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1 - P0545718
Edgar D. Holladay
1190 Jugendschach 42 06/1984
(3+1) C+
b) h#3 genau!, 0.1...
a) 1. ... Lf3 2. Ka8 Kc7#
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klären Lösung
Rosalie Fay: b) 1 ... Le5+ 2 Ka7 Lf3 3 Ka8 Kb6#
C+: Popeye Windows-64Bit v4.69
Keywords: Echo mates (reflected a1h8); Oneliner (does it count if the line is not a rank or file?) (2020-09-24)
A.Buchanan: Hah well spotted Rosie - I guess the line only has to be straight :-) (2020-09-25)
Keywords: Oneliner, Echo
Genre: h#
FEN: 1k6/8/2K5/8/3B4/8/4B3/8
Reprints: 909 Catalogue h# (CHM) avec 6 pieces 1995
Input: hpr, 1998-05-01
Last update: James Malcom, 2020-09-26 more...
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