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1 - P1181239
Thomas R. Dawson
The Chess Amateur 12/1923
Asymmetrie-Turnier 1924
1. Preis
(15+10) C+
1. gxf6ep+ Kxe8 2. Dg6+ hxg6 3. cxd8=S ... 4. f7+ Ke7 5. Sxg6+ Sxg6#
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Schwarz hat zuletzt f7-f5 gezogen, da d7-d5 an der retrograden Einsperrung des Lc8 scheitert.
Henrik Juel: C+ Popeye 4.61 after analysis
White is missing one man, so last move was not a pawn capture
White pawns captured all six missing black men, so last move was not d7-d5
Obviously last move was not made by Ke7 or Sd8f8, so last move was f7-f5 legitimizing the ep key (2020-11-02)
Keywords: Asymmetrical solution, En passant as key, Symmetrical position, Promotion (S)
Genre: Retro, s#
Computer test: C+ Popeye 4.61 after analysis
FEN: 1NRnBnRN/1pP1k1Pp/4p3/2PpKpP1/2pPQPp1/8/2P3P1/8
Reprints: 87 Asymmetry 1927
199 Mat Plus Review 01-06/2010
H2 ASymmetrie 2013
Input: Frank Müller, 2010-11-25
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2020-11-03 more...
2 - P1271907
Torsten Linss
F50 ASymmetrie 2013
(5+2) C+
1. Lb3+ Kc6 2. Dd5+ Kb6 3. Le3+ Ka6 4. Dc6+ Ka5 5. Dc5+ Ka6 6. Lc4+ Kb7 7. Da7+ Kc6 8. Td6+ Kxd6 9. De7+ Kc6+ 10. Dd7+ Dxd7#
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SCHRECKE: C+, Gustav 4.1d, Brute Force (2020-10-12)
Keywords: Aristocrat, Asymmetrical solution, Oneliner, Symmetrical position
Genre: s#
FEN: 3K4/8/3k4/3B4/3Q4/3R4/3B4/3q4
Input: Frank Müller, 2013-06-05
Last update: Marcin Banaszek, 2020-10-12 more...
3 - P1381534
Mirko Degenkolbe
7571 Kudesnik 223, p. 15, 15/03/2020
Memorial Miroslav Havel-140
(4+1) C+
b) alles 1 Feld nach links
a) 1. Ld4? Kd6!
1. Lf4! Zugzwang
1. ... Kf6 2. Lf5 Kg7 3. Lg5 Kh8 4. Lf6#

b) 1. Le4? Ke6!
1. Lc4! Zugzwang
1. ... Kc6 2. Lc5 Kb7 3. Lb5 Ka8 4. Lc6#
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[MD 1455]
Symmetrische Stellungen mit asymmetrischen Lösungen.
Henrik Juel: The twin brings nothing new (2020-11-04)
A.Buchanan: Does the twin relate to the tourney theme maybe? (2020-11-05)
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Keywords: Aristocrat, Oneliner, Chameleonecho, Symmetrical position, Asymmetrical solution, Rex solus (s), Model mate
Genre: n#
Computer test: Popeye WINDOWS98-32Bit-Version 3.77 (8192KB)
FEN: 4K3/4N3/4k3/8/4B3/4B3/8/8
Input: Felber, Volker, 2020-11-04
Last update: Felber, Volker, 2020-11-11 more...
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