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1 - P1022375
Joseph C. J. Wainwright
Wanderer (Milwaukee) 1886
1. Preis
1. Lc5? (dr. e3#) Txb8!
1. Lf8? (dr. e3#) Txf8!

1. Lb4! (dr. e3#) exf3 2. e4#
1. Lb4! Txf3 2. exf3#
1. Lb4! Txh2 2. Da3#
1. Lb4! c3 2. Df7#
1. Lb4! d3 2. exd3#
1. Lb4! e3 2. Da8#
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[AZW]: Der wS spielt nicht mit, er hat nur den Zweck, den sT zu verstellen.

BS Problemid: 7231
Authors: Wainwright, Joseph CJ
Sources: Skakbladet 1905
111 Selected Problems by Famous Composers 1945
Years: 1886
1.Preis The Wanderer (Milwaukee) 1886; Einsendungsmotto: "Tit for Tat"

[BCM, 1886, S.70]: "The monthly column is an important feature in a new Illustrated Magazine entitled "The Wanderer," published at Milwaukee, price $1 a year, and devoted to the interests of the travelling public. The Chess contents are so thoroughly good in every way that we recommend our readers to write for a copy ..."

[ACM]: "A marked specialty of his work, which will serve as a faithful index of his style, is his constant predilection to elaborate the powers and functions of the pawn. This peculiarity, conjoined with an active use of the white king, can be traced through many of his finest problems. We will venture to illustrate with a few examples, commencing with the first prize winner of the Wanderer tourney, Milwaukee, 1887."
SCHRECKE: C+, popeye 4.85 (2020-10-07)
Keywords: Brian Stephenson Collection (7231)
Genre: 2#
FEN: 1N5r/7b/8/8/2ppp2p/B4Q1r/k3PR1P/1RK5
Reprints: 6551 Deutsche Schachzeitung 03/1888
American Chess Monthly , p. 165, 09/1892
Skakbladet 8 26/02/1905
147 Arbeiter-Zeitung (Wien) 11/07/1927
Input: Brian Stephenson, 2004-08-12
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2 - P1203379
Joseph C. J. Wainwright
Detroit Free Press 1884
(9+5) C+
1. Se8 Lg7 2. Sg4+ Le5 3. Sd6 exd6 4. Se3 d5 5. Sc4+ dxc4 6. b4+ cxb3ep#
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Keywords: En passant
Genre: s#
Computer test: SCHRECKE: C+, Gustav 4.1d, Brute Force (2020-10-27)
FEN: 5b2/2N1p3/2Q1P2p/k3N2R/8/P7/KP1n4/4B3
Reprints: American Chess Monthly , p. 166, 09/1892
Pittsburgh Gazette Times 26/03/1911
Input: Frank Müller, 2011-09-25
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