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Kostas Prentos
Andriy Frolkin

Messigny 05/2004
1. ehrende Erwähnung Retro-Kompositionsturnier
(13+15) C+
BP in 21,5
1. a4 h5 2. a5 h4 3. a6 h3 4. axb7 hxg2 5. Ta6 Th3 6. Tf6 Ta3 7. h4 c5 8. Th3 c4 9. Td3 cxd3 10. c4 gxf6 11. c5 Lh6 12. c6 Le3 13. c7 Sc6 14. b8=T Sh6 15. Tb4 Tb8 16. Tc4 Tbb3 17. Sc3 Lb6 18. e3 Lb7 19. Sge2 Da8 20. c8=T Ld8 21. Tb8 Sd4 22. Tcc8
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paul: 16.Tc4 T8b3 (2020-11-03)
A.Buchanan: A nice trick for the parser which builds the animation would be to spot when a move is ambiguous. So here 16. ... Tb3 needed to be fixed to be 16. ... Tbb3. In this case, the animation guessed wrong and later reported that 19. ... Da8 was impossible. However in some cases, the error might not be picked up by a later illegal move, yet it could still be important. I will request that Gerd have a look at fixing this ancient issue. (2020-11-04)
A.Buchanan: 22.Tc8 was also imprecise, but did not cause a later illegality so there was no clue. Comparing the diagram at the end of animation to the start diagram would not necessarily be sufficient even for proof games, and completely inadequate for forward stipulations. It’s the parser can best nail these issues on a per-move basis. I’ve emailed Gerd (2020-11-05)
A.Buchanan: Gerd has fixed this: announcement 2020-11-7: The solution engine now no longer plays moves with ambiguous move notation in order to ensure that unambiguous solutions are added.
Thanks so much, Gerd! (2020-11-08)
Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Interchange (TT), Phoenix (TT)
Genre: Retro
Computer test: Natch 2.2 Copyright (C) 1997,98,99,2001,2002,2003 Pascal Wassong
FEN: qRRbk3/pb1ppp2/5p1n/8/3n3P/rrNpP3/1P1PNPp1/2BQKB2
Input: Gerd Wilts, 2004-06-03
Last update: Gerd Wilts, 2020-11-07 more...
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