) and stipulation. (2020-09-27)
A.Buchanan: The PDB stipulation field should be non-text form to drive the animation. Where the stipulation is non-standard, there should be a Unicode representation of the original, and translations into German, English and French. But cannot overwrite any original non-standard stipulation, in my opinion, as it is part of the composer's work. (2020-09-27)
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Keywords: En passant, Halber Zug, Castling, Promotion, Valladao Task (half!), Joke, Dummy Pawn
Genre: Retro, n#
FEN: 1B1N1bB1/p2ppP2/2P5/R1pk1N2/1r2p3/1P2P1P1/4PP1P/R1K5
Reprints: (III) Quartz 4 1997
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1997-06-21
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2020-09-27 more...
6 - P1186997
Erich Bartel
5552 Problemkiste (138) 12/2001
(4+4) C+
h=3 (AP)
1. ... hxg6ep 2. 0-0 g7 3. Kh7 gxf8=D=
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Wenn ep erlaubt sein soll, dann muß g7-g5 der letzte Zug gewesen sein. Dies wiederum bedingt, daß sK+sT noch nicht gezogen haben. Nur unter dieser Betrachtungsweise (AP) ist das Ding korrekt.\eb
Diese AP-Idee ist ja nun hinlänglich bekannt, aber man muß auch darauf kommen, sie für den Valladao zu nutzen. Finde ich prima (MN).
ep, und dann kann Schwarz auch noch rochieren (HM).
Wenn g7-g5 letzter Zug war, darf Schwarz noch rochieren (KF)...
AP (= a posteriori) argumentiert andersrum: wenn Schwarz noch soll rochieren dürfen, muß g7-g5 der letzte schwarze Zug gewesen sein (\eb)
Unlösbar! Der Autor meint wohl, man könnte mit 1. ... hxg6ep 2. 0-0 loslegen; hier irrt Goethe. Die beiden Konventionen -ep-Schlag nur, wenn Zulässigkeit retroanalytisch beweisbar ist; Rochade stets, außer wenn Unzulässigkeit retroanalytisch beweisbar ist- sind zwar passend verknüpft. Was aber den Vorrang hat, zeigt die zeitlich Reihenfolge der Anwendung. Zuerst kommt der ep-Schlag, und diesbezüglich gilt: Zulässigkeit nicht beweisbar, also nicht erlaubt (LZ).
Lieber Herr Zagler, vielen Dank für Ihren Kommentar, aber ich denke nicht, daß dazu eine Stellungnahme erforderlich ist, denn dazu ist schon viel diskutiert und geschrieben worden, ichverweise nur auf G. Lauingers "a posteriori Zwischenbilanz" in feenschach (80) X-XI 1986, S.414 ff, wo die AP-Regelung allgemein wie folgt definiert wurde:
"Eine einleitende Handlung (z.B. ein ep-Schlag oder ein unkonventionell Beginn), deren Zulässigkeit nach gültigen Konventionen zunächst nicht nachgewiesen werden kann, wird im Verlauf der Lösung(en) nachträglich durch einen oder mehrere Sonderzüge legalisiert. Legalisieren bedeutet dabei, daß _nur_mit_der_Ausführung_ des Sonderzuges (der Sonderzüge) dessen (deren) Zulässigkeit nachgewiesen wird und gleichzeitig (i.a. aus retroanalytischen Gründen) damit auch nachträglich die Zulässigkeit der einleitenden Handlung."
Ob Sie nun mit dieser Regelung einverstanden sind hat für o.a. Aufgabe wenig Bedeutung, denn nach o.a. "AP"-Definition ist sie lösbar. Wenn Sie "AP" so nicht akzeptieren und einer anderen Retro-Philosophie zugetan sind, steht das auf einem anderen Blatt. Da müßten Sie sich dann mit den entsprechenden Experten auseinandersetzen. (\eb)
Da nur die Rochade den sK nach h7 zu manövrieren vermag, fällt manchem sicher gar nicht erst auf, daß allein sie (neben dem Autor, natürlich!) für die Legalisierung des e.p.-Schlages verantwortlich ist (MR).
Valladao-Task. Bei dieser Ausgangsstellung mit Ansage (HL).
A.Buchanan: Removing the superfluous sBf7 adds various non-castling lines which the AP convention duly protects us from, and makes the composition a sound miniature (2020-10-03)
Keywords: Valladao Task, Castling, En passant, Promotion, a posteriori (AP)
Genre: Retro
Computer test: %Popeye FreeBSD-4.3-RELEASE-32Bit-Version 3.73
FEN: 4k2r/5p2/5P1P/5KpP/8/8/8/8
Reprints: Springaren (116) 03/2010
K3966 Problemkiste (199/200) 03/2012
Input: Erich Bartel, 2011-02-09
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2014-09-05 more...
7 - P1276697
Peter Heyl
15592 Schach 11/2004
(12+9) C+
1. gxh8=D? bxc4!
1. Td1? bxc4!

1. 0-0-0! droht 2. Td6+ exd6 3. exd6#
1. ... f5 2. exf6ep Kf7 3. Txe7#
1. ... bxc4 2. Lf1 Ta4 3. d8=S#
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Henrik Juel: C+ Popeye 4.61 (2020-09-25)
Keywords: Valladao Task
Genre: 3#
FEN: r5br/3PppP1/2P1k1p1/1pP1P1P1/2P1R1P1/p6B/8/R3K3
Input: Felber, Volker, 2013-08-22
Last update: James Malcom, 2020-09-25 more...
8 - P1287896
Jelisej K. Lebedkin
68 Die Schwalbe 29, p. 213, 10/1974
Preis, 154. TT., Abt. 3
Richter: H. P. Suwe
(12+7) cooked
* 1. ... Sa3-c2+ 2. Db2xc2 droht 3. Dc2-g6#, 3. Dc2-f5#
2. ... f3-f2+ 3. Dc2xf2#
1. Th2-h4? droht 2. Th4-f4#
1. ... e7-e5!
1. 0-0-0! droht 2. Db2-b6 ... 3. Db6-g6,Db6-e6#, 2. Td1-f1 ... 3. Tf1xf3#
1. ... e7-e5 2. dxe6ep+ Kf7xe6 3. d7-d8=S#
1. ... g7-g5 2. hxg6ep+ Kf7xg6 3. h7-h8=S#
1. ... g7-g6 2. h5xg6+ Kf7xg6 3. h7-h8=S#
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Cook: NL:
1.Db2-b6 ! Drohung: 2.Db6-g6 # 2.Db6-e6 #
1...Sa3-c2 + 2.Ke1-d2 Drohung: 3.Db6-g6 # 3.Db6-e6 #
Von der NL mal abgesehen, dieser Wust von Nebenvarianten und "Verführungen" machen das Stück für meinen Geschmack schon fast zum Ärgernis. \eb 16.1.2001

'Die Schwalbe', Heft 33 (Juni 1975), S. 341: "Nr. 68/Lebedkin hat nach 1. ... e5 den Dual 2. Dxe5 und zu dem die NL 1. Dd6! [gemeint war wohl 1. Db6!].
Die Auszeichnungen der inkorrekten Aufgaben entfallen. Ein Nachrücken nachfolgender Preisprobleme an die Stelle entfallener Aufgaben findet nicht statt."
milan: m.j.frelih::sBb7 nach a7 1.0-0-0! (2014-09-14)
James Malcom: Is it possible that the bP on b7 was a misprint and it should have been on a7? Because it seems very bizarre that such an obvious cook could slip into an awarded problem. (2020-09-26)
Keywords: Valladao Task, En passant, Castling
Genre: 3#
FEN: 2N2b2/1p1PpkpP/8/3P3P/8/n3BpN1/1Q4PR/R3K3
Input: Erich Bartel, 2014-09-10
Last update: Mario Richter, 2020-09-26 more...
9 - P1287950
Hilmar Ebert
33 Stern 08/08/1991
(6+3) C+
1. 0-0-0! d7-d5 2. cxd6ep e4-e3 3. c7-c8=D,T# (UW-Dual)
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Henrik Juel: C+ Popeye 4.61 (apart from the promotion mate dual) (2020-09-26)
Keywords: Valladao Task, En passant, Castling as key, Tolerated dual promotion
Genre: 3#
Computer test: Popeye 4.61
FEN: 8/2Pp4/8/N1P5/4p3/P1k5/8/R3K3
Input: Erich Bartel, 2014-09-12
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2020-09-26 more...
10 - P1288715
Bernd Schwarzkopf
A12 Problemkiste (169) 02/2007
(4+3) C+
1. dxc6ep 0-0-0 2. b7+ Kb8 3. c7+ Kxb7 4. cxd8=D Ka7 5. Dc8=
3. ... Ka7 4. cxd8=S Kb8 5. Ka6,Kb6=
play all play one stop play next play all
A.Buchanan: Guessing so-called "AP-Priorität" is a variant of AP whereby Black is forced to legitimize (or at least forbidden to rule out the possibility of legitimizing) the earlier e.p. (2020-10-03)
Keywords: En passant, a posteriori (AP), Castling, En passant as key, Promotion, Valladao Task
Genre: Retro, Fairies
Computer test: Popeye v4.85 + minor retro/AP thinking
FEN: r3k3/8/1P1P4/1KpP4/8/8/8/8
Input: Erich Bartel, 2014-09-29
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2020-10-03 more...
11 - P1380122
Zalmen Kornin
Kibitzer's Cafe 5/8/2004
(9+5) C+
1. g8=D! d5 2. exd6ep Kc2 3. Sxc3 Kd3,Kb2 4. 0-0-0#,Dxa2#
play all play one stop play next play all
Final development of the earlier P1380121


"For those interested in Chess Problems: In Tim Krabbé's "Open Chess Diary" the investigation on an idea in Composition, the so called "Belén-Theme" goes on with more novelties; - i'm arriving from that chess-cyber-café... i found that Problemist, he asked me "do You know the Valladão-Theme?" - Yes, i knew that jargon: "The Problem is pronto" What? "Ready" He showed me and asked me to publish here (is related to the previous ones) Author: Z. Kornin; "The Kibitzer's Café" 2004, Original - White: Ke1, Ra1, Bd4, Nb1, Pb6, Pc5, Pe5, Pg4, Pg7 (9); Black: Kc1, Pa2, Pc3, Pc6, Pd7 (5) - Mate in 4 , or in Forsyth: 8-3p2P1-1Pp5-2P1P3-3B2P1-2p5-p7-RNk1K3 (9+5) #4 < the key introduces a threat against 'a2', 'b3' and 'c4' , there are two related thematical variations, following a scheme aAbB - bBaA in the second and third moves; the sideline defenses 2...axb1 or 2...Kb2 in the 1...d5 variation are not total stops from the initial threats; in the en-passant moment there's a choice too: 3.cxd6 ep? c5! and Black will not fall in zugzwang; so 3.exd6!! - this effects springs from a natural setting - the Pawn 'c6' is necessary to stop an eventual Qxd5... Pawns 'b6' and 'g4' prevents duals in thematical play, other features are similar to the Author's scheme from "The Kibitzer's Café" July, 29 - see above Page 566.> The last chapter from a Chess-Composition workshop on-line!!"

Konig and Turm: ""Noch im Jahr der Thema(*)-Entdeckung (*the Belén) gelang dem Brasilianer Kornin eine Darstellung mit dem Valladão-Task" Hanspeter Suwe (2007);" (quote taken from here-https://www.chessgames.com/perl/chessuser?uname=vonKrolock)

Tim Krabbe's minuscule mention in #253 in a small edit to the 7/28 P.S: "(NB: see pages 566 [P1380121 ] and 587 of that forum for the on-line development of a Valladao-Belén.)"

http://www.berlinthema.de/Auswahl_PH.pdf-"Das Belén-Thema verlangt den schwarzen Königsmarsch von c1 nach d3 gefolgt von der weißen langen Rochade – wie P.H. richtig anmerkt, sollte man besser von einem „Motiv“ sprechen. Kornins Stück verbindet dieses Motiv vermutlich erstmalig mit einem Valladao.
Auf mich wirkt ein Valladao mit Damenumwandlung allerdings immer „halb“, denn der „eigentliche“ Sonderzug ist doch eine Unterverwandlung? Eine solche würde auch einen selbstverständlichen Schlüssel verhindern."
James Malcom: This is the first Valladao-Belen: the Belen theme plus promotion and en passant. (2020-09-21)
Henrik Juel: Only the cases with Black defending by d7-d5 and Kc1-c2 in his first two moves lead to dual-free full-length variations (2020-09-21)
Keywords: Belen Theme, Valladao Task, En passant, Promotion in the key, Castling as mating move
Genre: n#
FEN: 8/3p2P1/1Pp5/2P1P3/3B2P1/2p5/p7/RNk1K3
Reprints: H48a Der Reiz des Ungewöhnlichen
König & Turm 22, p. 14, 5/2007
(15) MatPlus.net Forum 8/9/2019
Input: James Malcom, 2020-09-21
Last update: James Malcom, 2020-10-27 more...
12 - P1380128
James Malcom
(34) MatPlus.net Forum 18/9/2019
(12+7) C+
1. Sbc3!+ Kc2 2. cxd8=S b5 3. cxb6ep Txe6+ 4. Sxe6 Kd3 5. 0-0-0#
play all play one stop play next play all

http://www.berlinthema.de/Auswahl_PH.pdf-"Wenn man eine Unterverwandlung haben will, ist die Springerumwandlung in der Regel am einfachsten zu erzeugen, wegen der unterschiedlichen Gangart des Springers. Die (H48b) mag als Erstdarstellung ihre Berechtigung haben, doch daß Schwarz statt b7-b5 auch b7-b6 spielen kann, entwertet m.E. den e.p.-Schlag weitgehend. Zudem wirkt angesichts des ungedeckten Satzschachs das erste Zugpaar künstlich aufgesetzt."
James Malcom: This is the first Valladao-Belen with an underpromotion. However, it is damaged by the common "short" ep and a dualistic move order. (2020-09-21)
Keywords: Belen Theme, Valladao Task, Checking key, under-promotion (S), En passant, Castling as mating move
Genre: n#
FEN: 3b4/1pPPr1p1/4P1P1/p1P5/N1p5/P7/P4P2/RNk1K3
Reprints: H48b Der Reiz des Ungewöhnlichen
Input: James Malcom, 2020-09-21
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2020-09-22 more...
13 - P1380143
Peter Hoffmann
H48c Der Reiz des Ungewöhnlichen 9/2019
(14+9) C+
1. Sxc3+! Kc2 2. b8=T! f5 3. gxf6ep Lb5 4. Txb5 Kd3 5. 0-0-0#
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See the improved P1380148

http://www.berlinthema.de/Auswahl_PH.pdf-"In der einschlägigen Diskussion im „MatPlus Forum“ schälte sich heraus, daß Darstellungen mit Turm- oder Läuferumwandlung noch nicht existier(t)en, und dies rief P.H. auf den Plan, der ja ausdrücklich unerforschtes Terrain sucht.
In seinem Stück ist die Unterverwandlung in einen Turm im zweiten Zug logisch begründet – was auch hier das erste Zugpaar aufgesetzt wirken läßt. Mir scheint, daß das Belén-Motiv eher eine hinderliche Vorgabe ist ... 51
(Die Zweckreinheit der schwarzen Reihenfolge-Auswahl, welche die Damenumwandlung
widerlegt, soll hier nicht näher untersucht wurden. Unseres Erachtens ist sie zweckrein, falls man bereit ist, den Austausch der Möglichkeit 5. L:e4# durch die Möglichkeit 5. 0-0-0# als bloße Kompensation zu sehen.)"


Post #1-"A wonderfull surprise! PH presented today a brand new Valladao-Belen, its already published in Erik Zierke's online book in PDF on Hoffmann's works:


page 181, with full solution and comments. In page 180 are also presented, and commented, the known examples of Valladao-Belen (Just two so far, one of them evolved online recently here in MP):


After a promotion to Queen, and a promotion to Knight, now we have a promotion to Rook.

****** Peter, thanks for Your interest in the Valladão-Belén!! :"

Post 7-"In his excellent # 5, Peter Hoffmann introduces important novelties in the VB field: The promotion move act in three different levels of significance (control of b3, of b5 avoiding to affect d3, and - not least- create a threat of mate in two in e4, allowing a consistent en passant part in real play) : 2.b8 = R is the most impressive single movement in the whole VB's history!

He refers to the Belén as a "motif". In the old Rebnora forum discussions Frank Richter alluded to an "ornamental effect". For Erik Zierke, the Belén condition arrive to become an obstacle ('Hindernis') for the more satisfactory expression in the Valladão field (in the same book we find others of Peter Hoffmann's creations in this field)."
James Malcom: The first Valladao-Belen with a rook promotion. (2020-09-22)
more ...
Keywords: Belen Theme, Valladao Task, Capture key, Checking key, under-promotion (T), En passant, Castling as mating move
Genre: n#
FEN: B3b3/1P3pPQ/4p3/3pP1P1/3Pn3/BPp2p2/pP3P2/RNk1K3
Reprints: (1) MatPlus.net Forum 30/9/2019
Input: James Malcom, 2020-09-22
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2020-09-22 more...
14 - P1380144
James Malcom
Zalmen Kornin

chessproblem.net 10/8/2019
(12+9) C+
1. Sc3+! Kc2 2. h8=L! e5 3. fxe6ep cxd4 4. Lxd4 Kd3 5. 0-0-0#
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"Yes, a Valladao-Belen with a Bishop promotion, and the first to ever appear before the public !"

http://www.berlinthema.de/Auswahl_PH.pdf-"P.H.s (H48c) löste eine verstärkte Suche nach einer Darstellung mit der nun einzig noch feh- lenden Läuferumwandlung aus, und formell ist die (H48e) die Erstdarstellung. Allerdings sehen wir hier dieselbe gravierende thematische Schwäche wie in der (H48b), daß der Doppelschritt vor dem e.p.-Schlag nicht exklusiv ist und Schwarz ebenso den Einzelschritt spielen könnte – wodurch es zum gleichen Spiel kommt nur ohne den thematisch unabdingba- ren e.p.-Schlag."

http://matplus.net/start.php?px=1600576227&app=forum&act=posts&fid=xshown&tid=2367-"****...and the solution now is complete. Yes, You knew already, I'm sure: "habemus episcopus" - after Q, N and R, a promotion to Bishop in a published Valladao-Belen!"
James Malcom: The first Valladao-Belen with a bishop promotion. (2020-09-22)
Keywords: Belen Theme, Valladao Task, Checking key, under-promotion (L), En passant, Castling as mating move
Genre: n#
FEN: 8/4p2P/3p4/pPpp1P2/B1pP1P2/Br3p2/1P3P2/RNk1K3
Reprints: H48e Der Reiz des Ungewöhnlichen
(1) MatPlus.net Forum Moremovers 10/8/2019
Input: James Malcom, 2020-09-22
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2020-09-22 more...
15 - P1380148
James Malcom
Peter Hoffmann

H48d Der Reiz des Ungewöhnlichen 9/2020
JM nach PH
(15+7) C+
1. Sxc3+! Kc2 2. b8=T! d5 3. cxd6ep Dxb5,Dc6 4. Txb5,Lxc6 Kd3 5. 0-0-0#
3. exd6ep? Dxe6+!
3. Lxd5? Dd8!
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See P1380143

http://www.berlinthema.de/Auswahl_PH.pdf-"James Malcom weist darauf hin, daß ohne die schwarze Logik in der Widerlegung der Damenumwandlung man eine eindeutige Zugreihenfolge in der Lösungsphase erhalten kann. Danke für das Interesse an unserer Schrift!"
James Malcom: Some months back, I managed to improve Hoffmann's P1380143. But has only been published recently alongside it, and ironically in the same month. The point here is that there is but a single solution. It turned out to be scarcely possible, requiring every White man but the queen. (2020-09-22)
Keywords: Belen Theme, Valladao Task, Capture key, Checking key, under-promotion (T), En passant, Castling as mating move
Genre: n#
FEN: B1N1q3/1P1p4/4P1p1/1RP1P1P1/8/BPp2p2/pP3P2/RNk1K3
Input: James Malcom, 2020-09-22
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2020-09-22 more...
16 - P1380368
James Malcom
MatPlus.net Forum 22/9/2020
Gewidmet Zalmen Kornin & Peter Hoffmann
(14+9) C+
1. Sc3+! Kc2 2. exd4 hxg1=D+,T+ 3. Txg1 Lxh5 4. g4 fxg3ep 5. Txg3 Lg4 6. Txg4 Kd3 7. 0-0-0#
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http://www.berlinthema.de/Auswahl_PH.pdf-"J.M. arbeitete weiter am Valladao-Belén und konnte ihn schließlich gemischtfarbig zeigen! Den „Umwandlungsdual“ halten wir für irrelevant, da ohne Pattmotiv die Turmumwandlung kein eigenständiger Zug ist. Und wir anerkennen durchaus die Pionierleistung! Andererseits ist ein ungedecktes Satzmatt eine sehr häßliche Konstruktionserleichterung."
more ...
Keywords: Belen Theme, Valladao Task, Checking key, En passant, Promotion, under-promotion (t), Castling as mating move
Genre: n#
Computer test: Popeye 4.61
FEN: 8/5B2/6P1/3P3Q/2pq1pb1/Bp2Pp2/pP3PPp/RNk1K1NR
Reprints: H48j Der Reiz des Ungewöhnlichen 9/2020
Input: James Malcom, 2020-09-27
Last update: James Malcom, 2020-10-28 more...
17 - P1380523
Nels H. Nelson
760 Los Angeles Times , p. 30, 28/3/1937
"April Fool Joke"
1. gxh6ep+! Kxf7 2. 0-0xg1! Sf6 3. e8=sS#!
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We have heretofore published many of Nelson's fine problems and should like to show any readers the more humorous side of his talent. This winter our distinguished friend is spending his vacation in Los Angles. It is with his kind permission that we are publishing this story and problem.

Nels Nelson, born in Denmark in 1871, emigrated to the United States when 12 years of age. He learned the moves of chess in Denmark and began solving and composing problems in 1894. He was chess editor of the Minneapolis State Chess Asccostion, 1911-1912, president of the Minnesota State Chess Asccostion, 19229-1930, and lives at Hopkins, Minn., a suburb of Minneapolis.


A certain celebrated chess master, who we will designate as Mr. "X," while on in the provinces happended into a tavern which was the mecca of the village chess players. Mr. "X," very fond of practical jokes, concieved a plan of sprining on one of the unsuspecting natives. Professing ignorance of the game, the champion of the club offered to teach Mr. "X" its intricacies. After showing Mr. "X' all of the moves with the exception of pawn promotion, pawn takes pawn, etc., and castling, the champion said the following: ""I have purposely ommited three of the manuvers in chess, which to the beginner are somewhat difficult to grasp. They are pawn promotion-when a pawn reaches the eigth rank it ceases to be a pawn but may but it may be converted to any piece on the board and assumes its function at once. It it thus theortically possible to have as many as nine queens on the board at once, and so on down the line." The champion then went to explain the castling on the king and queen side and emphasised the importance of moving the king first. The act of pawn takes pawn "en passant" was then throughly explained and the actual game started with the champio givng odds of queen to Mr. "X," who proved to be a very apt pupil! Mr. "X" lost the first game in short order-walking boldy into a mating net. In the second game he gave the champion quite the battle and won the approbation of that was worthy. In the third game, the champion managed to trap Mr. "X's" queen but had to give up two pieces for it and saw that he had a lost game but continued on in the hope that his expierenced opponent would make some mistake. When the game has reached the postion in the diagram the champion was dumbfounded to hear Mr. "X" announce mate in three moves. "Impossible!" exclaimed the champion. "You should win, of course, but mate in three cannt be done." "Well, if you have interpreted the move and rules correctly, I am certain I see a mate in three," said Mr. "X." "Of course I have interpreted the rules correctly, exclaimed the now irate champion: and I will lay you a wager of dinner for the members of the club that you fail to mate in three moves." "Done!" cried Mr. "X." By this time nearly ever member in the clubwas watching the game with interest. Now, who won this wager? It will be shown in the solution April 11."


"SOLUTION TO PROBLEM 760 by N. Nelson: "April Fool Joke."

White: K. on K1 R. on Q7, and KR1: Kt. on KB7 and KB8: B, on QB5: P. on K7, KKt5, and KKt2, Black: K. on KKt2: R. on KKt1: Kt. on K1: B. on KKt8: P. on KR4. (Wh. 9: BL. 5.)

Many members of the club were very fine players and felt their champion would win. Curiously, most of them were pulling for mr. "X," as the champion was somewhat of a braggard and if he won they felt they wouls be hearing about it for a long time. They were, therfore, keenly alert when Mr. "X" started to proceed the game. "My first move is pawn takes en passant," said the smiling Mr. "x." "Of course, I anticipated that move," replied the champion, "and I shall meet it with king takes knight." Oh well then I shall make for my second move, castle: taking the bishop," continued Mr. "X." "This move is according to your definition of castling, perfectly legitimate, as the king moves first, and the bishop being on the knight squar, certainly is subject to capture." "Well," replied the champion, "I must say your interpretation is far fetched, but I will grant you even this point as I fail to see how you mate on the next move: you evidently overlook the fact that when you promote the pawn the king will be able to capture it. Of course, I am forced to interpose my knight and it is pinned, but the king will still be able to take care of that promoted pawn. " Well," smiled Mr. "X," "I shall, however, mate you by pawn to king eight, discovering check, as I shall claim a black knight for the promoted pawn, which, according to your interpretation of pawn promotion, is perfectly legitimate. You stated I might choose any piece on the board and, of course, as the black knight is the only piece that will mate, I naturally selected it."
Exit champion.

We are publishing the best solution sent in my Ladderite L. A. Post, incidentally only two others solved this April Fool Problem.

Problem 760 to complete the tale that Mr. Nelson started to what I believe to be the logical solution according to the rules given by the local champion.
1. White: Pawn takes pawn "en passant" check.
The local champion then captured the white knight reposing on his "bishop two."
1. Black: king takes knight.
"Now," continued Mr. "X" "I understand to quote you, the king moves firstl in castling."
"That is correct," agreed the champion.
Thereupon Mr. "X" executed the move in the prescribed manner by first moving his king to his king knight square and removing the champion's bishop and then setting his rook down on his king bishop square calling check.
The champion was nonplussed, for in stating the rules for "castling" he had failed to forsee a circumstance of this kind. He was forced to admit that, according to his own statement, such a move was possible But seeing in spite of this that it was still impossible to checkmate on the next move, he conceded the point and interposed his knight.
2. Black: Knight to king bishop three.
"Did you not say," resumed Mr. "X," "that in 'pawn promotion' you could reclaim to any piece on the board?"
"That is correct," conceded the champion, "but since you insist on taking me literally I might add that there is no "queen' on the board you may claim in one."
"In that case," stated Mr. "X," "I will be equally generous and present you with a 'knight.'"Whereupon Mr. "X" removed the pawn at king seven and placed a black 'knight' at king eight discovring checkmate to the champion's "king."
"Such a thing is impossbile !" cried the outraged champion.
"Not at all," replied Mr. "X," "for according to your statement that "upon reaching the eight rank a pawn be converted to any piece on the board and assumes its function at once.'"
To this the other members agreed. So the champion held a dinner in honor of Mr. "X," the most apt pupil he had ever taught.

Resepctfully yours,

L.A. Post
Seaman, First Class, U.S. Navy,
U.S..S Texas, San Pedro, Cal."
Henrik Juel: Some help is needed here, James
At least for me (2020-10-01)
A.Buchanan: Hi Henrik I am guessing it’s a cheatyface Valladao:
1. gxh6ep+ Kxf7 2. 0-0+ Sf6 3. f8=sS#
No proof for the ep, castling with capture and promotion to black officer (2020-10-02)
James Malcom: Bingo Andrew! (2020-10-02)
Henrik Juel: Even though I ought to stand by my fellow danish author:
This is a most crude 'joke' problem, especially the 'castling' with capture (2020-10-02)
A.Buchanan: It's kind of a running gag: three silly jokettes which do combine relatively harmoniously (2020-10-02)
A.Buchanan: 1. ... Kf6 allows a short mate, robbing White of the Valladao. 4nNbn/3RP1kN/8/6Pp/8/8/8/4K1bR is the best I can find, fixing the problem, and with less material (2020-10-02)
A.Buchanan: I was hoping that someone would spot that I have shifted a unit to h7 - i.e. the e.p. is even more Foolish :-) I claim it "improves" the problem because currently the e.p. *might* be legal :-) If this is too crude for some, then 4nNr1/3RP1k1/6N1/4P1Pp/8/8/8/4K1bR works. Note you need sTg8 to prevent 2. Sh8#, but wSg6 is blocking g-file, so wBg2 is still free to find other duties on e5. (2020-10-03)
James Malcom: Excellent improvements, Andrew! (2020-10-06)
A.Buchanan: Thanks James: do you think the one with Sh7 is excessively silly? (2020-10-06)
James Malcom: Yes, 'd say a bit too silly. (2020-10-16)
more ...
Keywords: Joke, Valladao Task, Joke promotion (s), En passant as key, Castling, Checking key, under-promotion (s)
Genre: 3#
FEN: 4nNr1/3RPNk1/8/2B3Pp/8/8/6P1/4K1bR
Reprints: Los Angeles Times , p. 13, 11/4/1937
Input: James Malcom, 2020-10-01
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2020-10-16 more...
18 - P1380892
Courtnay Lemon
343 American Chess Magazine Volume 2, p. 284, 12/1898
1. bxc6ep+! Kc7 2. 0-0-0 Dxb4 3. a8=S#
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Solution text from the 2/1899 issue: "A clever rendering of this "triple idea." It will be seen that Black cannot play simply 2.R-Q sq on account of 3. Q x Q ch."
zum Autor heißt es im 'ACM': Courtenay Lemon, New York
James Malcom: I found this most excellent early Valladao while ago, but only today did I finally find it again. This is the second one that I've found, i.e. P1380523

Is this the second oldest known Valladao after the 1867 P1360420 found by Keym?

The mainline should be C+, with the "legitimate" ep key, but with many dualed sidelines. (2020-10-14)
Henrik Juel: Something seems missing, James
There is no mate 3... Kc8,Kxc6 (2020-10-14)
Henrik Juel: Adding wSe7 would help (2020-10-14)
James Malcom: Henrik, Mario-many thanks!-has now fixed the position. I had missed the wSe7 when entering! (2020-10-14)
Keywords: Joke (e.p.), En passant as key, Castling, under-promotion in mating move (S), Valladao Task
Genre: 3#
FEN: 1b6/Pk2N3/1q6/1Pp5/1Q6/4p1p1/2P5/R3K3
Input: James Malcom, 2020-10-14
Last update: Mario Richter, 2020-10-14 more...
19 - P1381642
Milomir Babic
8650 Phénix 301-302 11-12/2019
1. d3-d4+! f7-f5 2. g5xf6ep+ Tg4-g6 3. 0-0+ Lf4-c1 4. Kg1-h1 h5-h4 5. Lg3-h2 h4-h3 6. f6-f7 b5-b4 7. f7-f8=L h6-h5 8. Lf8-d6 h5-h4 9. Lh2-g1 h3-h2 10. Ld6xh2 h4-h3 11. Tf2-g2 h3xg2#
play all play one stop play next play all
SCHRECKE: Nach 4. ... b4 geht 5.Lh2 oder 5.f7 (2020-11-09)
Keywords: Checking key, En passant, Castling, under-promotion (L), Valladao Task, Pawn mate
Genre: s#
FEN: 8/5p1B/7p/1p4Pp/5br1/1N1P2B1/5R2/1k2K2R
Input: Marcin Banaszek, 2020-11-09
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2020-11-09 more...
20 - P1381790
James Malcom
Facebook 24/09/2020
(7+5) C+
1. h8=D+! e5 2. dxe6ep+ Kxd3 3. 0-0-0#
2. ... Kxb4 3. Db2#
play all play one stop play next play all
more ...
Keywords: Valladao Task, Promotion in the key (D), En passant, Castling as mating move, Checking key, Flight giving key
Genre: 3#
Computer test: popeye 4.85
FEN: 8/4p2P/3p4/2pP4/1R6/2kBp3/8/R3K1N1
Input: James Malcom, 2020-11-12
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2020-11-13 more...
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