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James Malcom
SuperProblem (Website) 05/11/2020
1. 0-0! droht 2. Tf8#
1. ... 0-0-0 2. Txb6+ Kc7 3. Tb7+ Kc8 4. Txb5+ Kc7 5. Tb7+ Kc8 6. Txb4+ Kc7 7. Tb7+ Kc8 8. Txb3+ Kc7 9. Tb7+ Kc8 10. Txb2+ Kc7 11. Tb7+ Kc8 12. Txb1+ Kc7 13. Tb7+ Kc8 14. Txd1 Tg8+ 15. Sg5 Kd8 16. Tdb1 Ta1 17. Txa1 exd5 18. Tb8+ Kc7 19. Txg8 dxe4 20. Tb1 d5 21. Tc8+ Kd6 22. Tb6#
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Longest problem with both sides castling

Henrik Juel: Popeye 4.61 with 'opt thr 1' found no flaws (2020-11-04)
James Malcom: I've managed a small extension, so do not computer test this yet. (2020-11-04)
Olaf Jenkner: Semi-finished problems should not be published. (2020-11-05)
James Malcom: I agree-this was a severe lapse in my judgement. (2020-11-05)
A.Buchanan: I think you’re being too hard on yourself, James. It’s hard to know when a problem is “finished”. Unless a position is just thrown together for a discussion, I tend to wait another sleep cycle to see if any more ideas pop up. But it’s not the end of the world if an electronically published problem gets improved a couple of days after the first post (2020-11-05)
James Malcom: I had had the previous position for a while now, but only yesterday did I see how to improve it. And the new position has now been entered. There are definite duals in the sidelines, but there is a forward, main, defense plan for Black. (2020-11-05)
Keywords: Castling as key, Zwickmühle, Move Length Record
Genre: n#
FEN: r3k3/1R1pp2N/Bq1pp3/1n1P4/Pp1PP2P/rp2P3/1b6/1b1nK2R
Input: James Malcom, 2020-11-04
Last update: James Malcom, 2020-11-05 more...
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