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Karl Alfred Stahl
Buffalo Sunday Times 04/04/1886
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BS Problemid: 7208
Authors: Stahl, Karl
Sources: Simple Two-move Themes 1924
Years: 1886
Vorweggenommen durch P1022354 , s.a. den Artikel im BCM 1886, S.441ff. Dort heißt es: "In justice to Mr. Rowland it must be noted that he undoubtedly can claim priority of publication over Herr Stahl. The Jamaica Gleaner assumed the contrary—in a recent article—upon the strength of a reprint of Mr. Rowland's version by Professor Brownson, but we have personally seen the Dublin Evening Mail of March 4th, and can vouch for the previous appearance of the position there and then.
It is somewhat curious that two of these, no doubt unconscious, reproductions should have occurred to problems crowned or highly commended in the self-same tourney. The Rowland—Stahl case is not quite so startling as the others, although the resemblance is striking enough and, if known in time, might probably have affected the award. ... the slight deviation on move one in these bi-move problems would rather tend to confirm the notion of deliberate piracy, were they the work of authors unknown to fame. We of course entertain no such suspicion and although the name of K. Stahl is almost unknown to us, yet we plainly see the probability that this composer's work was at Buffalo prior to March 4th, as also the utter unlikelihood he could have seen the Dublin Evening Mail of that date. The foregoing expose will undoubtedly not be without its utility, if composers will read aright the two-fold lesson it conveys. Viz :—First. Do not continue to harp upon old themes in a thin disguise. Let "the Bristol" rest in peace, and disturb no more the bones of "the poor Indian" or such used up subjects as the six move flight square two-mover. Second. Only false prophets tell you the future of the problem art points to positions with few pieces and scant variety. On the contrary, that way lies piracy and consequent mortification of spirit!"

Laut "simple Two-move Themes" war das Publikationsdatum allerdings "Jan., 1886"
Henrik Juel: C+ Popeye 4.61
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Keywords: Brian Stephenson Collection (7208)
Genre: 2#
FEN: 8/1R6/5P2/3n4/2N3PK/2P2k1N/Q1P2p2/5B2
Reprints: British Chess Magazine , p. 441, 11/1886
95 Sammlung leichterer Schachaufgaben III 1887
193 La Ilustracion artistica , p. 322, 14/05/1900
91 Schweizerische Schachzeitung , p. 44, 12/1901
150 I Uppnami 25/04/1902
61A Simple Two-move Themes 1924
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