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Samuel Loyd
E50 The New York Clipper , p. 390, 28/03/1857
(7+10) cooked
1. Dxa3+! Kc2 2. Dxb3+ Txb3 3. Se3+ fxe3 4. Lxd3+ Kxd3 5. 0-0-0#
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Cook: Dual
2. Ta2+ Tb2 3. Txb2+ Kc1 4. Ta2+,Th2+,Tg2+,Tf2+,Te2+,Td2 Kb1 5. Sxc3#
"Trick 'o the trade.".
James Malcom: This is the oldest known problem that features the Belen theme. (2020-09-20)
Keywords: Capture key, Castling as mating move (wl), Checking key, Sacrifice of white pieces, Belen Theme
Genre: n#
FEN: 3b4/8/7r/6q1/R4p2/nnpb4/Q7/RrkNKBN1
Reprints: (5) MatPlus.net Forum 3/10/2019
Input: Felber, Volker, 2020-03-08
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