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Charles Henry Wheeler
418 The Pittsburgh Gazette Times 14/01/1912
(7+9) cooked
1. Dc2! Dxa7 2. Lxc5+ Dxc5#
1. ... b1=S 2. Dd2+ Sbxd2#
1. ... b1=T 2. Dc1+ Txc1#
1. ... b1=L 2. Dd3+ Lxd3#
1. ... b1=D 2. Dc1+, 2. Dd3+
1. ... Lb1 2. Dd3+ Lxd3#
1. ... Da5 2. Lxc5+ Dxc5#
1. ... cxb4 2. Dc3+ bxc3#
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Cook: Dual 1. ... b1=D 2. Dc1+, 2. Dd3+
Henrik Juel: Slightly damaged by the dual after 1... b1=D (2020-11-17)
Keywords: Allumwandlung, unechte schwarze
Genre: s#
FEN: 8/P7/2p1R3/2p5/qBK1n1B1/rp2k2N/bp6/1Q6
Input: Frank Müller, 2010-12-10
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2 - P1203379
Joseph C. J. Wainwright
Detroit Free Press 1884
(9+5) C+
1. Se8 Lg7 2. Sg4+ Le5 3. Sd6 exd6 4. Se3 d5 5. Sc4+ dxc4 6. b4+ cxb3ep#
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Keywords: En passant
Genre: s#
Computer test: SCHRECKE: C+, Gustav 4.1d, Brute Force (2020-10-27)
FEN: 5b2/2N1p3/2Q1P2p/k3N2R/8/P7/KP1n4/4B3
Reprints: American Chess Monthly , p. 166, 09/1892
Pittsburgh Gazette Times 26/03/1911
Input: Frank Müller, 2011-09-25
Last update: Erich Bartel, 2020-10-27 more...
3 - P1380947
Pittsburgh Gazette Times 19/3/1911
White to play and what?
1. g8=sS##?!
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A few weeks ago we publishd a problem by the late Russian master, Tchigorin, in which, owing to the wording of the rule at the time covering promotion, white played 1-P-Kt8 (black knight) and mate. Now one of the leading composers of this country (his name is withheld for his own good) sends us the following position. Try the same key move on this and note carefully the result. The effect cannot but bring a smile. Who was mated first?
Henrik Juel: 1.g8=sS is an illegal self-check (2020-10-15)
A.Buchanan: There’s a implicit notion of atomicity - a move somehow is indivisible. Otherwise one might argue that Bl is checked before the promotion part of the move etc. It’s interesting to peer over the edge once and see the impact of evaluating the game state before the move is finished. This is different from looking at a diagram and seeing that it’s illegal, and realising that a resolution is to think that one is mid-move (2020-10-16)
Mario Richter: Inspired by a discussion at chessgames.com (www.chessgames.com/player/sam_loyd.html?kpage=16) one could create a twin by adding a white rook on (e.g.) g1 ... (2020-10-16)
James Malcom: Thank you Mario for posting that Link! I was going to link it eventually, as that's where I found this wonderful twist on the, by then, already ancient and classic mate in one. (2020-10-16)
Keywords: Joke, Joke promotion
FEN: 2q4r/2p1KRPk/7p/7P/8/8/8/8
Input: James Malcom, 2020-10-15
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